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Relationship Types Vary As Widely As The Couples In Them. Here Are The 11 Main Types Of Romantic Relationships, From Codependent To Best Friends, And How To Know Where You Fit, As A Couple. Take interest in your connection to your date. Staying side by side won’t smother the relationship, it will actually take your dating relationship up a notch and distance you from just being friends. 7. Be patient. Just because you’re good friends doesn’t mean you’ll be good at dating. Give your new relationship time to blossom. Australia has experienced a large increase in Internet usage, and online dating is used for seeking romantic and sexual partners. Using a qualitative approach, 15 people who use online dating took ... Online personals, classifieds and dating sites are places to go if you're looking for friendship, companionship or romance. When you place an ad or create an online profile, it tells others about you: your personality and what you're looking for in a relationship. To use online classified personals, sometimes you need to pay for the ad space ... Filed Under: Dating Tagged With: hate, lips, lust. Reader Interactions. Comments. Yulisa De Jesus says. October 21, 2018 at 5:34 pm. ... I rili want to knw if he has feelings for me or not coz I av d feeling his hiding something from. Reply. Ann-marie says. March 30, 2019 at 5:34 am. I am confused. We work at the same place, and he’s ... Mike Sorrentino/CNET Dating is hard enough even under normal conditions -- add the global pandemic into the mix and it gets even trickier. But while COVID-19 has changed the face of dating as we ... Build healthy relationships and learn to show more affection with the help of wikiHow's Relationships category. Get expert-reviewed advice on moving from dating to a relationship, fighting for a relationship, and more. Whether you want to be an expert at cuddling or just want to know when someone likes you romantically, we've got advice for you! 21% of internet users agree with the statement that “people who use online dating sites are desperate,” an 8-point decline from the 29% who said so in 2005. Additionally, 32% of internet users agree with the statement that “online dating keeps people from settling down because they always have options for people to date.” This is the ... Coronavirus: Dating, sex and relationships. Coronavirus: Dating, sex and relationships. Close. A quarter of the world’s population is living under some sort of lockdown as a result of coronavirus. 3. Förfina och fördjupa er relation genom god kommunikation och förståelse Att träffa någon med liknande värderingar betyder i princip att ni vill leva samma typ av liv. Det kan bli jobbigt i längden om t.ex. den ena vill ha äventyr och utforska nya platser på semestern, medan den andra mest vill koppla av på en strand.

Regarding Colin's Recent Tweet Welcoming Trump Supporters so Long as they Aren't "Extremists"...

2020.09.29 04:18 bigolpancake Regarding Colin's Recent Tweet Welcoming Trump Supporters so Long as they Aren't "Extremists"...

Colin recently declared in a tweet that “CLS is for everyone, so long as you're not an extremist or asshole.” I’m genuinely curious—what more does Trump have to do before he and his supporters may be accurately characterized as extremist, or in Colin's words “assholes”?
Please don’t attempt to start a fallacious semantic dispute by claiming Trump’s views aren’t “extremist” because they’ve garnered mainstream support in the U.S. If you extend that reasoning to its logical conclusion, one could likewise argue that Nazism in 1940s Germany wasn’t extremist. Trump and by extension his supporters are indeed extremists in the broader context of international norms and politics as well as in the broader historical context of the U.S. Lest we forget, it is well documented that:
And these are just instances of extremism I can recall off the top of my head. I could of course go further (e.g. recent evidence of tax avoidance, withdraw from WHO, needlessly provoking Iran and downplaying its airstrike on a U.S. military base, spreading misinformation about COVID-19 treatment, denying Russian election collusion despite evidence, numerous instances of inflaming racial tensions, etc., etc.), but I won’t for the sake of brevity and because I believe I’ve made my point.
I have a lot of respect for Colin, and I sincerely enjoy hearing his take on political issues. But in regards to Trump and Trump supporters, I think it's time we all quit pandering and call a spade a spade.
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2020.09.25 15:23 dehren2010 google chrome side by side error

I'm thoroughly stumped... looking for input on a google chrome issue. Starting in June a few of our laptops have started getting google chrome sidebyside errors, and refuse to open. At first, you could reinstall chrome and it would resolve the issue for a short amount of time, but usually come back in a week or 2. now, we can't even reinstall chrome to fix it. Here is the event viewer error we are getting:
Log Name
12:52:00 pm 04-Aug-20
Event ID
Activation context generation failed for "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe". Dependent Assembly 84.0.4147.105,language="*",type="win32",version="84.0.4147.105" could not be found. Please use sxstrace.exe for a detailed diagnosis.
so based on that, I check 84.0.4147.105 and it seems the entire contents of this folder is missing except for a folder "installer"
when working properly the 84.0.4147.105 is full of DLLs and other files required for chrome to run.
what I have been doing is uninstalling chrome, deleting the files in app data, as well as anything google related left in C:\Program Files. this has been working previously, but it seems that some fresh installs will not allow the 84.0.4147.105 folder to populate
I can't understand why this is happening. we use Kaspersky and Malwarebyte for AV. neither are flagging anything as viruses. users are also a local admin on their machines.
this doesn't happen to all of our laptops, only a few of them (~50 out of 12,000 or so) doesn't seem to have happened before until June. there are a few support posts on google and other forms, but they suggest reinstalling C++ (which i did, but C++ issues don't explain why files are going missing)...
any ideas???
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2020.09.22 18:24 robbiekhan I think NAD may have lost themselves a long term customer

Where do I begin?
I bought a NAD D 7050 for my office setup 5 years ago as an upgrade from the D 3020 as I wanted a bit more power output for both headphones and speakers. It has been great until year number 4 when small niggles started to be apparent.
Things like the top LED became dim like it did on the 3020, the front panel OELD display had screen burn even though the display turns off after 3 minutes of no user input (no alt dimming option with this model like on later models).
Most recently I had bluetooth connection issues with my phone so looked on NAD's website and saw a firmware update was available and was a couple versions newer than my current version. I must add that the latest firmware was dated 2018. I updated following instructions which went smoothly and I was back up and running.
Immediately I noticed some big changes. The remote no longer worked, changing the IR channel in the NAD app didn't help, nor did a factory reset.
When audio starts to play from the speakers there is a very faint pop just as audio starts. Then around 30s after audio stops, the same pop can be heard from the speakers. This is consistent and can be replicated every time and I was using the USB input from PC for this test. This only started after the firmware update.
Electrical buzzing could also be heard at random intermittent intervals throughout the day when a USB device was plugged into the USB-A port on the back. This is not firmware related but something I noticed crop up in recent months out of the blue.
Another issue is that on occasion if I turn the volume dial slowly, the numbers jump multiple digits instead of single digits, and on rare occasions the volume will adjust itself until it's maxed out or fully minimised until I touch the volume knob and it stops. This issue is not common but happens enough through the months that I take note.
After the firmware update broke the two above features I decided enough was enough and contacted Sevenoaks AV where I bought the unit as they are an authorised NAD dealer and would be able to advise and send the unit to NAD for investigation.
NAD have today come back to them and given their assessment verdict. I will update this post with a copy paste of their email to Sevenoaks once I have been forwarded this but what Sevenoaks have said to me on the phone reading the email out is as follows:
1: No issue found with the volume knob adjustment.(this was reported as intermittent so chances are in one test session they may not have seen the issue at that time)
2: The top LED being dim can be fixed with a new LED/front panel.
3: The front OELD screen burn is fixed by replacing the front panel.
4: No issue found with audio pops/crackles when powering unit on or off and no issue found when changing sources. Nevertheless they think there's a fault with the mainboard which will need to be replaced.(I stated the pop is only audible through speaker outputs just as audio starts to play and also around 30s after it stops)
5: The remote not working will need a new mainboard replacement too, their alternative recommendation is that I use the NAD app on my phone. This response is complete mind blowing. The app is crap for starters not even managing a 3 stars rating on the app store, and it often fails to connect to the amp needed an app restart to fix.
They estimate a bill for repairs of over £450.
As you can imagine I am quite furious by this. The main issues I had which forced me to send it in was caused by the firmware update. It sounds like they know there's an issue with the mainboard/firmware combo but want the customer to pay to fix it. I can live with a dim display and put up with a weird volume dial every now and then but I need a working remote and don't want popping clicks when music starts and stops. Even though the unit is out of warranty it is not my fault that their official firmware has caused an issue so as far as I can reasonably see, it should be NAD that fixes this or am I being unreasonable here?
Any advice would be really appreciated!
Update 1
I raised a support ticket with NAD online and today they responded by saying I should make sure I have the latest official firmware installed. I stopped reading at this point as it highlights to me that the person who responded to my ticket -- containing the same info as in this post-- did not read it at all else they'd already know that I was on the latest firmware and the biggest issues are caused by it.

Update 2
I actually got nowhere with NAD. Whatever angle someone looks at it, NAD are unable to assist because it's well out of warranty and Sevenoaks have their hands tied but did empathise with the situation. I did try some other amps in between all this and today I returned a TEAC AI-301DA-X to a store because it just doesn't deliver the "NAD sound" I am used to and like so after contacting Sevenoaks today (24/09/2020), I have bought a NAD D 3045 which looks like an updated 7050 so will keep a keen eye on it before the 24 month warranty is up and at least within a month of expiry will send it away to be sorted under warranty for even the smallest thing like an LED being dimmer.
The store manage understood my situation and gave me £100 off too. As much as I hate to say it, looks like I am staying with NAD purely because the sound presentation for both speakers and headphones out seems to be unmatched in this class by anything else under £600. Hopefully the 3045 has the issues of the older models resolved but we shall see....
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2020.09.18 04:14 ActingAustralia Official Proposal: Vote to Officialize modification to the Official Proposal Voting System

Hi all,
I, u/ActingAustralia have raised an Official Proposal to modify how the Official Proposal Voting System operates. This proposal has been approved by the Official Proposal Committee for voting.

