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Kidney Stones and Water

2019.03.01 05:20 Nuthead77 Kidney Stones and Water

Hello! I’d like to share my story of what happened in hopes that it can help others.
A little backstory. I’ve always struggled with weight and most of my family does too. I did Atkins induction and dropped almost 100 pounds between 8th grade and high school. I slowly got up to 350lb by 2014. At the beginning of 2015 I started keto and got down to 200 by the end of the year. 2016 I was lifting a lot and in great shape. 2017 and 2018 I started eating bad and would cycle on and off. I got back up to 290. I started keto again the day after Christmas and weighed in at 240 today.
I had incredibly intense pain today at work that felt very similar to getting hit in the balls. It got progressively worse until I left early and went to the ER. I was diagnosed with a large kidney stone (8-9mm). This was the worst pain I’ve ever felt. I was very open with the Dr about doing OMAD keto. He was very receptive and congratulated me on taking steps to improve my health. He had no concerns about OMAD or keto. He said that it’s likely the kidney stone has been developing for years. He asked me to be honest about water consumption. I haven’t been drinking water like I should. Maybe 4 small cups per day plus a small glass with my meal. He thinks this is why it was so bad and said he wants me to continue taking care of my health in the way I find effective but I have to make sure I’m getting at least 1.5-2 liters of water per day.
You do not want to feel what I felt so just a warning to those who skimp out on water - DON’T!!! It is not worth it. Especially on our diet we have to make sure we are consuming the right amount of water.
So in addition to my warning does anyone else have any experience with kidney stones? Why do you think it happened? I still haven’t passed mine, but the pain isn’t nearly as bad now. The Dr said it’s so large that I may not be able to pass it and may need to have it mechanically removed with some sort of stent like device (ouch!). I’m hoping to pass it and would love and helpful advice.
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2018.07.26 20:16 uboatanders Matvanor, diet och hälsa

Jag låtsas inte veta allt om diet, det går inte.. folk som studerar detta och vigt sina liv åt det är oense.. det känns väldigt svårt att knäcka nöten "vad ska man äta?"
Finns det en möjlighet i Sverige att besöka någon expert och få sina värden testade och skräddarsydd hjälp med kosten? hur mycket hade det kostat?
Min nuvarande strategi är så Svensk "lagom", jag äter lite av allt men så lite mejjeriprodukter, socker och kolhydrater jag kan utan att känna att jag är på en diet, målet är ju inte att gå ner 5 kg till nästa månad utan att leva gott tills jag är 100 år. utesluter all läsk, bröd, pasta, socker utöver vad recept kräver till matlagning.
Det blir väldigt mycket kyckling, falukorv (billigt),köttfärssåser, tacos, hamburgare utan bröd, stir frys, ris bulgur, frysta grönsaker.
Folk som räknar sina macron, hur bär ni er åt? hur vet ni hur många kalorier en sak innehåller och hur mycket ni behöver, detta är ett mysterium för mig, hur vet ni hur mycket ni har bränt eller kommer bränna så att ni kan lägga er på eller under gränsen.
Jag har lyssnat på några joe rogan podcastavsnitt och han talar med väldigt många om diet i många avsnitt, han är besatt av "human optimization" och det intresserar mig nu också. Han har haft folk som förespråkat alla möjliga dieter: atkins, slowcarb, no carb, ketogenic, intermitent fasting, standard fasting m.m. Jag blir skogstokig och kan inte dra någon slutsats, vad ska jag göra? jag är inte jättefet men vill ha tillbaka min kropp jag hade när jag var 25, len och vältränad !
Tänker även på energi, jag blir ofta trött på seneftermiddagen och börjar tuppa av, håller mig från att göra det och sen när jag skall sova blir det fel, jag somnar inte direkt och får ofta bara 5-6 timmars sömn, igårkväll fick jag 3 timmar men det lägger vi vid värmens fötter.
Hur bär ni er åt, är det någon "guru" ni känner till som jag borde läsa upp om? generella tankar är även välkomna ..detta är ett safe space för prat om hälsa och inget annat, jag vill höra alla möjliga resonemang.
Jag dricker alkohol ganska regelbundet men bara på helgen, ajjabajja jag vet, jag röker också.
180 cm, 87 kg tung
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2018.06.12 11:47 youngjean That awesome feeling when someone asks for advice and actually takes it!

So my mom said to me this weekend, “I seriously need to know what your diet is.” I said “mom I’m not on a diet, I just started counting calories.”
Now, my mom has historically done atkins, cleanses, MLM diets, and believed the only way she can lose weight is through exercise. During my last visit she wasn’t as receptive and said she needs to go back to her latest MLM diet. She hasn’t been overweight in years but just has about 20 lbs she wants to drop.
I told her I only started running a few weeks ago, all of my loss can be attributed to CICO. She said “isn’t that just like weight watchers?” And I think it finally clicked! We talked a lot about MFP and food scales during my visit. I even calculated her TDEE and explained deficits and her deficit vs my deficit (I can only lose .5lb/week on 1200 whereas she can lose 1lb/week on 1350 - yeah I’m jealous lol). I also suggested that if she knows she’ll be going out to eat/drink for dinner, to just eat light earlier in the day, especially if the calories she’ll have later will only be her best guess. She seemed really motivated when I left.
She messaged me yesterday and said she can’t believe how many calories and sugar are in her coffee creamer and she’s going to switch to tea. I advised her to just count whatever she’s normally eating this week and then make changes starting next week, and she said that’s the plan! Regardless of whether or not her new habits stick, I am just so proud of her.
We all know people who will want to know your “secret” to weight loss and won’t listen/will make a ton of excuses as to why that won’t work for them. And that’s okay. Sometimes they just arent ready to make a change! But when they finally are ready, oh man it’s a good feeling.
If you’re reading this and considering starting CICO, what do you have to lose? (Other than weight lol). When I first found this sub I couldn’t believe it was that easy. Actually I still can’t believe how easy it’s been!
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2017.12.24 00:00 CAS103 NSV: My family gets it.

I am at my parents for Christmas and worried that my diet wouldn't be a thrill for the rest of the family. My plan was to keep my nose down, buy my own food, and skip the potatoes as politely as possible.
When my dad picked me up from the airport I HAD to talk about keto because we needed to find someplace to eat. He tried a version of Atkins many years ago and lost tons of weight so I explained it in those terms. He was pretty receptive, even asked how my body burns all that fat. We talked about ketones and insulin and he was totally understanding.
Later at the grocery store I mentioned 20 carbs a day and he made all the other connections on his own. "That means no sweet potatoes, right?" or "Oh! So you're not eating fruit, are you?". Every meal since then he has given me a heads up about the ingredients, his meatloaf contained oats, for example.
I feel blessed to have a dad with knowledge of nutrition who can support me. Mom told me not to get rid of my fat clothes because this diet is too hard to maintain so that's another hurdle for another day I guess.
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2017.08.13 18:00 TheGreatZiegfeld [DISCUSSION] My Top Fifty Favorite Albums of June AND July 2017

June was among the best months for music so far this year, if not the very best. July on the other hand was a mixed bag of disappointments and failure to really astound. I had previously skipped doing a June list for a mid-year project I posted over at Indieheads, but in revisiting the music I missed over the past few months, I discovered more and more June albums I wanted to introduce people to. Not that July was an awful month or anything, but its values aren’t so much in how much stuff is there, rather from how much certain albums from that month mean to me.
Don’t hold negative feelings and opinions towards some of these albums against other albums I list, as many of them are really spectacular, and even if you dislike one or two, there’s a good chance you’ll adore most of the other choices. I’m not here to argue about if you liked my #3 more than my #1. I want you to hear music you like. If that’s not your thing, leave, go have a social life.
As for the rest of us, in dark rooms cowering from the horrors that lurk outside, let’s get going.


Kirin J Callinan - Bravado (Art Pop)
Sometimes too obnoxious and jarring in its mixing of the avant-garde and the poppier structures, but the eccentricities and energy are well worth trying out.
Favorite Track: Friend of Lindy Morrison
Saint Etienne - Home Counties (Indie Pop)
Overlong, a little dull, but worth at least examining in the background. Some of these sounds and grooves can really catch something brilliant.
Favorite Track: Dive
Waxahatchee - Out in the Storm (Indie Rock)
While it doesn’t continue the imperfect, stumbling brilliance of her sister’s album from earlier this year (Tourist in This Town), it does bring about consistently strong songwriting and a pleasant sound masking deeper meanings underneath.
Favorite Track: Recite Remorse
Amine - Good for You (Pop Rap)
Even with inconsistent track quality and a disappointing recycling of his XXL performances so blatantly, Amine still provides a lot of personality that often lacks in the tougher, broad-shouldered genre. A capable singer with flows borrowing as much from pace as they do from melody, it can be an up-and-down listen, but it holds its own well in its area of confident and capable pop rap.
Favorite Track: Caroline
Roger Waters - Is This the Life We Really Want? (Art Rock)
Surprisingly immature project lyrically from Waters, bringing about short-sighted and unphasing emotional reactions to a very serious modern day situation, one that others have reacted to both more maturely (Gorillaz) and more powerfully (GNOD). HOWEVER, beautiful production backs much of the album, with even Waters at his worst still sounding worthwhile to what accompanies him. What Waters fails to do by himself, he’s elevated to do so by those behind him.
Favorite Track: Picture That
HAIM - Something to Tell You (Pop Rock)
It may fall to the conventions of its genres quite easily and boringly at times, but at its finest it still uses those genre conventions, but builds around them into something more inventive, more creative, more thoughtful than its peers. It can fade into the background, but for its issues, the way HAIM works with its song structures and songwriting can feel timeless in its best and most fun moments.
Favorite Track: Nothing’s Wrong
Hundredth - RARE (Shoegaze)
While Hundredth’s new dabblings into the shoegaze genre feel forced and kind of sloppy, their previous genre experience really bring new power to the genre. At the album’s greatest moments, the drums are vicious and crisp with everything else warping into a spacious background. Sometimes it feels like an excuse. Sometimes it feels like an evolution.
Favorite Track: Youth
Shabazz Palaces - Quazarz: Born on a Gangster StaQuazarz vs. The Jealous Machines (Experimental Hip-Hop)
The former definitely feels like a solid build up to the latter, and they both certainly have distinguishing qualities as albums. Admittedly, both could have been cut into one album that would have been much much better than either individually, but the heights of both are worth this long, odd journey through unconsidered galaxies.
Favorite Track(s): Shine a Light AND 30 Clip Extension
Manchester Orchestra - A Black Mile to the Surface (Alternative Rock)
Ambitious project from Manchester Orchestra that can fade in impact next to similar bands and albums, even lyrically hitting quite a few snags. A decent album that hits extraordinarily epic moments even for just the briefest of times, especially in how it mixes harsher and softer production. Loudness is really a strength here, but not obnoxiously so. It’s a little meticulous, not to mention fascinating, but the heights it reaches are worth enduring some weaknesses.
Favorite Track: The Grocery
Tristen - Sneaker Waves (Indie Pop)
Some darker set of tracks that contemplate surprisingly heavily, at least for an album that at times can sound so happy. A little wordy, a little too on-the-nose, but then again, that’s what makes the album so much greater when the songs bring about a loss of words.
Favorite Track: Into the Sun