Current State:

The current rules related to Official Proposal votes can be found here.

Proposed State:

I propose that the rules laid out in this document be adopted.


The current rules are out-dated and too generalized. They also don't deal with a number of crucial possibilities such as how to handle ties, when proposals can be posted or the format of a valid Official Proposal vote. Everything listed in this document is either an extension of the current rules or an officialization of current precedents.
View Poll
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2020.09.17 03:08 WatIsThis52 Has anyone else been dating for so long, or been in so many failed relationships, that you're just cynical?

I'm F29. I've been dating for 11 years now. I've been in a handful of serious relationships. Obviously, none have panned out.
I dated a guy who, after a while, was clearly just using me for sex. I dated a guy who was only using me to get back at his ex-girlfriend. I dated a guy who was constantly trying to change me.
Each relationship started out well, and when things started to go south I gave EACH of them the benefit of the doubt.
I'm not perfect, but I always tried my best in those relationships. I was never purposely mean. I was ALWAYS earnest and myself. If anything, I was too much of a doormat and allowed WAY too much to happen unchecked.
Whenever I try to confide in others, people are like "YoU hAvE tO kIsS a LoT oF fRoGs BeFoRe YoU fInD yOuR pRiNcE!" OK well, goddamn, how many more emotional beat-downs do I have to endure before I finally meet someone who will just WANT TO BE WITH ME AND TREAT ME LIKE A HUMAN BEING WITH FEELINGS?
You might be saying, "maybe the problem is you." You know what? Sure, I'll concede that. Maybe the problem IS me. I've tried to choose differently each time. I've tried to assume the problem IS ME every time problems arise in a relationship. I'm open to the problem being me, but I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO FUCKING CHANGE BECAUSE CLEARLY WHEN I TRY IT ISN'T WORKING.
Other friends say "oh you're so smart/pretty/talented/funny/kind/etc.etc. any guy would be lucky to have you." REALLY? Because I can't seem to hold a relationship down and I'm at my wits' fucking end.
I'm currently dating after taking a break for several months. Things are getting serious with one guy- I really like him. He seems great. But I can't be happy. In fact, we had a wonderful date last night but I'm crying as I write this because I feel like I can't trust anyone anymore. I get nervous almost every time I text him and every time I go over to see him, because I'm basically dreading the moment it clicks that things won't work out.
Is wanting a husband and kids such a lofty, crazy goal? What the fuck am I doing wrong? Can anyone relate?
Edit: Typo
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2020.09.15 15:57 ActingAustralia Draft Proposal: Change the Rules related to the Official Proposal Voting Process

Hi all,
I feel like the time has come to update the Official rules related to how Official Proposals are made and officialized.

Current State:

The current rules related to Official Proposal votes can be found here.

Proposed State:

I propose that the rules laid out in this document be adopted.


The current rules are out-dated and too generalized. They also don't deal with a number of crucial possibilities such as how to handle ties, when proposals can be posted or the format of a valid Official Proposal vote. Everything listed in this document is either an extension of the current rules or an officialization of current precedents.
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2020.09.14 18:01 IndieheadsAOTY Album of the Year 2014 #14: Weezer - Everything Will Be Alright In The End

Album of the Year 2014 #14: Weezer - Everything Will Be Alright In The End
Howdy! Welcome back to Album of the Year 2014, our daily writing series going through records from the year of this sub's founding! Today we have u/pinkertonrams talkin' Weezer.

October 7th, 2014 - Republic
Apple Music
Everything that led up to Weezer’s 2014 album, Everything Will Be Alright in the End makes it all the more triumphant. Four geeks from Los Angeles who shred like Zeppelin and harmonize like the Wilson family on their debut. A follow up that was too blue, heavier and panned by critics and fans alike upon release.
Weezer was one of the first bands I loved. My friend Nate taught me to play them on guitar, and we rode bikes together singing their greatest hits.
Weezer and I lost touch. I had to find myself and so did the band. I fell deep into depression the summer after my freshman year of college, and Weezer’s first two albums were my confidants as I tried to claw myself out of that hole. That was the same year the band released White Album, a record that was able to recapture the magic of Blue and Pinkerton. For my birthday that year, I bought EWBAITE on vinyl, the first Weezer album I bought for that medium.
That’s when I began to find myself again. Just as Weezer had done on EWBAITE and White. Preceding those two albums were generally underwhelming releases. The 2001 self-titled Green Album is the sterilized cousin of Blue (both were produced by The Cars’ Ric Ocaesk [RIP], a group that heavily influenced Weezer.] It was followed by Maladroit the next year, an underappreciated, heavy pop rock album that failed to recapture the success of its predecessors. Both albums had whispers of greatness. Green is bookended by a sweet love song in “Don’t Let Go” and a Pinkerton-esque drug ballad in “Don’t Let Go.” Maladroit had heavy pop gold such as “Keep Fishin” and “Slob” and finished with a melancholic love song, “December.”
By 2009, the band lost itself. Raditude is a messy album that starts great and nosedives into terrible pop rock. Its follow up, Hurley, is seen as a mild return to form. It’s one of my favorite albums by the group because of its post-punk flavors and sounds like a natural exploration for the band. But it wasn’t a commercial success and is derided by many.
That left Weezer in a precarious situation. The initial plan for the follow up was to be the yin to Hurley’s yang. A glimpse light from the despair that Hurley, apparently, was.
“I was talking to the producer and he was saying, ‘These songs sound totally different from Hurley,” said frontman Rivers Cuomo to the AV Club in 2010. “Hurley was kind of dark, and the new songs sound like you’re 16, riding your bicycle to get a Slurpee.”
Review by u/PinkertonRams
A lot changed from that point to October 7 2014. Instead of the childlike serenity that the producer’s interpreted, we got the serenity of a triumphant, unquestioned return to form when EWBAITE was released.
Part of the reason why Blue and Pinkerton are so beloved is because of what their music evokes. Those albums are able to connect with the losers, wallflowers and outcasts of suburbia in a way few others are able to.
EWBAITE was the first post-Pinkerton album where the entire product elicited any emotion. It’s not nostalgic like Blue nor is it crushing like Pinkerton. But it is triumphant and satisfying. It leaves you feeling victorious even though you haven’t achieved anything.
The album opener, “Ain’t Got Nobody,” starts with a simple beat, followed by the band singing the song title like an anthem before flourishing into a power pop banger. u/ReconEG wrote in the Never Hungover Again post that a good opener is, essentially, a thesis for the album. It will showcase sonic or lyrical elements that will pop up throughout the rest of the album, and that’s the case with “Nobody.” Like the following 12 tracks, this one is unafraid of letting its hair down and rocking out.
A key piece to the success on EWBAITE is the production from Ric Ocasek (RIP). The sound on most Weezer records post-Pinkerton was so clean it would slip in one ear and out the other. The band that built an image of relatability with its first two records suddenly made it clear they were coming from a corporate recording studio.
Ocasek ripped the sheen off of the guitars, let Wilson’s drumming turn from steady-rhythm keeping into tone-setting thrashing and took us back into the garage with Weezer. It’s as if, similar to Blue, Ocasek brings out the best in the band.
The best example of Ocasek’s impact on the album is the third track, “Eulogy for a Rock Band.” On it, Wilson’s drums are tasked with grabbing your attention with a jarring snare-kick combo to start the song. At times, the guitars croon to match Cuomo’s mournful lyrics.
“We’ll never forget the jams you made/let it fade/it’s time we laid you in your grave/let it fade/goodbye,” he sings in the last leg of the track.
In an interview with Mike Ayers for The Wall Street Journal, Cuomo said that “Eulogy” was written for one of the band’s forefathers. He doesn’t specify who, though he hints at the sobering subtext of the song.
“[T]here’s gonna come a time when the next generations don’t continue listening to his music. And he will be forgotten, along with the rest of us,” he said. “And that’s a sobering thought for those of us who are striving now to achieve even a fraction of what he achieved.”
This emotion was absent on the majority of EWBAITE’s predecessors, and to hear it return is satisfying.
An issue on other post-Pinkerton albums that EWBAITE solved was the failure to stick the landing. Red, for example, ends with the fan-favorite “The Angel and The One” but is immediately preceded by three clunkers. But here, the band churns out three of its most triumphant songs yet.
“Cleopatra,” is a mid-tempo sort of love song for its first half and then turns its intensity to “11” for the final. On, “Foolish Father” Cuomo delivers his most mature lyrics yet. He apologizes to his daughter for not being present or meeting his own standards.
“Forgive your foolish fatheHe did the best that he could do/You are his daughteAnd he’d do anything for you,” he sings in the chorus, and follows it up with some of his most mature lyrics yet. “Think of how destroyed he feels/Walking to his grave plot/Knowing that the one he loves
Hates him with all of her heart/These nucleotides are paired up in a strand/How comical this stuff that makes a man.”
What sounds like a children’s chorus joins the band at the end to sing the album title for a triumphant ending. The holy trinity comes full circle with the progressive rock-inspired, three part song “The Futurescope Trilogy.” Two apocalyptic instrumentals — “I. The Wasteland” and “III. Return to Ithaka” — bookend a hard pop rock song that evokes the best qualities of Maladroit. As the guitar screeches fade out on “Ithaka” you feel, for the first time, that Weezer delivered a proper follow up to Pinkerton.
You wouldn’t mind more of this, but you’re just happy that the Weezer you fell in love with when you first listened to Blue is still there.
Favorite Lyrics:
I know you're scared
I know you're sad
I'm here to help you realize it's not so bad
So, open your arms
And let me come in
I’d never hurt you girl ‘cause that would be a sin
  • "Lonely Girl"
Punk-ass redcoats trying to run the show
Telling me what to do and where to go
Mount your horse 'cause it's time to tell the world
  • "The British are Coming"
Think of how destroyed he feels
Walking to his grave plot
Knowing that the one he loves
Hates him with all of her heart
These nucleotides are paired up in a strand
How comical this stuff that makes a man
  • "Foolish Father"
Talking Points:
  • Six years on, how has EWBAITE aged? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Do you think the “back to the shack” ethos paid off? Or is it too nostalgic?
  • Weezer’s minor renaissance era is EWBAITE and White Album, how do those compare to Blue and Pinkerton? Is it fair to compare them?
  • The band members seem to be talking about the upcoming Van Weezer and OK Human similar to that of EWBAITE. (Wilson called OK Human is favorite stuff from the band to date.) Are you excited for these?
  • After the releases of Pacific Daydream, Teal Album and Black Album — the best of the bunch being PD, in my opinion, and that’s just average — how do you look back on Post-Pinkerton albums such as Green, Maladroit and Hurley?
  • Top five post-Pinkerton Weezer songs, go:
Thanks again to u/pinkertonrams for the writeup. Tomorrow we've got u/seaofblasphemy discussing Sharon Van Etten and her album Are We There! Discuss this record down below in the comments, where the schedule will also be.
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2020.09.14 15:02 CptCreosote Update from Razbam