50. Mura Masa - Mura Masa (Alternative R&B)
Pop flavored bangers from up-and-coming producer Mura Masa, with each feature simultaneously shining brighter as a result of Mura Masa’s production, and also dragging his production down slightly. For the most part however, these are some really colorful and quality radio-potential songs showing great potential for Mura Masa to either delve further into the radio scene, or chase the more eccentric goals set previously by the likes of Jamie xx. He’s certainly not there yet, but I see a good future from this album.
Favorite Track: Firefly
49. Noga Erez - Off the Radar (Electropop)
Similar to the previously mentioned Kirin J Callinan, Noga Erez sometimes falls to her own eccentricity, which can distract at times and hold back something special. Not that her best is somehow less eccentric, but she definitely needs another album or two to fully grow into her sound. Still, something really interesting comes through here, even in its odd and flawed package.
Favorite Track: Off the Radar
48. Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa - Are Euphoria (Neo-Psychedelia)
Lengthy surreal tracks that exist not in any sort of expected pace, but rather in their own madworld of instrumented and electronic production. Sometimes it may lean on a sound too much or too heavily, but at its most eccentric, at its strangest, is when the album defines itself and creates the sounds you’ll remember it by. Certainly one of the more distinct experimental albums of the year.
Favorite Track: Benbelo
47. Billy Woods - Known Unknowns (Abstract Hip-Hop)
Woods’ flow is his weak point on this album, oddly enough, never fully gelling with the atmospheric production setting the tone. He can stumble and graze beats without ever fully hitting them. Despite this, the lyricism pulls him quite a long ways, keeping a consistent and vicious tone that actually makes Woods’ slower flow more appropriate. A morbid project, furthering Woods’ mysterious image in the game, following in the footsteps of rappers like Aesop Rock and Ka.
Favorite Track: Washington Redskins
46. Boris - Dear (Sludge Metal)
A long and slow metal album building up to an explosive final few tracks. Repetitive, crushing, and hypnotic, it may not cover much new ground for the band considering their many years of making music, especially considering their origins, but it continues in a long series of often acclaimed albums for the group.
Favorite Track: Dystopia (Vanishing Point)
45. Cornelius - Mellow Waves (Indietronica)
An interesting project for Cornelius, with experimentation abound and some gorgeous production when not limited by the structure set for some of the weaker tracks. When Mellow Waves has the ability to flow free, it’s a tremendous sounding work. Even at its most flawed, some real skill shows.
Favorite Track: Surfing on Mind Wave, Pt. 2
44. Chuck Johnson - Balsams (Ambient)
For those of you wanting that perfect study album, or even just a relaxing summer project, Balsams is the perfect project. Slow, uncomplicated, gorgeous sounds that say little, but still ring powerful in its innocence. It may be a one-trick pony, but it’s one to ride.
Favorite Track: Balm of Gilead
43. Panda Riot - Infinity Maps (Shoegaze)
This one may or may not have been brought to my attention as a joke, but a seeming recommendation and a slick album cover brought me to check it out. However, the shoegaze aesthetic is used really satisfyingly with its dream pop structures, feeling more dense than the Charly Bliss’ and Diet Cig’s that sound somewhat similar, but don’t hold an atmosphere like Panda Riot.
Favorite Track: Gold Lines
42. 2Chainz - Pretty Girls Like Trap Music (Trap Rap)
Say what you will about 2Chainz’ more comedic and mockable style of rap, but he delivers consistently on this new record with surprisingly fitting, varied beats, unquestionable energy, and consistent song after consistent song with very little steps down from the quality set right from the beginning. With Young Thug and Chief Keef dropping mediocre or straight up bad projects around the same time, 2Chainz surprisingly pulled through with an album that’s not for everyone, but completely satisfies a listener and builds on 2Chainz’s strange personality.
Favorite Track: Bailan
41. Sheer Mag - Need to Feel Your Love (Power Pop)
This was a pretty acclaimed album from July, one of the more acclaimed in fact by major publications, but it was also pretty divisive. Most of this divisiveness revolved around the vocalist and her gravelly singing voice. Admittedly, I was hesitant of her voice throughout the first number of tracks, but it has its own energy and rawness it brings to the album, and distinguishes it as an outsider album from bands trying something similar. A few lower quality songs, but the punch of the majority makes it a great listen for technical ability and modern-day rage that’ll age surprisingly well, I’m sure.
Favorite Track: Expect the Bayonet
40. Algiers - The Underside of Power (Post-Punk)
With its overdramatized vocals and building up that doesn’t always feel resolved, this album definitely didn’t hit me in the way it did most, considering it’s one I’ve heard many call it one of the best for the year. However, the extravagance of it all is still quite admirable, and when build up does in fact pay off, it explodes into something really tremendous. Maybe if the album went fully in one direction or the other, it would feel so much more satisfying, what with its aggressive gospel punk industrial blues-ness growing a little muddled. But in its more focused moments, it’s a beast worth all the accolades.
Favorite Track: The Cycle/The Spiral: Time to Go Down Slowly
39. TOPS - Sugar at the Gate (Indie Pop)
Its almost nostalgic feelings brought about through a comfortable indie pop sound, experimenting in really subtle and cool ways, rising even just one step above previous pop artists and albums I’ve listed here, even if it isn’t as flashy or as dominant as those can be. It’s one to sit back and admire, rather than scream about and demand its attention. But I do really recommend you giving it yours.
Favorite Track: Seconds Erase
38. Circle - Terminal (Krautrock)
A harsher rock group formed in the early nineties over in Finland. This particular album opens with a nearly thirteen minute epic, growled vocals and a often repeating guitar riff for much of the song in the forefront or behind other elements. It’s a beautifully inventive album, even if it doesn’t always reach the heights promised by its opener.
Favorite Track: Rakkauta Al Dente
37. Guerilla Toss - GT Ultra (Art Pop)
A relatively short album, one that continues in this list’s trend of eccentricity being part of its base sound. It can be a little tough and vicious at times, but never without an energy and a dance-aspect to the whole project. Many many sounds and elements make up the production, but it all adds to each other brilliantly. Even if an idea doesn’t work very well, they deliver it with such speed and conviction, it’s bound to charm even just slightly.
Favorite Track: Skull Pop
36. Dan Auerbach - Waiting On a Song (Pop Rock)
Auerbach’s second solo release, he’s best known for his work with The Black Keys, yet this follows a different retro-ish route. The Black Keys resembled the timeless artists of past eras, the stranger ones that pushed boundaries and were possibly misunderstood to some capacity, while Waiting On a Song sits more in the timely category, something charmingly aged, a little hokey, but wonderful all the same. Auerbach may not have time to age his record yet, but he definitely has a charm in his songwriting that gives it that likability.
Favorite Track: King of a One Horse Town
35. Alt-J - Relaxer (Art Pop)
As far as more mainstream “indie” artists go, Alt-J is one of the most fascinating of the bunch. Their unique sound is even moreso on this album, and even with a more divisive reception, a solid selection of the album’s eight tracks might very well be among their finest. An incredible opener, and an incredible closer set the stage for a new area for the band, one still mysterious and as intriguing as when their debut came to all of our attention.
Favorite Track: Pleader
34. Offa Rex - The Queen of Hearts (British Folk Rock)
Offa Rex is a project between the indie rock group The Decemberists and folk singer Olivia Chaney, and in their debut album together they cover a wide array of European folk music. It certainly isn’t reinventing any sort of wheel, but the covers can bring some beautiful new life to much of these songs, many of which may grow to be definitive versions of the original songs. The strongest moments come when the artists feel like the originators of the music, having experienced such events themselves in astounding detail. It’s something nice to invoke, and it happens several times here.
Favorite Track: Willie o’ Winsbury
33. Poolside - Heat (Chillwave)
Maybe not as good of a study album as Chuck Johnson’s Balsams mentioned prior, but it similarly conveys summer vibes and positive attitudes in groovy and slick fashions. A solid listen for easy-going celebration and relaxing in particular, but I’m sure it’ll brighten some people’s day regardless. Effortless sounding, but altogether colorful and a good addition to the brighter side of mood music.
Favorite Track: Which Way to Paradise
32. Kevin Morby - City Music (Singer-Songwriter)
Admittedly I’m not the biggest Kevin Morby fan by a long shot, and this album isn’t entirely changing my mind. Despite this, the atmosphere formed through Morby’s words and his backing production can be particularly powerful here. Morby has to work around his unemotive, uncooperative voice, and when working in an ambivalent, cold environment, his voice can often add to his music, rather than subtract. It’s definitely a path he may not follow forever, and he may forget what made some of his albums so special to begin with, but what he captures here is essential for an artist like Morby furthering his artistry and developing on the ideas that made him what he is.
Favorite Track: Come to Me Now
31. Cigarettes After Sex - Cigarettes After Sex (Dream Pop)
A lyrically lacking album that nevertheless develops a sound that fulfills an atmospheric need not many albums could even consider. I adore quite a bit of the production on this album, and even the vocalist does a serviceable job at performing given these slower beats provided. I am worried for the band’s potential, as the production is so integral to their sound, that even a slight loss in that field could completely turn me off from them. But for now we just have this new release from them, in its layered, slow-moving, delicate, outstanding glory.
Favorite Track: Opera House
30. Tyler the Creator - Flower Boy (West Coast Hip-Hop)
The more mature outing from Tyler the Creator, who earned much of his fame from shocking lyrics and music videos. He was a fresh new face, and a surprising one at that when he first made the scene, but with this new album he takes into more consideration mood and pace, relaxing the album’s style, and better balancing its heavier material and more somber efforts. It’s a fascinating evolution for Tyler, one that may not get the public as angry as they once were at his antics, but one that maybe offer more consideration of his immaturity, through the mature moments that comes from the same artist, album, or track.
Favorite Track: Who Dat Boy
29. Benjamin Booker - Witness (Garage Rock Revival)
Another album on this list with a gravelly-voiced and somewhat divisive vocalist, this time in a garage rock-ish setting. Benjamin Booker, definitely not an artist for everyone, but the strengths of past artists in similar genres are felt in Booker’s soulful performances, even if they rumble past some production that may or may not be seen as unfitting. It takes a song or two to really get used to the sound of the record, but Booker keeps at it in high quality once you settle in.
Favorite Track: Believe
28. Mark Templeton - Gentle Heart (Electroacoustic)
Templeton’s music is certainly an acquired taste, but what comes of it can be really imaginative. Templeton’s work almost seems to phase in and out of existence while exploring nostalgic landscapes. Gasping for noise, crackling under pressure, delicate and soft, it really is something that could be many people’s favorite album, and leaving many others wondering what they possibly see in what could easily be seen as amateurish choices. I lean more towards the former, though it isn’t my favorite album or anything. But the history captured in small snippets through Templeton’s music can be really emotional if you find yourself getting lost in it.
Favorite Track: Gentle Story - Part 2
27. SW. - The Album (Ambient House)
The mysterious and obscure German artist with his second album tackles a great deal of variety in his sound, with different tones and atmospheres blended together with time. Always moving, always changing, but never feeling inconsistent or forgetful, this is a great electronic album that unfortunately flew under most radars. Even if the whole doesn’t hit you, the variety SW. expresses here with grab you at some point.
Favorite Track: Untitled D1
26. Bedouine - Bedouine (Chamber Folk)
An intricate and powerful record from the young Bedouine, reaching with a relaxed voice some shockingly vivid and personality-driven observations with a laid-back consideration and acceptance. The compositions are stellar, and the vocals are calming and cool, matching the production strongly with each song. It borrows from similar artists in small ways, but not without offering something of its own back to the listener.
Favorite Track: Back to You
25. Jana Rush - Pariah (Footwork)
Despite Rush’s incredibly lengthy career for an electronic artist, Pariah is her debut album, one that builds off the experience she’s garnered in that time. I’m sure many artists would have wanted such experience to be heard in their debut albums, but Rush experienced great patience to get to this point. Speedy, airy production that offers a more avant-garde alternative to Jlin’s similar album from earlier this year. It slows things down ever so slightly to capture these weird atmospheres and build on slower, stranger loops, and it creates its own hypnotic, unique world as a result.
Favorite Track: Divine
24. Marika Hackman - I’m Not Your Man (Indie Rock)
The occasional weaker song from Hackman feel so much more jarring when most of these tracks are so incredible, with their gorgeous melodies and conflicted lyricism. Hackman goes riskier for this album, and not every risk or edge manages to work, but for the most part that edge is what makes her stand out, and makes her descriptions, her voice, all the more honest sounding.