Dear customers: There has been quite a controversy about the DCS: AV-8B Harrier II Night Attack module being moved from Early Access (EA) to Released and pretty much all of it is based on the false presumption that it means the module as being “a done deal” hence no more work or bug support/fixes will continue. As stated before, it is a false idea. Being out of EA means that the module reached a production milestone and it’s that it is feature complete as what has been promised in the product description page, it’s a process that comes in 2 ways, us as a 3rd party content developer company and ED as the main owner of where such content will be used. It’s a studied decision from both parties that also involves a high degree of confidence from ED towards (in this particular case) us that we will continue support, bug fixing and adding features even those not mentioned in the description page. One clear example is the M-2000C module which has been out of EA for quite some time and it still gets bug fixes, enhancements and a complete rework of systems in a regular basis, even the 3d work was overhauled and a new 3d pilot for VR users was included in due time, and there is a big reason behind all this besides loyalty to our customers, and it’s DCS constant evolution. When the AV-8B was released on its EA format, many features and functionalities were not seen yet in DCS, no corners were cut, but a lot of clever coding was made in order to replicate the systems that we were allowed to do so without stepping into very sensitive toes, a lot of new ideas of code implementation was created and many were enhancements. As time passed by, DCS evolved again into a more systems implementation friendly platform( as you can see in the complex system of the F/A-18 Hornet and the F-16 Viper) and new way of adding code appeared, but we kept dragging our “old school” code until it was time to move forward into the new way of do things. For instance, when the AV-8B was released, Track IR was still the mandatory peripheral of choice for immersion, and VR setups was something new and not so popular (and affordable) as it is currently, not to mention lens resolution. But today, everything is different, and VR is here to stay as new setups are being offered, and the lens resolution keeps getting better and better. So, a decision was made, it’s time to rewrite the entire AV-8B code so it can perdure (in this regard, the M-2000C current code is newer than the AV-8B current code) and at the same time, go hand in hand with the new peripheral technologies available to the users, using the new tech that ED developed for their own (and very complex)new modules. So the 1st place to start, being the AV-8B a glass cockpit aircraft, is the MPCD’s and HUD, it was decided to move from old school texture map (DDS/TGA) screens into SVG. What is SVG and how it relates to DCS SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. It is an eXtensible Markup Language (XML) based vector graphic format for the Web. In practice SVG files are nothing more than text files that describe lines, curves, shapes, colors and text. Traditionally 2D displays in DCS, like the HUD or the MFDs, are created using image formats like dds or tga, which are used as texture files. What a developer does is tell DCS to place a region of the texture file in the display. Everything in a DCS display is drawn using these texture files, from the fonts to the lines and symbols. There are two drawbacks to this method: 1. Resolution: The larger the file the better the resolution, but at the expense of system (computer) memory. Resolution is also affected by the level of graphics details selected. 2. Performance: The higher the number of displays in the cockpit more memory is required. Specially if the displays are crowded like a moving map with interactive zones. ED crated a new way to draw displays using the SVG format, which is used in both the F-18 and F-16. The main advantage is that SVG graphics do not require as much memory as a corresponding texture file. Second, it is infinitely scalable. This means that unlike a texture file that when you zoom into it, sooner or later you will notice individual pixels, the SVG graphic will remain the same at all levels of zoom. For DCS this means that the HUD and MFDs are readable in different conditions, especially when using VR. The only downside is that SVG graphics require some preprocessing before it is drawn, but nevertheless the use of memory is much lower than the one used by a texture file. The use of SVG technology in drawing a DCS display requires an entire rewrite of the Display code, because now we must take care of certain properties like scale, stroke width, etc. and of course the required preprocessing step. But once the job is finished the end result is crystal clear displays no matter the screen or VR resolution. It also meant that all what he have done up to the date, will have to be redone from the ground up to go hand by hand with the new code being written for this change. We were aware of some bugs being reported and perhaps the lack of information with the community led to the false idea that all this was neglected, but it was also supposed to be a surprise. For us being out of EA and into release meant out with the old and on with the new, but since in many cases the customer have the reason, I decided to push back everything and include all the fixes in old code lines and then we’ll move with the new stuff, this also means the new code and SVG will take longer to arrive to your simulator, since we have to do double work. In the coming weeks you’ll see a flow of bug fixes in each changelog, I can’t put an estimate on when we’ll get the new code lines and SVG ready, but is our hope to get things moving in this regard shortly. Here is a list of current bug fix/enhancements that will be available in the coming DCS updates (some are already available): AV-8B Ready for Release This Week (Expected Patch 9/16): - Added vertical tail damage parts and fragments - Added INS course set keybinds - Added DMT now slaved to AIM-9 seeker - Fixed erratic control functionality with altimeter adjustments - Fixed erratic control functionality with CRS knob adjustments - Fixed Comm channel selector not sequencing correctly - Fixed TPOD still in power-up mode when starting initial conditions to in-air or engines on - Fixed HUD reject logic behavior inverted - Fixed AGM-122 Sidearm seeker not aligning with RWR source signal - Fixed AIM-9 Sidewinder incorrectly firing when cycling from AG to AA then back to AG - Fixed damage model issue where parts would not fragment off - Fixed damage model issue where weapons would sometimes remain on destroyed wings
AV-8B Pending Updates: - Added ADI cage toggle keybind - Added ADI pitch adjust keybinds - Added GBU-32 JDAM - Added GBU-54 Laser JDAM - Fixed removed incorrect HUD limitations for AGM-122 Sidearm ready-for-release - Fixed rudder trim in-cockpit switch not operating - Fixed rudder trim indication in cockpit and in controls indicator - Fixed SSS Left should now sequentially cycle between EHSD centered, EHSD decentered, and ECM pages - Fixed ECM page not returning to the original MPCD format - Fixed missing seat height adjustment control. Seat model animation work-in-progress - Fixed EHSD course over ground incorrect in Mag heading mode - Fixed EHSD decenter display overlay getting mis-placed - Fixed default rocket range profile values inverted - Fixed EHSD moving map on MPCD too bright - Fixed Left MPCD brightness control not operating correctly - Fixed Right MPCD brightness control not operating correctly - Fixed EHSD resulting in symbology misplaced when zoom set to AUTO - Fixed RWR still partially functioning when turned off - Fixed RWR minimum volume too loud - Fixed missing RWR powevolume knob adjustment increments - Fixed pull-up cue not occurring when selected - Fixed dual rack bombs not releasing in the correct order - Fixed top-right rocker switch on left MPCD bleeding into bezel - Fixed scaling of HUD repeater on MPCD to be correct size - Fixed font for EHSD to be correct size - Fixed engine efficiency table error at extremely high altitudes that was resulting in higher than expected thrust loss - Fixed SAAHS paddle disable incorrectly resetting stick trim position and not resetting rudder trim and will now correctly restore rudder trim when released - Fixed Speedbrake logic based on SME information to extend as long as OUT is pressed and will fully retract when IN is pressed (Allows for partial extension but will always fully retract) - Fixed aircraft diverting in some cases prior to maneuvering tone envelope - Fixed infinite coefficient values in some conditions of large body angular rates (out of control) - Modified structural load damage to no longer be instantaneous, now require sustained over-tolerance for structural (wing) failure - Modified TPOD axis dead-zone to be slightly reduced
I also included some pics of the new VR pilot body, which is a very much work in progress. Hope that this covers most of your questions regarding the current and future state of our AV-8B module.
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2020.09.14 03:19 3375000000 The "End Times", the Bible, and Divine Numbers