Favorite Track: I’d Rather Be With Them
23. Beach Fossils - Somersault (Indie Pop)
Extravagant pop from Beach Fossils, developing their instruments and roomy vocal-style that’s almost shoegazing to an extent on some tracks, it’s a great collection of brief, yet fully developed ideas that explore the range of instrumentation so widely that it’s hard not to appreciate the placement of each sound in each song, the patience of a track, but also the exploratory nature of a track too. Even if it isn’t Beach Fossils’ best album to date, it might very well be their most fully realized.
Favorite Track: Saint Ivy
22. Terrace Martin Presents The Pollyseeds - Sounds of Crenshaw Vol. 1 (Nu Jazz)
These large jazz tracks make use of a more lively and modern sound to better express a place and time, as told by a producer secretly impacting the music world for years now. It may not speak for every single street corner or every inch of the place it’s depicting, but it definitely knows how to deliver the listener there into its sense of community, and all the benefits or otherwise that come with it. A soulful and exciting sound building up an area to be just as soulful and exciting.
Favorite Track: Wake Up
21. Ride - Weather Diaries (Shoegaze)
With My Bloody Valentine’s return a few years back, and Slowdive’s return just recently, Ride’s return was expected, but also not nearly as anticipated as those previous two artists. The shoegaze revival was back and people want to know how the innovators respond, and while My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive’s returns were met with acclaim, Ride’s return was more lukewarm. Admittedly, some missteps took place, as well as some awkward lyricism (as if Ride wasn’t already known for that, to an extent). Even still, an outstanding first track and an even better final track bookend Ride discovering both what made them so intriguing, and also finding where they would naturally progress beyond where they already did. Ride’s new album may be more messy and chaotic than the recent efforts from similar artists, but their experience in the genre still captivates and puts them ahead of many still finding their sound within shoegaze.
Favorite Track: White Sands
20. Lorde - Melodrama (Art Pop)
I already did a whole essay on this album, since I felt conflicts between those who loved the album and those who hated it were a bit extreme. So, I decided to show the album could be both of those things, a gorgeous showcase of pop-driven nightlife and a hypocritical and snob-ish failure of delivering any sense of enjoyment to its listeners. What I’m trying to say is be a poptimist, or an anti-poptimist, just don’t be cooler than me. Read the essay here, and let’s never speak of this again.
Favorite Track: Supercut
19. Ekoplekz - Bioprodukt (Ambient Techno)
Almost mechanical sounding at times, with beats that can drive speakers but also flow willingly to the next track, it’s a textured, almost retro-sounding album that can doesn’t deny conflict, but never really fully confronts it. Maybe the threat of viciousness is more driving than viciousness itself, the anxiousness of these playful, slightly darker beats really gives it the power to be as exciting as it is. And once you’re familiar with it, the music starts opening up to you with layers and noises that seem so apparent, but you never really captured until now. I think that’s a good thing to hear out of an electronic album. Or any album, really.
Favorite Track: Low X-Over
18. Nicole Atkins - Goodnight Rhonda Lee (Pop-Soul)
Atkins’ album came out around the same time as Lana Del Rey’s newest album, and the contrast in what they accomplish is staggering. Del Rey lives in exaggerations of the past, never feeling vivid in her imagery or history, just in the basic idea of what history represents. Atkins is more of a character stuck in her emotions, surrounded by the prettiness of a past sound that compliments her perfectly. The vividness of history is important if you want to romanticize it, the little details of life, and Atkins’ sound is perfectly captured in that history, but the impact is of the present.
Favorite Track: A Little Crazy
17. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Murder of the Universe (Psychedelic Rock)
King Gizzard’s second album of the year may not be as fresh and inventive as their first album from 2017, but the style of their sound is still as quick and as iconic, making for epic situations, seamless track transitions, consistent energy, and just a great deal of entertainment. Will King Gizzard’s sound stay as fresh by the end of the year? Probably not if they keep going in this direction. But even smaller changes in their sound keep things moving at the ridiculous pace the band moves at.
Favorite Track: The Balrog
16. Lapalux - Ruinism (Electronic)
A fascinating album reaching heights of beauty, but also the depths of viciousness, but all in such creative ways. Lapalux’s songs on this new album can be similar to Xiu Xiu’s in their anticipation of chaos, even if everything preceding it can be seen as unassuming. The eclectic use of instruments show a level of creativity not seen this immediately with most electronic artists, bending and manipulating anything and everything into a bizarre fit of sound, that still remains listenable despite its creepier and crazier moments.
Favorite Track: Data Demon
15. Japanese Breakfast - Soft Sounds from Another Planet (Dream Pop)
Continuing from last year’s Psychopomp, Japanese Breakfast’s newest album shows a growth in sound, a clearness from her slightly more lo-fi origins. Instead, complimenting her incredibly vulnerable vocals are almost orchestral moments of instrumentation, really pushing Soft Sounds from Another Planet’s strongest tracks to emotional peaks, even if only for a short time.
Favorite Track: Till Death
14. Elder - Reflections of a Floating World (Heavy Psych)
Surreal stances in the metal genre from Elder, with incredible detail and every song featuring an 8+ minute length. The level of precision going on here is among the most impressive of the year, with rhythms and grooves that aren’t usually seen this vibrantly and as obviously in metal music. I’m not a big fan of the vocals that show up occasionally, but they don’t stick around for long, and deliver us back to some gorgeous cooperation between instruments that drive into viciousness without losing what build each song up so well.
Favorite Track: Sanctuary
13. Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly and James McAlister - Planetarium (Art Pop)
Extravagant, with themes of space mirroring Stevens’ previous trips into electronic oddities with The Age of Adz. It’s a slower paced album, sometimes muddled between the four creators, whose individuals fans may be let down by how each feel like only a quarter of the larger whole. However, that whole feels much bigger than any of their individual efforts. Maybe not better, but bigger. Songs of large behemoths of planets speak to the universe, but also to us in their poetic framing throughout the album. Instrumental tracks simulate the flowing feeling of space, as the production simulates this in its eccentricity, but also never losing sight of those original themes.
Favorite Track: Pluto
12. Laurel Halo - Dust (Art Pop)
As expressive as it is odd, it’s an album that plays around with its landscapes, building floors with synths and a voice as a guide driving you through an intimidating album, but one that can actually grow fun if you find yourself growing comfortable with its oddities. It’s a warmer project compared to some of the colder, more driving electronic albums of the year, but Laurel Halo’s sound is certainly a welcome one.
Favorite Track: Sun to Solar
11. Broken Social Scene - Hug of Thunder (Indie Rock)
An exciting new project from the band that blew many away fifteen years ago with You Forgot It in People, arguably one of the best albums of that year. Broken Social Scene is definitely different than what they once were, but entertain in similar ways, through their amazing levels of creativity and uniqueness, and wide range of options for musical experimentation while remaining listenable and enjoyable. Even in their more aged ways, Broken Social Scene still pushes boundaries for Indie Rock seven years since their last record.
Favorite Track: Victim Lover
10. Claude Speeed - Infinity Ultra (Progressive Electronic)
Claude Speeed’s epic electronic album sprawls from style to style, subgenre to subgenre in effective and large ways. From drone to trance, glitch to industrial, any expression Speeed is seemingly aware of is attempted and linked through a sound that is consistent enough at its core to connect it all together. Other electronic albums these months may have had variety and energy, but few of them are as big as this album accomplishes at being.
Favorite Track: Fifth Fortress
9. SZA - CTRL (Alternative R&B)
A soulful and confident reflection on sexuality and concepts that arise as a result. Through smooth production and versatile vocals comes a perspective presented not for the first time, but in comparison to her peers, SZA seems most interested in exploring that perspective and sharing it in fun, emotional, or relaxed fashions. It doesn’t sacrifice accessibility for introspection, rather they both flow together naturally.
Favorite Track: The Weekend
8. Porter Ricks - Anguilla Electrica (Dub Techno)
The long running and well acclaimed German electronic team with their first album since 1999, this could have been a make or break situation for the group. Perhaps their old fans have a faded interest, and their skills might have grown worn. An EP in 2016 warmed up their abilities however, and in early June they drop Anguilla Electrica, a beautifully textured album, warping, speeding, building, breaking in sound in every direction. Waves of color and sound captivate through even the lengthier tracks, holding the group’s influence from their 90’s contemporaries, but also pushing that sound into the new era for the genre. It’s an exciting bridge of eras that really distinguish this as one of 2017’s most exciting returns.
Favorite Track: Anguilla Electrica
7. Public Service Broadcasting - Every Valley (Post-Rock)
A concept album from British group exploring mostly the collapse of the coal mining industry in Wales. It’s an album burdened by history, with a radio broadcaster type voice speaking as the narrator to mostly instrumental tracks that deliver onto the listener a sense of building, community, and collapse both industrially and emotionally. Even the cheesier vocals tracks carry with it heavy emotional burdens, ones that individually sound silly, but as a part of a greater whole feel perhaps necessary. An open mind might be needed to really capture this album’s appreciative value, but it’s one that delivers on its ambitious topic.
Favorite Track: The Pit
6. Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory (West Coast Hip-Hop)
Staples’ emphasizes an eclectic choice of electronic production on this album, keeping his vocals lower than usual for hip-hop. It’s a tight project, and one that definitely takes a big risk in Staples nearly and figuratively drowning to his own music, but it’s a choice that Staples and his producers execute brilliantly. Skillful, snarky songwriting is still apparent, but driven by the same subtle desperation from Summertime ‘06, albeit much more focused and consistent. Staples is definitely one of the wilder personalities in hip-hop while keeping a lyrical focus, and this pulls his ideas and concepts to more fascinating avenues in return.
Favorite Track: Big Fish
5. Golden Retriever - Rotations (Ambient)
Orchestral in its compositions, making use of too many instruments to count in heavenly and soul-soaring ways. The wonder of the worlds it manages to form through sound, the rising and falling of instruments carrying you among the stars, or over an ocean, or wherever these instruments and arrangements take you, it’s a ride not many will or could ever even imagine.
Favorite Track: Sunsight
4. JAY-Z - 4:44 (East Coast Hip-Hop)
JAY-Z confronts his identity, an identity, THE identity, on this album. Issues of his own personal choices arrive, but also the driving down of race relations continuing and looping with time. The samples make this ever more present, and every success of JAY-Z’s character brings about a failure in that same character. He understands some failures will always be societal, while others will always be personal. He balances these conflicts with confidence and power not seen from his songwriting in a decade.
Favorite Track: The Story of O.J.
3. Big Thief - Capacity (Indie Rock)
A youthful, innocent, but still oftentimes realistic outlook on tragedy and trauma. Nostalgic in sadness, but not at all pandering or disrespectful in its depictions, rather Capacity feels like an innermost escape into something warmer, more comforting, simpler. The conflict is inevitable, but the little moments lost to the mind is a poignant place to place it in. Through its folky exterior comes something intimate, in tragic fashion. That intimacy formed is an honest creation, but not one that’s easy to address. Big Thief does it in the finest way I can imagine, at least from a musical point of view.
Favorite Track: Mary
2. Fleet Foxes - Crack-Up (Progressive Folk)
Their most epic record yet, while still keeping to a level of intimacy they were previously known for. A bold and large album, progressing the band beyond their previous sound, while still holding on to many of their greatest previous qualities. I'm not sure as of now if this is my favorite of their albums, but I like that they pushed themselves to larger heights.
Favorite Track: Third of May/Odaigahara
1. Richard Dawson - Peasant (Avant-Folk)
A concept album in which Dawson takes a role of a different village member with each passing track, displaying and portraying vivid emotions of each as he passes from one to the other. Each track has its own personality, its own perspective, its own creativity, its own pace, it builds this community eye by eye until it wears down with Dawson’s knotted guitar playing and tired voice. Dawson’s expressiveness through these multiple characters only adds to his skills in songwriting and performing, culminating as one of the year’s defining albums. In my eyes, at least.
Favorite Track: Masseuse
Be sure to check out all my recommended “favorite” tracks, plus some extra favorites from albums that I didn’t like enough to mention, at the playlist below.
Playlist here!
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2016.07.19 15:22 NFL_Top100 2016 /r/NFL Top100: 30-21

Hello and welcome again to the NFL Top 100 Countdown!
After a weekend away, we have returned with Part VIII of the rankings for 30-21, as well as the oveunder-rated ranking for players 40-31.
Before we begin the reveal, it is time for the over-/under-rated for 40-31, as voted on by you, the readers.
Player Position Team Rank OveUnder Exact Score
Kawann Short 4-3 LDT Carolina Panthers #40 Very Overrated 3.31
Greg Olsen TE Carolina Panthers #39 Very Overrated 3.33
Doug Martn RB Tampa Bay Buccaneers #38 Extremely Overrated 3.51
Muhammad Wilkerson 3-4 LDE New York Jets #37 Underrated 2.84
Ndamukong Suh 4-3 LDT Miami Dolphins #36 Overrated 3.20
Travis Frederick C Dallas Cowboys #35 Overrated 3.12
Drew Brees QB New Orleans Saints #34 Very Underrated 2.55
Michael Bennett 4-3 LDE Seattle Seahawks #33 Overrated 3.22
A.J. Green WR Cincinnati Bengals #32 Very Underrated 2.65
Eric Berry FS Kansas City Chiefs #31 Overrated 3.17
And now, the players ranked 30 thru 21 on the NFL Top 100.

#30 - Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota Vikings - Previous Rank: 84

Written by: skepticismissurvival
Stat 2015 Career
Carries 327 2,381
Rushing Yards 1,485 11,675
TDs 11 97
Yards/Att 4.5 4.9
Receptions 30 238
Receiving Yards 222 1,937
Yards from Scrimmage 1,707 1,3612
It's Adrian Peterson. What more needs to be said? Nothing, really, but I'll say some stuff anyway.
The focal point of the Vikings' offense returned in 2015 after missing all but one game in 2014 due to a suspension. With 1,485 rushing yards, he just barely eclipsed his career average (excluding 2014) of 1,450. He also led the NFL in rushing.
Once again excluding 2014, Adrian has never had a season with fewer than 10 rushing TDs. In 2015, he tied for the league lead in rushing TDs with 11. Adrian did have a down year in terms of yards/carry, as he only rushed for 4.5 yards on average. Still, that was 8th among players with 150+ rushing attempts. Adrian was 2nd in the NFL in yards from scrimmage, behind only Antonio Brown.
What are you looking for in a runner? The ability to make the entire defense look silly? A guy who can keep your team's hopes alive when things look bleak? What about the ability to erase any doubt of winning? How about the power to force his way through the whole defense?
At 30 years old, Adrian was still able to do it all with the ball in his hands in 2015. At this point, he's the 4th or 5th best player on the Vikings. How long can he keep it up? Who knows. What I do know is that if I needed to choose one player to give the ball to, for one play, it would still be Adrian. Any time he touches the ball, anything can happen.

#29 - Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay Packers - Previous Rank: 2

Written by economy_cactus (with help from snapple_a_day)
Stats 2015 Career
Passing Yards 3,821 32,299
Passing TDs 31 257
Completion % 60.7 65.1
Passer Rating 92.7 104.1
Rushing Yards 344 2,175
Rushing TDs 1 21
There is little doubt that Aaron Rodgers experienced a down year in his otherwise HOF career. The volume stats were down and so was the efficiency. We saw Rodgers miss throws that seemed routine in the past, contributing to the lowest completion percentage of his career by far with 60.7%. Six straight years of passer rating over 100 - down to 92.8. Last year he averaged 6.7 yards per pass attempt - after never being below 7.5.
This could in part be due to an injury plagued season by the offense. Jordy Nelson went down in the preseason eliminating Aaron Rodgers number 1 target and favorite deep ball threat.
Defenses responded to the lack of a deep threat with press coverage, and the receivers struggled to get open, forcing Rodgers to hold the ball longer resulting in sacks.
Randall Cobb (shoulder), James Jones(Quad, Hamstring), Davante Adams (foot,knee,ankle) and Jared Abbrederis (knee,ribs, concusion) all experienced injuries that made them lose time and limited their playing abilities. Not to mention Ty Montgomery (Ankle) who was out for the season after week 6 just as he was carving out a role in the offense.
Lacy struggled all year with his well known weight issues, contributing even more to a down year for the Packers offense.
Even in a down year though, Rodgers did have plenty of exciting moments with perhaps the most memorable play of the NFL season on his game winning Hail Mary pass to Richard Rodgers, as well as another impressive end of regulation Hail Mary to Jeff Janis in the Divisional playoff loss against Arizona.
With the return of Nelson next year, and the addition of tight end Jared Cook who adds another element of speed, the Packers and Aaron Rodgers are looking to return to business as usual.

#28 - Anthony Barr, 4-3 SLB, Minnesota Vikings - Previous Rank: Unranked

Written by skepticismissurvival
Stat 2015 Career
Tackles 68 138
Sacks 3.5 7.5
Pass Deflections 7 10
Interceptions 1 1
Forced Fumbles 3 5
Anthony Barr was a raw, but really athletic edge rusher coming out of UCLA in 2014. The Vikings took him #9 overall, but they already had a pair of really athletic DEs. Liking his potential, they changed his position and made him the team's Sam linebacker.
As a Sam, Barr obviously lines up on the strong side of the offense, which means he's often asked to line up directly across from the opponent's TE, and either directly cover him or face off against him in the run game. This is where athleticism comes into play, his measureables compare pretty favorably to the best TE of this generation. This is where the position conversion comes in, because the best athletes on defense at the college level are going to be edge rushers since getting after the QB is so important. Barr's size combined with his athleticism gives him a leg up on other players who played at an OBLB position in college.
That doesn't mean that Barr is all potential, because otherwise he wouldn't be #28 on this list. He has picked up the position very quickly, and after just two years is already one of best OBLBs in the league. His athleticism has helped him reach these heights, but his brains are what have helped him get there so quickly.
For Barr, his versatility is key. He's the second most important player on the Vikings' defense. Mike Zimmer uses Barr as a chess piece, moving him around the field. He'll be heads-up on the TE in a 4-3 Under, off the line of scrimmage in 4-3 Over, sugaring the A gaps on 3rd down, and even occasionally rushing off the edge.
Tackle numbers don't do him justice, because he's not the player that runners get funneled to. Instead, Barr is often tasked with funneling players to the other LBs in the run game. Where Barr really sticks out is in coverage. His athleticism helps him stick to TEs and execute really difficult coverage assignments (sometimes Barr will be asked to drop back and cover a TE despite being in the A gap before the snap, which is a lot of ground to cover). This play shows Barr doing a great job executing a pattern-matching coverage, first carrying Sanders up the field before turning towards Manning to jump the route and come away with an interception.
The best game Barr played all year was against the Falcons, where he turned a long gain into a turnover early and essentially ended the game here. He was all over the field that day, recording 8 tackles and that sack, and forcing those two fumbles.
One of the most exciting things about Barr as a player is the fact that he's already this good despite the fact that 2015 was his second year at this position. He has an incredibly bright future.