We are currently in an important transition period of human history as we finish out the old ways of doing, and being, and usher in a new Era of peace, love, and enlightenment. The Bible contains messages/warnings of these times, in both The Book of Daniel and Revelation.
In this article, we will discuss how we have entered a final set of allotted days, the synchronistic and Divine creation of the Bible, and how it is all based upon Pi.
Daniel and Revelation both discuss certain periods of time which are supposed to take place at the end of the world's age. Daniel mentions periods such as:
The numbers of the prophecies work together in such astounding ways, that it seems the true intent of these messages were to give humanity insight into a timeline structure correlated with numbers based off Pi, rather than to express that an event must happen on any day.
The 7 + 62 week segment of the 70 weeks is 483 days, the 3 digit number which takes the longest to have its first occurrence in Pi.
Revelation reiterates the relevance of the 1260 days, and refers to it in multiple ways such as by saying "a time, and times, and half a time" (1 + 2 + .5). A "time" is a set of 360 days, and so 360 * 3.5 = 1260. This period is also called the "42 months" because a prophetic month is 30 days, and 42 * 30 = 1260.
Continuing forward, the timeline is confirmed and expanded by the Mayan King K’inich Janaab’ Pakal, ruler of the Maya city-state of Palenque. This king dubbed himself the messenger of the time cycles and left us an important prophecy. The prophecy simply tells us that there will first be a period of 1144 years. Those 1144 years are made up of 22 cycles of 52 years. The first 13 cycles are called Heavens, and the last 9 cycles are called Hells. Then there are another 13 Heavens and 9 Hells, 22 cycles of 360 days totaling 7920 days. Then there are 40 days, then 1260 days, and finally 60 days.
Brazilian medium Chico Xavier spoke of the date 7/20/2019, which coincides with the completion of the 7920 days for our timeline. The timeline is also confirmed in multiple coded Bible verses.
The chosen numbers for the timeline are synchronistic. 360 is 3 * 4 * 5 * 6 and 7920 is 8 * 9 * 10 * 11.
360 is one of the "self locating" numbers of Pi, occurring at the end of 360 digits. Another example of the timeline's relation to Pi is that if you sum every decimal digit of Pi before the first occurrence of "7920", you get 14159, the first five digits of Pi! It's also interesting to note that 5280, the number of feet in a mile, multiplied by 1.5, is 7920. There are 7920 inches in a furlong, and the diameter of the Earth is approximately 7920 miles.
14159 is the first five decimal digits of Pi, and also the first prime number of it. Multiplying 14159 by 2 equals 28318, a number which has its first appearance in Pi at the end of 12600 digits. The 1260 days of the Bible * 10 equals this number. Then, summing those 12600 digits of Pi equals 56636 which is 14159 * 4.
When searching for a doubled prime number in Pi, 28318 (1667th prime * 2) is the first doubled prime to satisfy the fact that the digits leading up to and including its first occurrence in Pi, sum to a multiple of the prime. This is proven here.


To study some of the subjects later in this article, we will have to know the basics about some things:
The Bible is made up of 66 books. The Old Testament contains 39 books/929 chapters written in Hebrew. The New Testament contains 27 books/260 chapters written in Greek. There are 31102 verses and 1189 chapters in total.
To investigate certain subjects, we will be using the lexicon in Strong's Bible Concordance. This lexicon takes all of the original Hebrew/Greek root words of the Bible and puts them in alphabetical order. This list was originally published in 1890 by James Strong.
For example, if you take all of the Greek root words of the New Testament and put them in alphabetical order, "Jesus" becomes word #2424. The order was designed in this way because 2424 first appears in Pi at the end of 1111 digits, a very spiritually significant number.


Gematria is an alphanumeric code of assigning a numerical value to a name, word or phrase based on its letters. Gematria is technically a Hebrew practice, and Isopsephy is its Greek counterpart. We can use the word "gematria" interchangeably to describe the assignment of numbers to letters, whether they be Hebrew, Greek, or English. The method for calculating the gematria, however, will change between languages.
To tie some of these concepts together, let's examine the Greek word for Jesus:
Ἰησοῦς (Iēsous) Ι Iota 10 η Eta 8 σ Sigma 200 ο Omicron 70 υ Upsilon 400 σ Sigma 200 Add the values of each Greek letter for the total of 888 
Triple digit repeating numbers stand out, and cause you to ponder whether they are there by coincidence, or if they have deeper meaning. As Jesus was the focus of the New Testament, Israel was the focus of the Old Testament. The Hebrew word for Israel has a gematria value of 541 which is noteworthy, as it is the 100th prime numbe10th star number, and also occurs in Pi directly next to 2424, the number of Jesus, like so: 2424 541
Examples of different Gematria Ciphers
Date/NumbeGematria Analyzer Multi-tool — download link available here

Making Sense of Numbers

When one analyzes numbers, it is important to keep in mind that any number can mean anything, and that one should use precaution to interpret the best fitting meaning for that number. The number 104 can have multiple meanings:

Numbers of the Bible

The Bible was masterfully crafted so that it would contain numbers relevant to Pi. 262 is a fundamental number of reality as the first 262 decimal digits of Pi, Phi, and e all sum to the same number, 1192. The 262nd prime number is 1667 and the 1667th prime number is 14159, the first 5 decimal digits of Pi. It goes on that the number "1667" first occurs in Pi with a 3 immediately following it as 16673. 262 + 1667 = 1929, and the 1929th prime number is 16673.
262 + 667 = 929, the number of chapters in the Old Testament. The New Testament contains 260 chapters, the same number of days in the Mayan Tzolkʼin cycle.
When you add 929 to 260 you get 1189, a master number of the timeline. This will be explained further.


Another important number to keep track of is 232 and its components.
The 232nd prime number is 1459, and 232 + 459 = 691. The 1459th prime number is 12203.


The number 17 seems to somehow represent God, or the Divine. This is why the first Grand Lodge in Freemasonry was founded in 1717. Francis Bacon had a serious impact/involvement in Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism, and the number values for his name using Pythagorean Cipher (now called Full Reduction Gematria) is "Francis" (34) "Bacon" (17) for a total of 51. To add upon this synchronicity, his wife's name "Alice Barnham" also sums to 51, and she was born on 5/14/1592 (Pi is 3.141592). This is also why we have the base named "Area 51", as 51 is 17 * 3, and 17 represents a godlike being. A common theory suggests that this base has had contact with or knowledge of aliens, so the number 51 reflects this, as aliens are considered to be godlike in their advanced consciousness and technological capabilities.
To continue with 17, we also see that the 17th letter of the alphabet is "Q", with "Q" being the name of the godlike and mischievous being in Star Trek. It's also the name of the military intelligence operation which has gained much notoriety, which started on 10/28/2017.
As the Bible contains 1189 chapters, it is important to note that 189 first appears in Pi at the end of 1717 digits. We also see a synchronicity take place as we raise our awareness to the fact that 189 Jesuit institutions of higher learning exist throughout the world.
From this we see the emergence of a "Pi Code". A hidden way to express a concept based on a number's association with Pi. As for the year of Alice Barnham's birth, 1592 is considered a special number because 7777 first appears in Pi at the end of 1592 digits. We could additionally point out the 51 seen in Alice Barnham's birthday, or how the 5 taken from the month multiplied by the year 1592 = 7960, or 7920 + 40 like from Pakal's timeline.
It is known well that 3.14 is equal to Pi, and such a confounding relationship presents when one observes that if you take the first 314 digits of Pi, they sum to 1392, then 1392 digits of Pi sum to 6251, a number which intersects the numbers appearing at the end of 1717 digits of Pi like so 625189. We also see that 6251 digits of Pi sum to 28318, a number which is well known to be the first five digits of 2Pi.
The whole of the timeline seems to boil down to a 17 in one way or another. The year the 1260 days ends is 2023, which is 7 * 17 * 17.

Divine Construction of the Bible

We have discussed 929, 260, and 1189, as well as 17, 51, and 189, so we will now introduce 294 and 895.
294 occurs directly next to the number 895 in Pi, and these are the first two numbers to occur directly next to each other while summing to 1189. This is why the mode (as in mean/median/mode) for gematria totals in the Bible is 895.
Another important Pi code is 691, which first appears in Pi at the end of 895 digits. The 691st prime is 5189, and 5189 first appears in Pi at the end of 1717 digits. 51 is 17 * 3 and 8 + 9 = 17. We also see that 17 * 17 is 289, and 289 occurs at the end of 1586 digits, as 691 + 895 = 1586. 1586 digits of Pi sum to 7200, the number of days in the Mayan calendar unit called the "kʼatun".
249 first appears in Pi at the end of 294 digits, and 249 represented in duodecimal is 189. We also see that 51 digits of Pi sum to 249 and 249 digits of Pi sum to 1129, the 189th prime number.
On top of this, we see that the verse with the largest gematria total in the Bible is Luke 6:42, which is the 25189th total verse of the Bible. It was designed in this way because 25189 first appears in Pi at the end of 1717 digits.
According to Biblewheel's database of the original Hebrew and Greek text, there are 445797 words in the Bible. If you divide this by the 31102 verses of the Bible, you get 14.333 which is profound because 14333 first appears in Pi at the end of 1700 digits, as 1700 is a very important Pi/Timeline code.
The Bible is made up of sections of 297 or 3 * 3 * 33 chapters. Therefore 1189 is also represented as 297 + 297 + 1 + 297 + 297. The middle chapter of the Bible is Psalm 117, which is also the shortest chapter of the Bible, containing 33 English words.
Chapter #297 is 1 Kings 6:1, which discusses the building of Solomon's Temple. Interestingly, this is even the 8898th verse in the Bible, as 1931 (294th prime) + 6967 (895th prime) = 8898.