#27 - Geno Atkins, 4-3 RDT, Cincinnati Bengals - Previous Rank: 89

Written by: sanswagata
Stats 2015 Career
Tackles 31 140
Sacks 11.0 43.0
Forced Fumbles 1 8
After tearing his ACL in 2013, it did not look like Geno was going to perform at the same level ever again. After all he only had 3 sacks, 22 tackles, and seemed to be a shell of his former self. This year he turned that around, he was a dominating force on the interior, posting a 93 rating according to PFF, racking up 11 sacks, 31 tackles, and 1 forced fumble. This doesn't even mention all the times that he caused pressure up the middle or how often he would rack up a double team and allow his teammate Dunlap to come free off the edge for one of his 13.5 sacks. Here we can see Atkins split a double team and then strip Derek Carr I think this play shows a lot of Geno's talents, he uses his short stature and strength to just man his way through the guard and center, next thing is that he finds the quarterback and immediately makes the big play, although at that point it didn't matter too much, being up 30. Still it helped put away the Raiders, so the Bengals could win in week 1. Here is a play that doesnt end in Atkins, but also shows his talent. Atkins and the other defensive tackle (I can't tell is that Gilberry? Odd that he's on the interior) perform a beautiful stunt to bring pressure to Roethlisberger up the middle, making him make his throw a little quicker than he would have liked and ending in the arms of the ball-hawking Reggie Nelson. Here is Atkins showing off his speed, making sure Palmer doesn't eat any carbs by giving him the Atkins diet, I'm sorry for the bad joke, but here you can see the great speed Atkins has to go with his strength. He splits this double team just by sprinting through with amazing acceleration. Look at Geno manhandle this guard back into Gabbert. Atkins utilizes his short stature, strength, and speed to get to the quarterback as often as possible, with not much lost on the front 7 this last season, he should put up similar numbers as last year, and continue to be a huge threat to opposing teams.

#26 - Fletcher Cox, 4-3 RDT, Philadelphia Eagles - Previous Rank: 72

Written by: miketysonchicken
Stats 2015 Career
Combined Tackles 71 212
Sacks 9.5 22
Forced Fumbles 3 5
Fumble Recoveries 2 6
Fletcher Cox joins the list at number 26 as one of the most physically dominant defenders in the league and quite possibly one of the two best defenders in the NFC East. Monster Cox elevated his play in 2015, totaling 9.5 sacks, 71 combined tackles, 3 forced fumbles, and 2 fumble recoveries. The sack totals are not only impressive considering his position as an interior rusher, but also because of the scheme he played in the last few seasons. When he entered the league in 2012, the Eagles played a 4-3 gap penetrating defensive alignment that featured liberal use of the Wide 9 technique used heavily by Jim Washburn. Cox showed a ton of promise, even forcing his way into the starting line up by the end of his rookie season. Chip Kelly moved the team from a 4-3 defense to a more complicated version of the 3-4 defense featuring liberal use of 2-gapping by the defensive line. Two gap systems generally require the defenders along the line to defend their gaps by reading the offense to control the line of scrimmage. The Eagles didn’t always use this front, but they used it enough to lessen the amount of time Cox and Friends were attacking.
Many people would argue that Cox played out of position the last 3 years as a 2-gap 3-4 DE and they wouldn’t be wrong. However, I disagree with the premise that he was out of position; I think BBC is a tremendous, physically-gifted talent that can excel in all schemes. That doesn’t mean I am not excited for the defensive changes the Eagles are making for this upcoming season. Cox will transition back to a 4-3 DT position, mainly 3-Tech, in a scheme that will require him to be on the attack far more than he was in the past. It’s difficult not being excited for the scheme change Jim Schwartz brings; Cox was already facing double and even triple teams prior to the change. We saw on numerous occasions how dominant he could be, especially against the Saints and Patriots in 2015. There is only more to look forward to in 2016.

#25 - Josh Norman, CB, Carolina Panthers - Previous Rank: Unranked

Written by: bersinator
Stats 2015 Career
Combined Tackles 56 181
Forced Fumbles 0 1
Passes Defensed 19 37
Interceptions 4 7
2015 was by far the most productive season for former 5th round pick Josh Norman. We have seen flashes of Norman's ability as a shutdown corner but 2015 was the season that he finally put everything together. I personally look at Josh Norman's season in three separate phases.
Weeks 1-4
Josh Norman is still rather unknown in the first 4 weeks of the 2015 season. He is targeted plenty and he fully takes advantage. Norman snags four interceptions in four weeks (two returned for touchdowns) including this game saving interception against the Saints. Norman had a strong argument for best corner in the league in weeks 1-4.
Weeks 6-13
The bye week most certainly makes a difference as Josh Norman has effectively put his name on the map. Opposing teams begin to plan against Norman and start targeting his side of the field less often. Norman has 0 interceptions in weeks 6-13 but this can more be credited to opposing teams avoiding his direction. The lower amount of targets allows Norman to take another step towards the title "shutdown corner."
Weeks 14-17
Josh Norman had a slight dip in production in weeks 14-17 of the 2015 season (facing OBJ and Julio twice might do that). Allowing a few more yards in the last 4 weeks was a bit disappointing but it did not take away from his tremendous 2015 season.

#24 - Justin Houston, 3-4 LOLB, Kansas City Chiefs - Previous Rank: 5

Written by: thepelvicwoo
Stats 2015 Career
Combined Tackles 30 264
Sacks 7.5 56
Forced Fumbles 1 8
Passes Defensed 6 25
Interceptions 2 3
After a monster 22 sack season in 2014, Justin Houston's 2015 numbers may seem like a disappointment. However, the tape shows that he had a great season. He may not have had the stellar individual stats, but his impact on the defense was tremendous. The pass rush revolves around Houston's presence on the edge. The frequent double teams he draws frees up favorable matchups for the rest of the Chiefs pass rushers. Without Houston, the pass rush falls apart. This was never more apparent than the playoff loss against New England where the Chiefs never sacked Tom Brady, and was only able to knock him down once (Houston did appear in this game but was clearly not healthy).
PFF ranked Houston as the 4th best edge defender in the NFL. He performed very well rushing the passer, and holding the edge against the run. His ability to drop back into coverage is often overlooked, and he has fantastic play recognition. Houston was rewarded with his 4th straight pro-bowl in 2015.
Houston missed 5 games in 2015, and had surgery to repair his ACL in the offseason. His timetable for a return is still unknown, but expect him to return sometime during the 2016 season much to the disappointment of opposing QBs.

#23 - Chris Harris, Jr., CB, Denver Broncos - Previous Rank: 18

Written by:blindmanbaldwin
Stats 2015 Career
Combined Tackles 58 310
Sacks 0 3.5
Forced Fumbles 2 3
Passes Defensed 6 55
Interceptions 2 12
Every Super Bowl champion sets a litany of records on their way to eternal glory. The 2015 Denver Broncos were no different as they set team and league records while marching on their warpath. One of these records that shows the team's saying of "Iron Sharpens Iron" was winning the most games by one possession in league history, 11 (including 2 in playoffs). These nail biting wins were characterized by clutch plays by the Denver Defense late in fourth quarter. These include pick-sixes, fumbles, sacks, interceptions. You name it, the Broncos probably won by it. One of these plays was a pick-six by the player I consider to be the best corner, in the NFL, Chris Harris Jr..
However, these highlights plays aren't what make CHJ an elite shutdown corner, it's his consistency. He had 35 straight games without giving up a TD. He is one of the most sure tacklers in the NFL and will actively play in the run game and will stop any screens that come his way. A star corner participating in the "dirty work" may come as a surprise to those who don't pay that much attention to the Broncos, but he learned from the best and is praised by the way retire #24. Champ made a career out of doing whatever it took to win and participating in any area of the game, and his style of play permeated to CHJ. It isn't just former teammates and fans that see the greatness of him, he has been PFF's darling for years.
While his play in the first two playoff games was spotty due to a shoulder bruise which made one of his arms deadweight, he recovered for the Super Bowl and shut down whomever he was covering all night long, including this third down stop. The last time the Broncos made the Super Bowl, he was sitting on the sideline with a torn ACL and he wasn't going to see his team lose again.
Chris Harris Jr. went from being the 90th man on the 90 man roster to being one of the Broncos three best players. He took a giant discount so he could stay in Denver and has become one of the biggest leaders in the Broncos locker room. While I would've had him higher up on the list, #23 is a great place for #25.

#22 - Russell Wilson, QB, Seattle Seahawks - Previous Rank: 64

Written by: super_nerd92
Stats 2015 Career
Passing Yards 4,024 13,974
Passing TDs 34 106
Completion % 68.1 64.7
Passer Rating 110.1 101.8
Rushing Yards 553 2,430
Rushing TDs 1 12
This was Russell Wilson's real breakout year, so it's no surprise he's this high on the list. Wilson finished the year leading the league in passer rating, was the first QB in Seattle franchise history to throw for 4,000 yards, and remained as efficient as ever with a 4.25:1 TD:INT ratio and 8.3 Y/A. He literally set a record over 5 games towards the end of the season: 5 games in a row with 3 TDs and 120 Passer Rating. He did all that despite one of the worst O-lines in the league (30/32 by PFF) giving up pressure on 42.5% of dropbacks, second in the league only to Teddy Bridgewater, and despite multiple injuries in the running game and to Jimmy Graham.
In short, another ridiculously efficient year--except this time, with the volume his critics have wondered if he could accomplish. Looking at the stats alone, it's easy to wonder why Wilson isn't higher. The answer is that his season was something of a tale of two halves: pre-bye and post-bye. Prior to the Seahawks' bye week, Wilson's play appeared so poor that he was "regressing" and sinking the team. (The top comment in that link kind of sums up the culmination of popular opinion on Wilson after those first 8 games). Despite the amazing second half of the season--after the Seahawks changed centers and adjusted the offense to the reality of the O-line being hot garbage--the memory of that first half lingered.
But for many, the second half of the season represented what the Seahawks could expect as, in the post-Lynch era and with a defense that will eventually get too old, Wilson shoulders more and more of the burden of carrying this team. The "game manager" label was shed for good, and Wilson became one of the most, if not the most, appealing new generation QBs you'd want to have on your team. Seattle is definitely lucky to have him.

/#21 - Earl Thomas III, FS, Seattle Seahawks - Previous Rank: 9

Written by: broccolibush42
Stats 2015 Career
Combined Tackles 64 506
Sacks 0.0 0.0
Forced Fumbles 1 9
Passes Defensed 9 46
Interceptions 5 21
Earl Thomas is arguably the best Seahawks defender on that squad, and is the anchor for the Legion of Boom secondary. Earl was drafted in 2010 and made an immediate impact. He has not looked back since and has consistently been the top three safeties in the league, if not, the best safety in the league. 2015 saw another year that Seahawks fans are used to. I predict that the next three years will solidify ET3 chances in the Hall of Fame, and though I am not a Seahawks fan, I will gladly root for that to happen all the way.
And so comes to a conclusion our eighth installment of the NFL Top 100 Players, #30-21.
Tell us how we did! Click here to tell us if a player was overrated, underrated, or rated just right.
The list will return on Thursday, July 21st with players ranked 20-11 coming from CLE, NE, SEA, MIN, HOU, ARI, DAL, BAL, NYG.
submitted by NFL_Top100 to nfl [link] [comments]

2016.03.13 16:54 sanswagata 32 Teams/32 Days: Day 28: The Cincinnati Bengals

Hello everyone, I'm the writer for the Cincinnati Bengals portion of 32 Teams/32 Days. I hope you enjoy this write-up, and feel free to ask me for clarification, correct any grammar or formatting errors, or just ask me any Bengal related questions.
Team: The Cincinnati Bengals
Division: AFC North
Record: 12-4 (5-1 in Division) (1st place in the AFC North) (Lost in the Wildcard 18-16)
Established: 1968
Stat Value Average/Game League Ranking
Total Yards 5728 358 15th
Points Scored 419 26.19 7th
Passing Yards 3923 245.19 15th
Rushing Yards 1805 112.81 11th
Turnovers 17 1.06 4th
Interceptions Thrown 9 5th
Fumbles Lost 8 7th
Total Yards Allowed 5453 340.81 11th
Passing Yards Allowed 3976 248.50 20th
Rushing Yards Allowed 1477 92.31 11th
Takeaways 28 1.75 6th
Interceptions 21 3rd
Fumble Recoveries 7 27th
Penalties 111 6.94 19th
Penalty Yards 917 57.31 9th
Point Differential 140 8.75 5th
Draft Picks
Free Agency Additions
Draft Picks
Round 1 Pick 24
Round 2 Pick 56
Round 3 Pick 88
Round 4 Pick 124
Round 5 Pick 165
Round 6 Pick 203
Round 7 Pick 249
Free Agents
Week by Week
Week 1: Toeing the Line a Little Bit
The season opener will most be remembered for Pacman toeing the line there a little bit. The first half was filled with emotions and heavy hitting. The Bengals played lights out on defense and scored well on offense. The game was out of reach by the third quarter, and was the emergence of Tyler Eifert who had over 100 yards and 2 TDs.
Final Score: Bengals 33 Raiders 13
Adrial Jeremiah
Week 2: Bengals Ruin Phillip Rivers Record Breaking Game
This game was a wild ride, the Bengals struck first with A.J. Green performing a beautiful toe tapping touchdown, but the Chargers would hit two field goals before the Bengals scored again on a deep pass to Marvin Jones. The score at the half was Bengals 14 - Chargers 6. After halftime, Felipe Rios would throw a touchdown to cap off a 78 yard drive. The touchdown broke the all-time Charger record for most passing touchdowns. The Bengals hit a field goal and then later threw a touchdown to Tyler Eifert. Floyd would catch a 40 yard touchdown from Rivers, but the Chargers failed the 2 point. The game ended with Vinny Rey picking off Rivers.
Final Score: Bengals 24 Chargers 19
The Terrific Toe Tapping Touchdown
Marvin Jones Catching a Dalton Bomb
Andy Dalton Delivers to His Big Tight End
Week 3: The Wide Receiver Showdown
This was the battle of two great receivers, A.J. Green against Steve Smith. The two would combine for 413 yards, 4 Touchdowns, and 23 receptions. The Bengals had the lead for most of the game, but the 4th quarter was crazy. Down 14-7, the Ravens would hit a field goal and then get a strip sack on Dalton for a touchdown. The Bengals were losing for the first time this season, but they would respond triumphantly. Dalton would hit Green on an 80 yard bomb to take the lead back. Then Steve Smith willed the Ravens down the field and capped it off with a 16 yard touchdown. The Bengals would strike back with the last score on a 7 yard touchdown.
Final Score: Bengals 28 Ravens 24
Andy "Crazy Legs" "Michael Vick" Dalton
Steve Smith Breaks 200 Tackles
Week 4: Field Goals Don't Melt Steel Beams
Chiefs kicker Cairo Santos would make 7 field goals this day and the Chiefs still lose. The Bengals would Rush for 4 touchdowns in the game, 3 of which came from Jeremy Hill. Jeremy Maclin would put up 148 yards, but couldn't help the Chiefs find the endzone.
Final Score: Bengals 36 Chiefs 21
Is He Elite?
Reggie <3
Week 5: The Greatest Comeback In Bengals History
The Bengals were getting clobbered this whole game. The Seahawks bent us over a barrel and had their way with us. Rawls would run for 169 yards and Michael Bennett added Insult to Injury. The 4th quarter started with the Bengals down 24 to 7, but early in the 4th Andy would find Tyler Eifert for a touchdown, cutting the lead to 10 points, then ANDY "BALLS OF STEEL" DALTON WOULD AUDIBLE TO A SNEAK FROM 5 YARDS OUT. The Bengals would drive down to the 14 yard line and with no timeouts and kick the game tying field goal as time expired. In overtime, Mike Nugent would call bank from 42.
Final Score: Bengals 27 Seahawks 24
Nuge Calls Bank
Eifert Lays Out for the Catch
Starvin' Marvin
Week 6: E.J. Manuel Is Still Not a Starting Quarterback
This game was close at halftime, but Sammy Watkins went down with an injury and then the Bengals would expand the lead before the 4th quarter. The score was 31-14 at the end of the third. The Bengals would add a field goal and Lesean McCoy scored a touchdown before the game came to a close.
Final Score: Bengals 34 Bills 21
Marvin Jones Goes Airborne
Jeremy Hill Goes Airborne
Jones Comes Down With Another Dalton Bomb
Week 7: Chiefs Do Us a Solid
The Steelers would lose to the Chiefs which means the Bengals win the bye week.
This gave me a warm fuzzy feeling
Way to Go West
Week 8: The Bloodbath
The Bengals would play the Steelers and it would not be pretty. Mike Mitchell would split Marvin Jones in half, Leveon Bell would tear his MCL on a tackle by Vontaze Burfict, and the combined points scored were less than 30. Everyone was predicting the high flying offense of the Steelers to be in a shootout with the Bengals balanced attack, but the defenses came to play on this day. A.J. Green would go off for 118 and a touchdown on 11 catches. Reggie Nelson would pick Ben off twice and Shawn Williams would grab an interception as well. The game ended as Roethlisberger failed to get the ball in the endzone, floating it over the heads of his receivers. The Bengals would move to 7-0 on the season with the win.
Final Score: Bengals 16 Steelers 10
Dalton to Green
Reggie Interception 1
Reggie Interception 2
Dalton Spirals a Pass Into the Mitts of Adrial
Eifert Upstairs
Adrial and Andy Share Guy Love
Week 9: Primetime Against the Brownies
Tyler Eifert would rack up 3 touchdowns and we would hold Gary Barnidge to 2 receptions for 35 yards. The Browns were hanging in this game until Mike Pettine told Johnny to stop scrambling at halftime. Once Johnny stopped running around, the Browns offense was completely neutered. The Browns barely put up 200 yards of offense for the game.
Final Score: Bengals 31 Browns 10
Eifert Triple Crown
Eifert Again
Eifert Tower
Week 10: T.J. Yates Beats Us Again
Every Bengal fan knew what was going to happen once T.J. Yates came in. He's our kryptonite, we can never stop T.J. Yates. Eifert would drop 3 passes and A.J. Green would fumble at the end, leading to a Bengal loss, Deandre Hopkins would finish us off in the 4th quarter.
Final Score: Bengals 6 Texans 10
Eifert with KY jelly on his gloves
Ref Gets Hit By A Gust of Wind
Week 11: Another Primetime Let Down
The Bengals were on primetime again with a sunday night showdown against the Arizona Cardinals. The Bengals would face off against Carson Palmer for the first time since his days in Oakland. The Bengals would pick him off twice, but Carson would get the last laugh, as the Cardinals were the eventual winners of the game. Dalton and the gang would not fold under pressure in this game, they fought hard, but the Cardinals had the ball last. This was less of a lol bengals in primetime, like the last week was. It was more of a great game by two great teams.
Final Score: Bengals 31 Cardinals 34
Reggie Intercepting Palmer
Palmer Enjoying the Atkins Diet
Hill Running Downhill
Tyler Eifert
Week 12: The Bengals Angrily Beat Up the Rams
After losing 2 straight games, the Bengals had a chance to get back on track against the spookiest team in the league. The Bengals would beat up on the Rams, holding Todd Gurley to 19 yards. The Rams would leave A.J. Green wide open for a touchdown to start the game, and just couldn't keep up afterwords.
Final Score: Bengals 31 Rams 7
Eifert Down the Seam
How the Fuck Does That Happen
Opportunistic Interception By Reggie
A.J. Green Is Right Back At it Again
George Protects His Jungle
Week 13: The Austin Davis Experiment
The Browns would start Austin Davis for this game who would throw for 230 yards no touchdown and an INT. A.J. Green would go for 128 and a touchdown and the Browns really didn't have much of a chance in the game. The Bengals would pick up their second win in a row on a blowout and the Browns would fall to 2-10. Jeremy Hill would go for 98 and a touchdown as well.
Final Score: Bengals 37 Browns 3
A.J. Green Catches the Dalton Torpedo
A.J. Green Beats Browns Attempt at Coverage
Michael Vick Jr.
Reggie Picking Off Another Pass
A.J. Green Has Marvelous Footwork
Week 14: Bloodbath 2: Electric Boogaloo
The Bengals would play the Steelers again, this time in Cincinnati. The Steelers would take an early lead, and then Dalton would lead the Bengals down the field, but he would throw an interception to a Steelers defensive lineman. Dalton would then try to make the tackle, but break his thumb in the process. The Steelers would beat up on the Bengals and young quarterback A.J. McCarron, grabbing 2 interceptions off of him.
Final Score: Bengals 20 Steelers 33
The Lone Highlight
Week 15: Playoffs Clinched
The Bengals would play a pretty boring game against the 49ers, the Bengals had the game won early on with a strong effort on defense. The 49ers would get back in the game, but still lose by 10. The Bengals intercepted Blaine Gabbert 3 times and only allowed a total of 54 rushing yards for the game. Jeremy Hill had a pair of rushing touchdowns to help the Bengals in the absence of Dalton.
Final Score: Bengals 24 49ers 14
Giodude uses Bulldoze
Just Burfict
Green Right on Cue
Week 16: Mile High Meltdown
The Bengals would play another primetime game, this time against the Broncos. The Bengals would jump out to a lead early on, up 14-3 at the half. The Broncos would come back and get two touchdowns. The Bengals would tie it up with a field goal, then McManus would shank the game winner. Overtime would be a disaster for the Bengals. The Broncos would drive down the field and kick a field goal. The Bengals would then have a fumbled snap and a recovery by Demarcus Ware for the victory.
Final Score: Bengals 17 Broncos 20
Reggie Nelson Punishes Owen Daniels
Nice Toe Drag
Holy Shit
Week 17: The Final Game
The Ravens would come into this game in a bit of a dilemma, do they beat the rival Bengals for pride? Lose to the Bengals for the draft spot? The end result was a loss for the Ravens and a clinching of the division for the Bengals. Eifert made his return this game, and was playing for the first time since Bloodbath 2: Electric Boogaloo. He would go on to catch 4 passes for 51 yards and a touchdown. The Bengals grabbed two interceptions, Jeremy Hill went for 96 and a touchdown, and A.J. Green also caught a touchdown.
Final Score: Bengals 24 Ravens 16
Eifert Is Back
A.J. Green Shows Off Fancy Footwork Again
Jeremy Hill Goes for a Stroll
Wildcard Weekend: Bloodbath 3: Horror
The game started off chippy, but relatively tame for a Bengals Steelers matchup. The Steelers had an early lead, up 15-0 on the Bengals. On a drive late in the third Shazier went helmet-to-helmet on Giovanni Bernard. This lead to Jeremy Hill trying to fight the entire Steelers team and a slew of sloppy play to come. The next Steeler possession, Vontaze Burfict would sack Ben Roethlisberger and in the process separate his shoulder. The Bengals would punch it in from 1 yard out for their first score of the game. After a field goal and another touchdown, Vontaze Burfict intercepts Landry Jones in what seemed to be the game ending interception, but as a Bengals fan, you should always know that the game's not over. On the next Bengal possession, Jeremy Hill would fumble the football. The steelers would go on a drive and with the aid of the two biggest idiots of the bengals they would kick the game winning field goal.
High Points
Low Points
Team Needs
The Bengals typically don't go after the big name guys in free agency, the last one I can recall was Terrell Owens back in the day. We have a need at Defensive Tackle, Wide Receiver, and Center.
Defensive Tackle defensive tackle is a need due to Peko's age, and regression, we have Atkins in this position already, so this guy doesn't need to be a stud. Will probably be addressed in the draft, I would look for his replacement to be: Robert Nkemdiche, Andrew Billings, Vernon Butler, Jonathan Bullard, Adolphus Washington, Kenny Clark, or Sheldon Day in the first couple of rounds.
Wide Receiver 2 I emphasize WR2 here, because Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu left, so we may need more than a wide receiver 2, we may also need a wide receiver 3. I would look for Jones replacement to come with the number 24 overall pick. This could be Laquan Treadwell, Josh Doctson, Corey Coleman, Will Fuller. If we decide to try in the second round to draft a number 2, I would look for Leonte Carroo, Michael Thomas, or Sterling Shepard.
Center Center will possibly be addressed in the draft, the Bengals may also stick with Bodine another year, even though he's the obvious weak point of our offensive line. I would look for his replacement to be one of Ryan Kelly, Nick Martin, or Graham Glasgow.
Wide Receiver 3 The Bengals also have a new need for a slot receiver with Sanu gone, so I would expect this guy to come from free agency, but could also come from the draft. Somebody like James Jones, Nate Washington, or Hakeem Nicks in free agency. This spot could also be filled by Braxton Miller in the 3-4, Aaron Burbidge or Pharoh Cooper also fit the bill.
Final Thoughts
Although the season didn't end the way most Bengals fans dreamed of, it was still a very impressive season. 12 wins are hard to come by in this league, and shouldn't be taken for granted. I actually predicted us to go 10-6 this year, so 12-4 had me really excited. The losses of Hue Jackson, Marvin Jones, Reggie Nelson, Leon Hall, and Mohamed Sanu will all hurt for now, but they will be replaced, and I put full faith in the Bengals to be able to do so. We were supposed to have the second hardest schedule in the league last year, and came away winning the division. I'm excited for next year, and I hope maybe we can just skip that pesky wildcard game that keeps giving us trouble.
Special Shoutout
the_glutton for helping my formatting, and helping my write this whole thing, skepticmissurvival for giving me the chance to do this. My mom for birthing me, and the Bengals for my love of football.
Link to Hub
Here's a link to the hub!
Edit: Formatting Problems
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2014.04.29 02:29 medicalprovider Studying Medicine - Should I speak up to defend keto?