Alignments of the Timeline

Now that we have learned some fundamental numbers, we can appreciate how they create alignments in our timeline. We'll first look at three essential dates:
Adding 1592 days to 12/21/2012 creates an incredible alignment:
Another simple example of a timeline date shows a correlation between 1667 and 929:

261 - 262 - 263

By observing the way that primes sequence next to each other, we see three numbers stand out distinctly in decimal:
Number: 260 Prime #260 is 1657 The sum of these two numbers is 1917 Prime #1917 is 16561 Number: 261 Prime #261 is 1663 The sum of these two numbers is 1924 Prime #1924 is 16633 (matches 1663) Number: 262 Prime #262 is 1667 The sum of these two numbers is 1929 Prime #1929 is 16673 (matches 1667) Number: 263 Prime #263 is 1669 The sum of these two numbers is 1932 Prime #1932 is 16699 (matches 1669) Number: 264 Prime #264 is 1693 The sum of these two numbers is 1957 Prime #1957 is 16979 
Using this formula, a special balancing point takes place in the decimal numbering system in which the numbers 261, 262, and 263 seem to "self-resolve" or revolve back on themselves. The middle number, 262, of these perfect three numbers, is extraordinarily special because its 1667th prime number is 14159, the first five decimal digits of Pi! Another interesting fact to point out is that 260 multiplied by 1.5 is 390, a number which occurs at the end of 1189 digits of Pi.
This fact may clue us in as to why the New Testament has 260 chapters, the same number of days in the Tzolkʼin cycle. There are 260 numbers before this anomaly occurs. The numbers then run out of range, and this balancing point does not take place again in the sequence of infinite primes.
The sum of divisors for 260 is 588 which is 294 * 2, and the sum of divisors for 261 is 390. Also, 261 digits of Pi sum to 1188.
What's most interesting is the fact that the number 262 as well as 263 both hone in on the number 7920 in Pi, the number used for Pakal's timeline. Prime #262 is 1667, and prime #1667 is 14159. When you sum every digit of Pi before the number 7920, you arrive at 14159. Including the number 7920 in your digit sum test gives you 14177. We see that 14159 is prime #1667 and 14177 is prime #1669, just as these numbers fall right next to each other in the sequence of primes.
It's interesting how 16633 + 16699 = 33332, or how 16633 + 16673 + 16699 = 50005, a nice palindromic number. We also see that 1663 + 1667 + 1669 = 4999, the number which appears by a famous area of Pi called the Feynman point. This area contains the digits 134999999.

Timeline Fundamentals

Here is the base timeline which the Bible references with encoded numbers:
In addition to this base timeline, there are some supplementary dates:
222 is an extremely relevant number of the timeline, which can be seen by the fact that 5/31/2017, 7/20/2019, and 2/9/2023, are all day 222 of the Tzolkʼin cycle (meaning these dates are all a multiple of 260 days apart). It's also interesting to point out that the 222nd prime number is 1399, and 1399 days after 11/12/1997 is 9/11/2001. 9/10/2001 was actually the last day of Coptic year 1717. We spoke of 294 above, which first occurs in Pi like this: 2294 895. 2294 - 895 = 1399.
From 12/21/2012 to 4/25/2023 is 3777 days, which can also be represented as 1399 + 1189 + 1189.
As 4/25/2023 is also considered to be the completion of a final 1189 day period, the middle day (595th day) of that final 1189 day period is 9/7/2021, day 222 of the Tzolkʼin, and also the first day of Hebrew Civil Year 5782. (represented as 7/1/5782)
5189 - 895 = 4294, and we see that the number 294 has been revealed from this simple calculation, but there is two ways in which 4294 relates to the timeline:
Back to the number 1399: We also see that 1399 backwards is 9931, and 9931 first appears in Pi at the end of 22222 digits. 9931 is also the last four-digit number to appear in this list of primes sequenced by how much they have increased from their most previous prime number. 9931 is the 1225th prime like 12/25 for Christmas. The importance of the number 222 is seen in pop culture, such as in 222 Records by Adam Levine, who founded his company on 2/9/2012, a date which seems to closely resemble 2/9/2023.
9/11/2001 is an example of a date which is not explicitly mentioned in the Bible, or by King Pakal, but is a date which is closely aligned with other timeline dates nonetheless. For example, 9 * 9 * 9 * 9 or 6561 days after 9/11/2001 is 8/29/2019, the start of the 1260 days. Terminator 2: Judgment Day, names the date 8/29/1997 as “Judgment Day”, a day in which nuclear destruction occurs in the movie. This date is 22 years before the actual 1260 day period.
It is a common Jewish belief that both the first and second temples were destroyed on the same day. According to Josephus war Chronology, "the stream of blood was more copious than the flames." He observes that this was on the very day and month that the First Temple had been burnt by the Babylonians". The date for this is set as August 29 (Lous / Av 10).
Let's now review the date 7/17/2019. This date is used as symbolism for Jesus' crucifixion in the Bible because it is said that he arose in 3 days, just as 7917 is 3 less than 7920. The number 189 appears in Pi at the end of 1717 digits, and 189 days after 7/17/2019 is the start of a final 1189 day period.
We have noted above 232's connection to 691. 232 first appears in Pi like so 627 232 7917 8608. This is significant as:
We have mentioned that the founding of Israel is core to the timeline:
25999 is a very powerful prime number, and is the 2860th prime. We see an odd "synchronicity" here as:

Pi / Timeline Codes

666 is the "number of the beast", the number which is mentioned in Revelation 13:18. This is a number which points us to multiple timeline dates. 666 first appears in Pi at the end of 2442 digits. 2442 is 1221 * 2:
12/21/2012 + 2442 days = 8/29/2019, the start of 1260 days
We also see that 666 digits of Pi sum to 2961:
12/21/2012 + 2961 days = 1/29/2021, the completion of a 1189 day period which started on 10/28/2017.

Biblical Code Confirmation

One way we can verify the timeline is by looking deeper into the Bible verses themselves. For example:
Daniel 12:12 (KJV) Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.
In this verse, the word for "waiteth" is Hebrew word #2442. As a reminder, 12/21/2012 + 2442 days = 8/29/2019, the start of the 1260 / 1290 / 1335 days. We now see that 2442 and 1335 are complimentary numbers, and that 2442 + 1335 = 3777.
Daniel 12:12 also uses word #5060 which is a companion number to 4009, as they appear directly next to each other in Pi:
The relationship between 2442 and 1335 is seen in other sections of the Bible as well. See these two verses:
Matthew 24:42 (KJV) Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.
Mark 13:35 (KJV) Watch ye therefore: for ye know not when the master of the house cometh, at even, or at midnight, or at the cockcrowing, or in the morning:
The verses mirror each other almost exactly and reiterate to us the fact that 2442 and 1335 are complimentary numbers of the timeline. We also see that Matthew 24:42 is the 24000th total verse of the Bible. With this verse placed at an even 1000 verses, it lends credibility to the idea that the Bible has a planned structure to show the importance of this verse. Daniel's verse was the 22094th total verse, showing the number 2294.
The Bible is strongly based off of Pi, with many of the names being derived from its numbers. The word "Moses" is H4872 because the number "487" first appears in Pi with a 2 after it like so: 4872. From the start of Daniel's 70 weeks to the 1260 days is 487 days:
This area of Pi containing 487 has many different important codes: 7848 216 829 989 4872 2658
There are multiple interpretations for this:
Then in addition:
To continue our confirmation of the 1260 days in the Bible, we see that 829 (representative of 8/29/2019) first appears in Pi like so 829 2540. Greek word #2540 means "time", and is first used in this verse:
Matthew 8:29 (1611 Authorized Version) — And behold, they cryed out, ſaying, What haue we to doe with thee, Ieſus thou ſonne of God? Art thou come hither to torment vs befor yͤ time? Verse #23375 (Ch. #937) — 18 words, 80 letters — Total = 7147
The importance of this verse is confirmed by the fact that it is the first verse in the New Testament of the 1611 KJV to use the special word abbreviation "yͤ" which stands for "the". We also see the number 3375 in the total verse number, which is 15 cubed, and the sum of every digit of Pi before the "Feynman Point", 999999.
We then see that Greek word #2540 is the same word used for "time" in this verse of Revelation which mentions the 1260 days:
Revelation 12:14 (KJV) — And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent. Verse #30906 (Ch. #1179) — 32 words, 153 letters — Total = 17897
A coded tweet referring to this verse was made by Trump's team, containing an RFR gematria value of 666:
Donald J. Trump - June 13, 2019 After 3 1/2 years, our wonderful Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be leaving the White House at the end of the month and going home to the Great State of Arkansas....
The verse mentioned above contains a very major code which pertains to the 1260 days. The 1260 days are mentioned 7 times in the Bible, twice in Daniel, and five times in Revelation. The term "great eagle" is used only three times in the Bible, with this verse being the last occurrence, and Ezekiel 17:3 being the first occurrence. Ezekiel 17:3 links to Revelation 12:14. Ezekiel 17:3 is marked as extremely important because it is the only verse in the original 1611 King James Bible to use the apostrophe (') punctuation character.
Note: The 1611 KJV is highly coded, and contains 2860 question marks "?" throughout the Old Testament, Apocrypha, and New Testament.
Ezekiel 17:3 is verse #20829, another code for 8/29/2019. If you move up 1000 verses, you arrive at verse #21829, which is Daniel 3:21, the only verse in the Bible to use Hebrew word #6361, as 6361 is the 829th prime number. If you then move up another 130 verses, you arrive at verse #21959 which is the first of two verses in Daniel which mentions the 1260 days. Another 130 verses up and you arrive at verse #22089, the second of two verses in Daniel mentioning the 1260 days.
In total you have moved up 1260 verses from Ezekiel 17:3 to arrive at the last mention of the 1260 days in Daniel. 173 is also the 40th prime, and the 40 day period ends on 8/29/2019.