I'm a 1st year physician assistant student who has been interested in ketogenic diets since taking biochemistry as a prereq. Needless to say, I'm a major proponent and am shocked at its reception by the medical community as a whole. My class is currently studying endocrinology and today a highly regarded professor discussed diabetic ketoacidosis and added, "And that's why low carb diets like Atkins are so dangerous as well."
My heart sank. Another class of medical providers are being sent off with the same message: Nutritional Ketosis = DKA = DANGER!
I don't want to be a pompous ass, but I feel obliged to dispel this myth. I wish I had a copy of the biochem textbook cited here so I could just bring it in as evidence.
So, /keto, how would you handle this? We do have an anonymous feedback box that's well-regarded, but even then, what evidence would be most compelling for my case?
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2013.08.08 19:29 monochrome_delirious This made me laugh... So true, I'm sure a lot of you can relate

This was on my facebook feed posted by gluten free recipes. I don't know the author, but if anyone else does, I'd be happy to give credit.
YOU KNOW YOU ARE A CELIAC IF...'ve ever had to give a doctor a crash course in Celiac 101. weep at picnics, parties, receptions, and breakfast, lunch, dinner.'ve "brown bagged it" to an elegant dinner ...a 7 course meal is a 1 course meal for you -Lettuce.'ve installed bookcases in your bathroom.'ve driven more than 40 miles to buy a cookie. takes you 4 hours to grocery shop and your eyesight is ruined. hold your breath through the bakery section. feel like you need a loan to pay the grocery bill. ...your bread weighs more than a moon rock and just happens to resemble one as well.'ve disinherited loved ones for putting their knife in your mayo.'ve brought a suitcase full of food with you on an over night trip ...your family thinks you're crazy for not tasting their new chocolate chip cookie recipe, because surely a little nibble couldn't hurt right? can spell transglutaminase and dermatitis herpetiformis. show up at the annual church pancake breakfast with a mask and lettuce rollups ...having solid poop is the highlight of your day. have actually doodled a new cartoon dog on your notes named "Sprue" have actually considered using a gluten-free bagel for a hockey puck've mastered saying "I actually enjoy MY food" (without your face twitching) ... you hide the gluten-free cookies when guests come over, so they don't eat them. read the ingredient label on green tea - plain green tea. pay relatives back east exorbitant shipping rates to send you a $12 six pack of gluten-free beer. cried when you saw your usually careful significant other or family member brushing the crumbs off their hands (from making a gluten-containing sandwich) RIGHT OVER the open utensil drawer hear of a new health food store opening in a city close by and get ridiculously excited only to drive there, spend 2 hours walking around, reading labels, only to leave empty handed take a list of safe drinks to the bar with you, and actually consult the bartender before you order a drink. drives you crazy when someone says they completely understand your diet, they did Atkins. ...people roll their eyes at you when you say "no thank you" to someone's gluten filled dessert .....your friend invites you over for your birthday and want to make you a gluten free birthday cake, but you plead with them not to, because although you're trying to seem like you don't want to put them through the hassle, you're secretly terrified of cross contamination. ...your 'favorites' sites are mostly celiac sites've mastered the art of lying when other people ask you if you're hungry. go to a potluck at a friends place and your dish is gluten-free -you dive into it first so that you get something to eat before others contaminate it. long to look at the contents of other people's fridges and pantries just to see if you can eat anything
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2012.11.01 09:24 Depressed_Alt My story