Insight into the 1260 Days

We have already mentioned the significance of 262 and how it relates to 14159. We have also stated this fact:
Multiplying 14159 by 2 equals 28318, a number which has its first appearance in Pi at the end of 12600 digits. The 1260 days of the Bible * 10 equals this number. Then, summing those 12600 digits of Pi equals 56636 which is 14159 * 4.
The number 262 is the foundation for some of the most interesting aspects of the Pi code.
Here are the attributes of 262:
These numbers relate to the date 12/26/2014. They create these incredible alignments:
And now to include some additional understanding about the number 1667:
10499 relates to other numbers through the way digits sum in Pi. These two numbers are its relators:
Now for an interesting correlation:
From the completion of the 1260 days on 2/9/2023 to 2/28/2042 is 6959 days. This is interesting as 14159 occurs for the second time in Pi at the end of 6959 digits.
Here is some connecting information about 7/26/2020 to tie this together:
We have come upon an interesting date here because of the fact that:
1541 is a complete number of the timeline for multiple reasons:
On top of this, Prime #12941 is 139241. Both 294 and 3924 inside these numbers are relevant as to the timeline.
12/21/2012 -> 5/27/2048 = 12941 days
To restate the importance of "relator numbers" in Pi, another example of this is seen here:

The Importance of 17 and 1667 in the Timeline

17 * 17 is 289, and the 289th prime is 1879. It first appears in Pi with a 6 in front like this 6 1879
This is interesting as 61879 is the 6222nd prime!
One of the important dates which relate to Harvest is this:
Note that this number can accurately represent 5/31/2017 (start of the "2300 sacrifices").
The date 4/10/2020 has an excellent connection to this date:
Notice that 3555 * 2 = 7110, a number we mentioned earlier in this article.
The reason these numbers have importance is because they are directly connected to 14159, or Pi.
We can see that the days leading to 7/26/2020 can be split up in many ways:

Ordered Primes

As we have said, looking into the order of primes based on how much they have increased from their most previous prime number reveals some interesting things (list here).
Here is an example:
12, (100%) 25, (66.6666666667%) 311, (57.1428571429%) 43, (50.0%) 57, (40.0%) 617, (30.7692307692%) 729, (26.0869565217%) 823, (21.0526315789%) 937, (19.3548387097%) 1013, (18.1818181818%) 1153, (12.7659574468%) 12127, (12.389380531%) 1319, (11.7647058824%) 1459, (11.320754717%) 1541, (10.8108108108%) 1667, (9.83606557377%) 1747, (9.3023255814%) 1897, (8.98876404494%) 1979, (8.21917808219%) 2089, (7.22891566265%) 21149, (7.19424460432%) 2231, (6.89655172414%) 
2 is the first prime on this list because nothing comes before it. 3 is the fourth item on the list because it increases 50% from 2, its most previous prime number.
When you compare this list side-by-side with the usual order of primes, you will see that summing these two numbers and searching for the first 4-digit palindromes reveals 2442 and 2772.
Genesis 1:1 totals 2701 as we have said, which is 37 * 73. Israel is also word #3478, 47 * 74. Then, 3478 - 2701 = 777. The 777th number on the list is 24317, which is the 2701st prime number.
777 is a relevant number of Pi for many reasons, such as:
Doing research into the first / last n-digit number to appear in our ordered prime list reveals:
First n-digit nums: 2, 11, 127, 1361, 10007, 107441 Last n-digit nums: 7, 73, 883, 9931, 99991, 999961 
I find it highly interesting to see 9931 on this list as it was mentioned above. It is the reverse of 1399, and occurs at the end of 22222 digits of Pi. It also intersects 1600 (40 * 40) like this: 9931600. It should be noted that the 1600th prime is 13499 which appears by the "Feynman Point" of Pi.
It is also interesting to note that 9931 is #5630 on this list, as it reminds me of an interesting Pi correlation:
The list we have created of ordered primes seems to have an immediate connection to Pi. When the primes are concatenated with the order number of the list, we see certain numbers become visible.
1319, 1459, 1541, and 1667 stand out well. I also 617 and 729, and that diagonally it could be 717 and 629, numbers which appear directly next to each other in Pi: 717 629
Some of these numbers sum to numbers which have significant connections to Pi:
Moving down, 1459 and 1541 read diagonally show us 1441 and 1559 which is an alarming synchronicity as both of these numbers have a relation to the date 7/26/2020.
The verse Matthew 11:12 seems to confirm both the 7920 days and the date 7/26/2020.
25189 - 1717 = 23472, and Matthew 11:12 is the 23472nd total verse of the Bible. It has a gematria total of 12700 because 12700 digits of Pi precede 1112 (as in 11/12/1997). It is as so: 1441 1112
The number 989 represents the end of an age because this number appears at the end of 1000 digits of Pi. 1000 represents completion in this sense. There are five Greek words which have a value of 989. Included are my picks for what the numbers represent:
415 989 (4/15/2014) 726 989 (7/26/2020) 1112 989 (11/12/1997) 2111 989 3449 989 (3449th day of a period starting 7/26/2020) 
This is the first verse to use word G726. 726 + 2020 = 2746 and 2746 digits of Pi sum to 12700.
1897 and 1979 diagonally also show us 1879 (the 289th prime number) and 1997.

Pi / Timeline Codes (continued)

10/28/2017 is the start of a 1189 day period, and this particular period can be broken up into 895 + 294 days:
1000 days after 10/28/2017 is 7/24/2020. We have already noted that 189 days + 7/24/2020 = 1/29/2021. 189 digits of Pi sum to 843.
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2020.09.10 15:58 supernova2020 SmallCapVoice Interviews KULR Technology Group CEO Michael Mo and Former Air Force Chief of Strategic Prioritization Dave Harden

Harden elaborates on his illustrious career with the Pentagon and U.S. Air Force and how his team’s expertise will help KULR secure more contracts for its advanced thermal management capabilities
SAN DIEGO, Sept. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- KULR Technology Group, Inc. (OTCQB: KULR) (the “Company” or “KULR”), a leading developer of next-generation thermal management technologies, announces the release of an interview with Company CEO Michael Mo and Dave Harden, CEO of The Outpost, an advisory and technology accelerator firm that advances next-generation technologies within the defense and commercial industries. Harden formerly served as chief of strategic prioritization at the Pentagon, chief architect and COO of AFWERX, an innovation arm of the Air Force, and is currently a member of KULR’s advisory board.
The interview was conducted Sept. 8, 2020, and is available for replay at https://kulrtechnology.com/category/presentations.
“The purpose of this and forthcoming interviews is to create a greater degree of transparency between KULR and its investors,” states Mo. “When appropriate, we would like to provide to shareholders and the general public deeper insight into our proposed partnerships or key hires of talented and knowledgeable advisors such as Dave Harden.”
The interview discusses the evolution of federal grants available to small businesses, and how KULR is in a prime position to take advantage of current funding opportunities that may accelerate its growth.
“The DOD (Department of Defense), over the past few years, has really put more of an emphasis on dual-use technologies like KULR’s advanced thermal management capabilities. ... One of the big breakthroughs is the reinvention of the SBIR (small business innovation research) grant. The SBIR is hundreds of millions of dollars set aside for small businesses to be fast-tracked and receive non-dilutive capital. Through our combined efforts, KULR is now on that track,” Harden stated in the interview.
Interview Highlights:
  1. Work with government agencies such as NASA and the Air Force
  2. Work with regulators (i.e. battery safety)
  3. Work toward mass market adoption of technologies (private and government sectors)
Listen to the full interview at https://kulrtechnology.com/category/presentations
About KULR Technology Group, Inc.
KULR Technology Group, Inc. (OTCQB: KULR) develops, manufactures and licenses next-generation carbon fiber thermal management technologies for batteries and electronic systems. Leveraging the company’s roots in developing breakthrough cooling solutions for NASA space missions and backed by a strong intellectual property portfolio, KULR enables leading aerospace, electronics, energy storage, 5G infrastructure, and electric vehicle manufacturers to make their products cooler, lighter and safer for the consumer. For more information, please visit www.kulrtechnology.com.
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Socialize with SmallCapVoice and their clients at;
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SmallCapVoice/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/smallcapvoice
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/smallcapvoice/
Safe Harbor Statement
This release does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of offers to buy any securities of any entity. This release contains certain forward-looking statements based on our current expectations, forecasts and assumptions that involve risks and uncertainties. Forward-looking statements in this release are based on information available to us as of the date hereof. Our actual results may differ materially from those stated or implied in such forward-looking statements, due to risks and uncertainties associated with our business, which include the risk factors disclosed in our Form 10-K filed on May 14, 2020. Forward-looking statements include statements regarding our expectations, beliefs, intentions or strategies regarding the future and can be identified by forward-looking words such as "anticipate," "believe," "could," "estimate," "expect," "intend," "may," "should," and "would" or similar words. All forecasts are provided by management in this release are based on information available at this time and management expects that internal projections and expectations may change over time. In addition, the forecasts are entirely on management’s best estimate of our future financial performance given our current contracts, current backlog of opportunities and conversations with new and existing customers about our products and services. We assume no obligation to update the information included in this press release, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.
Source: https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2020/09/10/2091691/0/en/SmallCapVoice-Interviews-KULR-Technology-Group-CEO-Michael-Mo-and-Former-Air-Force-Chief-of-Strategic-Prioritization-Dave-Harden.html
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2020.09.10 08:21 UNSCFLEETCOM Character Spotlight: HMS Devastation(N3 class Battleship).