Before I begin, sorry for the length. I try to not think about this stuff often and put in into words even less, so I guess I just got a little backlogged. I've been meaning to write here for a while, but like all things in my life fear and apathy have kept me from making any serious attempt, but today was an especially dreary day. I dunno how to start so I guess I'll just ramble. Every day I hope I die. I spend every day hoping a freak accident will kill me. Getting hit by a truck or something falling on my head. A late night gun robbery at the store I work at gone bad. A million different ways I could die every day, but it never happens to me. I'm pretty sure the only thing keeping me from committing suicide is the fact that it would destroy my mother, but I wonder how long that last barrier will hold out. I'm tired of living my life, and I see no point in continuing it.
I am a 23 yo male living in the Midwest. I had a better childhood than most. Fairly stable family with a Catholic upbringing. Unlike some people on here, I have no idea when the depression started, hell I still don't really know if I have it, I sometimes hope that instead of something like depression I've got some sort of brain damage or disease that would explain why I am the way I am, but the point being is that ever since I was a kid I always felt different from normal people. I was a shut in and never did anything. I never had any after school activities or hung out with friends. I just came home from school and spent the rest of the day reading or watching tv or playing my computer. I often wonder, even to this day, what the hell normal people do all day. My parents would often complain about how much time I spent on the computer, but I had no idea what else to do. It's not that I was unpopular or bullied or anything, I was on friendly terms with most of the kids in school, even the popular ones, I just never really put in the time it takes to become good friends with anyone. I'd just much rather go home and get lost in a book then have to deal with people. Assides from this attitude I had another big thing holding me back was my weight. There's no ands, ifs, or buts about it, I'm a pretty fat guy. Around 400 pounds at 23, I can't even be sure how much I actually weigh because there aren't any scales that can hold me. I wear it better than most because I'm pretty damn tall, I work night stock at a grocery store and can out run most of my skinnier co-workers, but I've been obese my entire life. I've tried every diet program out there, Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, you name it. I've even seen a specialist and had an entire team of doctors helping me, but every time it was the same. I'd plateau somewhere along the line and then rapidly backslide. These factors combined have ensured that to this day I haven't had a single romantic encounter with a woman. I've never been layed, never been on a date, never kissed, never even flirted with a girl. Another big part of this is my... assets. I was born with an undescended testicle and have what is probably considered a micro-penis.Honestly at this point in time I'm so far behind the curve that I've basically given up, knowing that I'll spend the rest of my life alone, and part of me is relieved at that.
My education is another thing that I've sabotaged as well. I had a good education as a child. Private schooled for grade school and then to one of our states best high schools after that. I graduated with like a 3.75 gpa and was a shoe in at one of the more elite colleges in the area. Freshman year of college was when things started to go incredibly downhill for me though. I only attended a small handful of classes my first semester. I'd start by skipping the first class because it was the first class and all they'd do was hand out syllabuses. I'd skip the second class because I hadn't gotten my textbook yet, and then the third because I'd already skipped the first two and was behind. It's not like I was out parting or anything either. I don't think I drank more than a couple of beers that entire first year. I'd just sit in my room playing video games on my computer. I adopted a night schedule where'd I'd be awake all night and then sleep through all my classes during the day. Sometimes I would get anxiety attacks about going to class. I knew I should be going and the consequences of not attending, but I just couldn't make myself go. The thought of this 400lb fat guy squeezing into one of those insufferable tiny desks 5 minutes late to class and no one knowing who the hell I was because I've only been there two times was enough to make me walk all the way to campus, only to turn around at the door without ever going in. That winter when I showed my report card to my parents was one of the lowest points in my life. My dad kicked me out of my house that night and I spent the rest of the evening driving around crying until 4am when my mom texted me to come home. So I was told to straighten up and started my second semester, but nothing changed. I started off all right, I went to most of my classes, but by the end of the semester was back to my old habits.
My parents reaction to me flunking out was about the same as the first reception, and I'm still amazed that they didn't kick me out right then and there. Luckily I was able to get a job right before the summer rush at a local grocery store doing night stock and I signed up for online classes at a local community college. The plan was to get my gpa back up and then re-apply at my first college when I could. Again I failed myself. My first semester at the community college was decent. Not astounding grades or anything but at least I did my work and passed my classes, but by the time the second semester rolled around I was back to my old habits. Even worse, instead of a short walk to class, I had to drive downtown 30 minutes to even get there, which led to many occasions where I'd tell my parents I was going to class, but I'd only go sit in the parking lot of a nearby grocery store or something until class was over. I would spend the entire time stressing out about it because I knew I needed to go and I was wasting my money and potential by just sitting there, but I just couldn't make myself go. I have grey streaks now (once again, right back into the whole dating thing) because of these panic attacks. I photoshopped a transcript from my community college showing passing second semester grades, but by then my parents had pretty much stopped asking. After my third semester there I pretty much stopped going. I made some pretense to my parents about signing up, but they had pretty much stopped asking me about school by then.
Fast forward 2-3 years or so. I'm still working at the god forsaken nightstock job. It's one of those Walmart-ish places that squeezes employees for every ounce they have. In the time that I've been there the crew has decreased 30%, workload has doubled, I work 40+ hours every week and am still only part time. My "insurance" covers one day in the emergency room, and I haven't gotten a raise in 4 years. I spent these years doing nothing productive. I'd work all night and come home and sit in front of my computer. I never leave my room, partly because I have nothing else to do and partly because I'm terrified of interacting with my parents. I'd stay in my room because any time I'd go downstairs I'd be faced with questions about school or work and what I planned to do with my life. I'd get to the point where I'd get nervous any time I even heard someone come up the stairs. Then some time about a year ago and a half ago, I crash my father's brand new car (like less than a week old) doing some favor for him. In a furious rage he kicked me out and I end up moving into an apartment with a co-worker and his wife from work who I was pretty decent friends with and had been planning on living with anyways. For the first few months everything was all right. We both worked the night shift and came home and hang out and got high after work. But that winter, almost a year ago now, I find out in the worst way possible that my roommate is a recovering alcoholic, and that he's falling off the wagon. He spends a week in the hospital and comes back with a bloated gut that's filling up with blood from his busted liver. I retreat into my room like I used to do at home, never coming out because talking with my roommate is awkward as hell now and jumping every time he walks by my room. We spend all that winter with a man down at work, with me constantly having to lie for my roommate and dodging questions. My roommate never recovers mentally. For the entire past year, at least every other month he's back in the hospital because he got drunk again. Every time he'd make a different excuse, his medicines were interacting wrong or some other bullshit, but every time I would have to help his wife search our apartment for bottles he'd hide around the house. He occasionally tumbles into my room when he's sloshed and starts rambling about how hard his life is. I think he was in the military or something because he's mentioned a few times but once told me he made it up. One time it got so bad I think he attempted suicide. I got home from work one morning and he's sitting fully dressed in the dark in his chair. I walk by his room and all he says is goodbye. I think nothing of it, I thought he was just going somewhere, but a few hours later I get a call from his wife saying that he went to his parents house and has drank himself back into the hospital again.
This basically brings me to where I am today. I'm a morbidly obese college dropout with one nut that's never even had a date. Every day I just want to die. I have no hope left for this world. I've sabotaged every good thing I had going for me in this life, and all around me I see this world falling apart. Income inequality is growing more and more, our country is slowly sinking into radical fascism as our liberties are stripped from us. We are making every effort possible to destroy our own planet in the name of profits and they few rays of hope for our civilization are winking out. I honestly believe a new dark age is just around the corner for our planet. Sure it doesn't seem likely but I doubt the Egyptians or Romans thought their civilizations were going to end either. I don't really know whats keeping from just killing myself. Some of it is weed, for a precious few hours a day I can get high and forget that I dug my own grave. Some of it is my mother. Despite her being disappointed in my life decisions I know she still loves me and I can't bring myself to destroy her emotionally by killing myself. She tries to reach out to me occasionally, but even being around her is depressing so I avoid her phone calls and make excuses for not coming over. Some of it is sheer lethargy, and I'm not sure if this is just the depression or if I'm just lazy. I just can't seem to make myself do anything, even though at times I severely want to. I haven't gotten a haircut in almost a year now because I'm to lazy to get up and go to the barber shop that less than 100 ft from my front door and I duck tape holes in my work pants because buying a new pair is too much effort. I have tentatively planned to off myself this spring when my lease is up due to the fact that I can hardly afford the third of rent I pay now, especially considering I had to take up some of my roommates bills when he lost his job, and my only upcoming option is looking like living under a bridge. I could look for another job, but the prospect of doing a job interview is just as horrifying to me as showing up to class was, not to mention I'd have to take like a 3 month T break before I pissed clean and some days being able to forget it all is the only thing keeping me alive. I'd like to get help, but sharing this sort of stuff face to face with a stranger terrifies me, and I hardly have enough money to afford food as it is, let alone the money it takes to pay a trained professional. I have no hope for my future, with either my career or personal life. All I can do is sit around all day and hope that today is the day a meth addict decides to rob our store with that pistol, or today is the day that steel I-beam in the ceiling gives out and crushes me. At least then I would be out of my misery. Anyway, that's my story, thanks for listening.
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2011.02.13 21:39 humbled Why We Plateau and What To Do About It

I present to you here a bunch of information I have assimilated/catalogued on this subject.
The ketogenic diet is an effective weight loss tool, but it does not guarantee that you will move from fat to thin without complications. It simply allows your body to regulate its fat cells better, and should your body choose a destination that is fatter than you like, you may find yourself stuck there. This then becomes the homeostatic weight that your body prefers to maintain, for whatever reason.
Possible Scientific Mechanisms for Plateau
G - Glucose tolerance: when we initially put on our weight, we likely did so in an environment of chronically elevated blood sugar. We are all likely to have a problem with our glucose tolerance, thanks to the standard grain-focused, carbohydrate-laden diet. There are two aspects to this issue. First is the glucose sensitivity of cells. We need our cells to be eager to use blood glucose when it is available, rather than rely heavily on insulin to force it. The other side of the coin is in the pancreas, in how much insulin we secrete when carbohydrates pass through the upper GI tract, or when we think about eating sweet food or place sweet food on the tongue (artificial sweeteners included). These problems can be described as insulin resistance, insulin sensitivity, insulin oversecretion, etc. We may reach a homeostatic weight, even with small amounts of carbohydrate in the diet, due to the various ways in which our glucose tolerance may be impaired.
V - Visceral fat: insulin-driven fat storage seems to deposit fat more in the abdomen than in other locations. This is the so called apple/pear body shape talk you may have heard. Interestingly, visceral fat is more hormonally active than other types of fat and may resist collection, even when the metabolism has been restored to normal function via the cessation of carbohydrate intake. These fat cells secrete hormones called adipokines that interfere with proper glucose tolerance. They are the zombie fat cells that want to eat the brains of your properly-functioning metabolism.
O - Overnutrition: there are some who say that eating too many calories will cause a plateau. Here is a sample from Dr. Eades' blog on the subject. I believe this hypothesis, but it may not happen as frequently as one would expect. Lowering calories may lower carbohydrate intake. If one oversecretes insulin, even a slight lowering of carbs will aid metabolic regulation and may set the homeostatic point back some amount. But for the cases where our metabolism is healthy and we are overeating, the body will likely not dip too deeply into any of its fat stores. Another form of overnutrition may be an overconsumption of protein. Again, if we have problems with glucose tolerance, the protein may tap into those issues as our body converts it to glucose.
K - Keto adaptation: your body will gradually use ketones more efficiently (see some comments here). There may even come a time when you cannot make your ketostix turn purple at all. This is not a bad thing and it does not mean you cannot lose weight, or that the health advantages of low-carb are gone. The Inuit thrive on this diet their whole lives, after all. It means that you may have to watch calories a little more closely than in the years prior, although it should still be extremely difficult to gain fat.
L - Leptin signaling: fat is hormonally active. It sends out leptin, a satiety hormone whose job is to say "hey, come eat me." As you lose non-visceral fat, there will be less fat cells around sending this signal to your metabolism. This is one possible answer to the tapering off of weight loss (on any diet, in fact). I sincerely hope it isn't the case, but some obesetologists theorize that being obese for the long term can permanently burn out leptin receptors. And to add to your misery, insulin interferes with leptin reception - but that is something keto helps solve.
C - Carb creep, cheating, and other "user error": we get comfortable with our diets and experiment with expanding our palate. We lose some of the rigor that we applied when starting. The end result is that we are eating more carbohydrate than we expect.
What to Do About It
Before you take action to fight your plateau, make sure you are actually stuck. Don't rely on your scale alone; use body tape, calipers, a tight pair of paints, number of belt loops, or whatever tools you might have where you can verify that nothing is changing. There are times on keto where you may drop a size without losing weight. Now that we have that out of the way, you may have noticed the individual letters prefixed to the mechanisms above. I will use those letters to indicate how the methods and mechanisms are related.
When you undertake any action, test it for a fixed period (2-4 weeks) to see if it is effectual, and if not, you needn't bother yourself with integrating it into your lifestyle. You may be able to try some of this occasionally to kickstart the weight loss process, which will then go again even if you discontinue the behavior. Some of these tools can be used as an ongoing adjunct to keto.
I think that's everything for now. I will update this to reflect quality tidbits that anyone wants to contribute.
Update 1: fix some wording.
Update 2: reword end of leptin section.
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