So this is a new format for getting my ship ideas out there instead of having stories with bits and pieces of information spread out. I will still write those stories; this is just a compressed overview of the characters, mainly because these usually aren’t real ships usually being PR. So people get confused at who exactly they are since if they were to google them it would come up with their previous iterations and I tend not to put their classes in the story due to it not really mattering in the storyline plus the characters should already know their class anyway. I won’t be giving too many spoilers for stuff coming but there will be for already released stuff. These are my sources for their designs, I will be doing most of them with a select few for the Lions: http://www.shipbucket.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=5705
-N3 class Battleship-
HMS Devastation.
First generation PR(In story, not PR1. She was part of the first wave built including Fisher, Monarch, Conqueror, Thunderer, Incomparable(She is technically 1.5 you can guess which one of these ships kept nagging Montrose to build her) and Saint Lawrence. Second generation PRs are Malta, Gibraltar, Africa, New Zealand, Audacious, Irresistible and Habakkuk.)
Specifications.(These are in more detail in the sources)
3x3 18”/45 calibre guns
8x2 6”guns
I’ve left out her tertiary and AA guns out as they would be changed with her supposed build date and Azur Lane only cares about base armament for pics and new equipment. How new would pom poms and single 120mm guns be anyway?(Although she was planned to have Ten barreled pom poms so do with that as you will)
With a 15” inch belt thinning over the machinery like on Vanguard and Nelson.
She makes about 23 knots just like her design descendant Nelson.

“Master, could you please stop calling me your angel? I know my crest has an angel on it that does not mean I am one. It’s really embarrassing… What? No I don’t have some secret ability lying around like Vanguard’s spears, I’m just next to useless... Ah yes I do say that but Laura did show me it in the bible and we both thought it sounded cool, okay.” One of her idle lines probably.
“There’s really a specific form for that?” Another idle line probably. (She has a tendency to watch what Montrose is doing over his shoulder)

A tall buxom woman with long brown hair (Typically in a French braid) and darkish grey eyes (Described by Montrose as the most colourful and vibrant grey that he’s ever seen). Typically wears a crimson gambeson (A thick padded jacket used as armour in the medieval era) and crimson cloak with a white long sleeve blouse underneath both, a knee length darkish grey pleated skirt and black pantyhose(Or sheer tights depending on where you come from). There is a reason she wears so much red. In her early life she was never anything special, just another rank and file soldier of the empire. Hence the red. She is literally a redcoat, she fought in Baltimore during the war of 1812. Considering her fairly close relationship with the modest Saint Lawrence and never really being all that important(Well she was the first mastless ocean going capital ship with the guns not in the hull when she got her own class, making an important step in technology and arguably the first battleship) so she doesn’t dress too flashy like say Monarch or KGV or Hood. Her claymore is about her height so pretty long.
Bit of a discrepancy here if she were to be in game she could appear in either her plate armour or without (I would prefer without armour). This is mainly due to the armour being made after her training within my stories by Laura and that she doesn’t wear it in combat due to the armour being not painted or lacquered leading to rust, the same goes with her Claymore being a replacement for her longsword which she broke in an incident a few weeks after summoning. But the Claymore is a very important part of her identity so that’s staying. (Yes, I pay attention to such details and growth in my stories. Jutland’s series just happens something like a year after Laura’s fear coming to light, hence why she is described without armour in the latter because how can Vanguard think to hit her in the torso with a sabre if she’s wearing plate?)
She tends to come across as a bit intimidating and imposing at first, but once you spend a little time talking to or spending a bit of time around her you start to notice that her almost authoritative and serious nature is a facade. She is secretly a relatively shy, naive and caring girl, even if Montrose doesn’t see it that often and it tends to come across to him as her giving him a bit of a cold shoulder. She has a fairly deep voice, best described as velvety and often insecure in tone.
She is known to get quite easily flustered. Also she is rather ticklish, Vanguard started tickling her to get submission holds on her during spars. She hates it. She finds it rather cold in Scapa flow, unlike the abominable snow woman Laura. It’s said a bit but she does have a bit of a way with the younger girls, they just seem to listen to her. I guess you could compare her to Yamato but instead she’s kept away from the fighting because she lacks the ability rather than being too valuable to lose, not that she isn’t valuable.
There would be a significant change in character should she be in game since in story she finds her calling, while in game she would act as she did between her summoning and becoming a guard. I haven’t covered this yet as this would take place before Saint Lawrence’s fear coming to light. To put what happens during this period quickly. Once she starts getting into the swing of things and going through the training program, she starts to realise just how behind her capabilities are compared to the rest of the ships alongside her. Then she starts questioning her existence and it obviously starts to go downhill, after some rather sombre talks with Montrose it was decided to make her one of his guards. Yes, I do realise she’s quite similar to Monarch issue wise although it is for different reasons(Monarch is not only older name wise she has also had more hulls, Devastation is very young and inexperienced for a Royal navy Capital ship which is where her ‘being forgotten’ issues stir from when you consider her history. The only capital ship that I can think of that is younger than her name wise is Saint Lawrence).
Now about her being forgotten issue. So when she first arrived there was one face she immediately recognised(She doesn’t know many capital ships due to what I said in the above paragraph) her now ex-sister Thunderer. They weren’t all that close but upon questioning her she didn’t remember her at all. I will write about this in full one day as it is very interesting. It was eventually resolved with her rejection from frontline service, well her hull was rejected not from any fault of her own. This all really started with an overheard conversation of what makes Royal Navy ships strong, one of the obvious answers was that their strength comes with age(Some ships are 400 years old like Vanguard and Dreadnought and have had more than 10 hulls to their name. They were referring to the fact that such ships had an inherent grit and hardiness to them as well as mastering their Crests (Crests while part of Royal Navy heraldry tradition can also grant special powers like Warspite’s marksmanship or Vanguard’s light spears)).
“They’re not running away? Those poor brave fools” Battle start line. (Really just a small joke about her speed because literally everything other than the Nelsons, Monitors and the Colorados could outrun her)
“Target range found, calculations complete. I guess this angel must smite thee down. May God have mercy on your souls as my second Trumpets roar” Her salvo firing line. (Reference to her crest which is an angel descending blowing a horn with a flaming sword in the other hand. Also the second trumpet refers to the ‘seven trumpets’(Google it, sounds metal as fuck) ‘With the sounding of the second trumpet, something described as "a great mountain burning with fire" plunges into the sea and turns a third of the oceans to blood. Soon after, a third of all sea life and a third of all ships will be destroyed.’)
These are just examples of what they could be, not completely hard set on them so they can be changed.
-England’s glory-
When firing a salvo unleashes a powerful barrage. Opponents hit by the barrage will have a 80% chance to be set alight for 30 seconds. (Reference to the old Devastation appearing on England’s glory matchboxes, also the flaming sword and the trumpet on her crest)
-Long range engagement-
Enemy battleships, battlecruisers and monitors do 60% less damage to the backline but with a decrease of accuracy for both sides battleships, battlecruisers and monitors. This effect decreases over the course of the battle being cancelled out after a minute. (This is to simulate rangefinding that would happen at the start of the battle realistically also possibly making her a counter to battleship and battlecruiser backlines in pvp)
-Raphael’s blessing-
When health falls below 10% heals 30% of max hp (This can only happen once per mission not per battle). When a teammate does not take damage for 15 seconds heals them for 1% of max hp.(This is a reference to her crest and the fact that she looks shockingly close to a depiction of Raphael)
Creators note.
She out of all my creations so far has had the longest development cycle and growth, I continue to impress myself with the amount of lucky bullshit I put in that actually worked in the end. So her story begins under a different name after deciding that the four patron saints of the UK would be hard and kind of boring. Northumbria. This was the name I initially gave Saint Lawrence’s N3 class sister while she was developing in my mind and mainly because of a song I found, but I soon found the name to be rather lacking. Wanting to continue with the theme of ships names that were discontinued and participated in the war of 1812 I searched far and wide. Then I found her. The Battle of Baltimore. The battle that gave the United States it’s anthem. Fighting alongside Erebus and Terror in the same role. HMS Devastation.
Her name at first sounded a bit edgy and cringy, sounded like a 14 year old creating the best class of overpowered design ships ever or an OC ship or something(Probably what you are thinking of me and her reading this right now). But once I started going through her service record, she started to mellow and form in my mind like a fine wine. That’s when my empathy started kicking in. I truly started feeling bad for her. She had served admirably then became the arguably first step towards the battleships in the world, although her career as a mastless oceangoing ironclad was rather boring and tame. At least compared to her unlucky sister Thunderer who had multiple accidents killing dozens and even had the future king George the fifth serve aboard her for a year. Dev was almost forgotten, kind of abandoned by the navy she served. Never seeing another hull with her name up to today. Why on earth does Thunderer get carried on but not her?
I could not let such an injustice stand. There’s probably no way I could convince the royal navy to build her, so I shall do this my way.
So my initial mental picture of her was a smol redcoat with an arty gun(When she was in her first hull) and she obviously grew up to look similar to the other battleships in this N3 hull. With her inability to fight in the post war naval climate, she began to get more closely associated with being some sort of secretary to Montrose. Then the guards were formed. Devastation and Vanguard, a rather poetic combination. A ship who cannot fight effectively due to her design and a ship who believed herself to be cursed with bad luck, to be undeserving of such a hull. Perfect opposites. Dev started to become sort of a knight in shining armour sort of character. Then she started mixing into a bit of a guardian angel character. I don’t know where this train of thought initially came from, but I would soon find it eerily perfect.
I realised that due to being a commissioned warship she had a crest. An angel descending with a flaming sword and trumpet(This is from her real previous hull not something I made up). The trumpet or as I found out to be a Woe Trumpet, is a symbol of destruction and would call forth the rapture. I found the description of the second trumpet oddly naval based. She suddenly had a lot of mystery to her, due to being so young she hasn’t unlocked the potential of her crest. What is the power that her crest would give her? Things that I had just added to her without references suddenly linked up with references that I had never seen before. Things were getting out of hand. Then the final reference happened. The Archangel Raphael, the healer.
Raphael is also known as Israfil in islam as the blower of the trumpet. Things were adding up way too fast. Then I found this picture. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archangel#/media/File:Four_Archangels,_St_John's_Church,_Warminster,_Wiltshire.jpg
I got a chill up my spine. There’s no way I could have seen this before I’m not religious, never been to a church and I don’t live in England. I took a couple days break. It felt like I had become the reader and not the writer as this had all unfolded. My innate curiosity wanted to know. Then I realised nothing was going to happen without me doing anything so I should probably get back to work. I’m not going crazy am I? I formalised everything so far into this. She’s pretty much finished, although her story continues to evolve and play in my serieses. A bit of a teaser for what is to come, not like the songs that I use for writing her below are a dead give away. But she starts to have strange feelings that she’s never felt before, alas it goes against everything she’s had ingrained into her for the past two years. Conflicted and forbidden, she doesn’t really know what to do.
These are the songs I typically use for writing her.
This is where her first name came from, Northumbria. I also generally use it for any large ships, especially British ones now.
P kv ovwl aoha lcluabhssf zol dpss buklyzahuk doha oly uhtlzhrl tlhuz, doha aovbnoaz oly zvbs dhz mvytlk myvt. Uva aol aovbnoaz zol ohz vm ilpun zvtl johpulk ilhza av bzoly pu aol klzaybjapvu vm lpaoly aol dhy vy obthupaf. Dlss zol’z uva jvtwslalsf dyvun. Klchzahapvu ohz hsdhfz illu aol hmalythao vm ayhnlkf huk klzaybjapvu, iba aolyl’z tvyl av pa.
Pa’z zhpk aoha pu ayhnlkf huk ohykzopw obthupaf zovdz pa’z aybl jvsvbyz ivao nvvk huk ihk, aol zhtl pz aybl vm aol hmalythao pu buklyzahukpun aol klchzahapvu dyvbnoa hz wlvwsl jvtl av aolpy zluzlz. Iba aolyl pz aolu h jvssljapcl yhssfpun jhss. Aoha zbjo aopunz zovbsku’a ohwwlu hnhpu, aoha aol mbabyl zovbsk il wlhjlmbs huk ilaaly mvy mbabyl nlulyhapvuz.
Av ylibpsk h iyvrlu dvysk.
Vr, luvbno vm aoha tf iyhpu’z zahyapun av obya. Dlss tf jvylz hyl zayhpulk huk olhapun bw, P zovbsk zhf. P kvu’a ohcl h iyhpu wly zhf. Ho zjyld aopz wvlayf ibsszopa P ullk h iylhr. Aopz pz tf adv obukylkao haaltwa! Dof pz aopz zv lhzf mvy aovzl tlyl tvyahsz!
P’t qbza nvpun av nv ahrl h iylhr vu aoha ilhjo P mvbuk.
Dovvwz P’cl slma tf aovbnoa av alea vu. P’ss lkpa pa vba shaly.

Feel free to ask any questions about Dev or any of the other ships I have mentioned, I’ll answer within reason. The next one of these will be the first of four G3s Saint Lawrence. If there’s enough interest I could do Dev’s full lines.
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2020.09.09 23:24 Mr_Gibbys THE YAKATRASH 141 WAS NOT THE PRECURSOR TO THE F-35 PLEASE STOP (effortpostish)

Here is a thread of retards, here is a second one.
Here are some notable dumb dumbs that must be bullied for their sins:

Copy pasta i made a YEAR ago:

A lot of people out there like to say that the F-35Bs STOVL system (lift fan and swivel nozzle) is based on the YAK-141s STOVL system. Many also say that the partnership with LM and Yakovlev supports this claim. This claim is incorrect and everyone who claims this is bad and should feel bad. Here is why.
To start, the swivel nozzle originates from the Convair model 200 in the 1950s up the the early 60s.1 The 3 bearing swivel design was simply not created by Yakovlev, and thus not original. None of the dates match up either. The JSF program originates from the ASTOVL program that started around 1980, and:
"Between 1980 and 1987, NASA funded studies at all of the major aircraft companies to devise innovative concepts for a supersonic successor to the AV-8B Harrier, and the British Ministry of Defence conducted similar studies in the United Kingdom. Lockheed’s ASTOVL concept was based on the tandem fan engine advocated by Rolls-Royce [2,3]."
Keep in mind, the Yak-141 flew in 1987
The tandem fan engine is an early predecessor to the F-35Bs STOVL system. The concept dates back to 1984,4 and the filing date for the patent was very soon after the Yak-141 first flew.5,6 There are also all the patents filed for the swivel nozzle design which dont line up with the first flight of the Yak-141. Source 7 has a very, very early on design of the swivel nozzle, dated to 1956. Boeing made a design in 1963.8 In 1979 Boeing filed a patent for a type of swivel nozzle design, although with only one bearing. One of the most important examples was in 1970, where general electric filed a patent for a 3 bearing swivel nozzle with a gear system to change it between modes.10 In 1980 Rolls Royce filed a patent for some sort of turning nozzle.11 Lastly, in 1984 Rolls Royce filed a patent vectorable nozzle, very similar to the F-35s.12
Source 15 may also be related, dating back to 1986.
All this being said, the lift fan and swivel nozzle design was already almost completed by the time the Yak-141 flew. By the summer of 1987 Paul Bevilaqua was almost finished with the design, and finally completed it by connecting the engine to the lift fan. 2,3
So what about the lift fan being right behind the pilot? This was also apart of the design since the convair model 200, and were also present in the EWR VJ 101. It was also thought two main lift posts would be more stable than the harrier or boeing designs.
So what about that thing with Lockheed Martin and Yakovlev? As it turns out, in the summer of 1995, after all these designs existed, Yakovlev assisted Lockheed by giving design data. Source 13:
Lockheed Martin also turned to Russia for technical expertise, purchasing design data from Yakovlev; and used an 86 per cent subscale model (originally developed for the CALF project and fitted with a Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-220 engine plus an Allison shaft-driven lift fan) for testing.
While this was happening Rolls Royce bought the Allison Engine company, which had of course been testing the lift fan. All of this was happening at the same time.
Pictures dating back to 1983
Note how Mcdonnel douglas had a similar design, but not a lift fan.
Here is this image translated:
https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/1/16/Scheme_of_Yak-141_powerplant.png/2560px-Scheme_of_Yak-141_powerplant.png передний струйный руль is "front jet rudder"
подъёмные двигатели are "lifting engines"
then the "air transfer canal from the PMD to the PD (the lifting engines) and the front jet rudder"
pod'ëmno-marševyj dvigatel' appears to be a "lifting-sustaining engine"; that's the PMD
then on top you have the air transfer canal between the PMD and the jet rudders at the end of the wings
please note that the sources might be a bit fucked up.
  1. http://www.codeonemagazine.com/article.html?item_id=137
  2. https://www.scribd.com/document/284662003/PaulB-F35
  3. http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=
  4. https://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/19840016511.pdf
  5. http://www.freepatentsonline.com/EP0426500.html
  6. https://patents.google.com/patent/EP0426500A1/en
  7. https://patents.google.com/patent/US2951660A/en?q=Swivel+nozzle&assignee=Rolls+Royce&before=filing:19880101&after=filing:19500101
  8. https://patents.google.com/patent/US3260049
  9. https://patents.google.com/patent/US4343446A/en?q=Swivel+nozzle&assignee=Rolls+Royce&before=filing:19880101&after=filing:19500101
  10. https://patents.google.com/patent/US3687374A/en
  11. https://patents.google.com/patent/US4913354A/en
  12. ttps://patents.google.com/patent/US4679732A/en
  13. https://web.archive.org/web/20090226130458/http://www.janes.com/defence/air_forces/news/jawa/jawa010103_1_n.shtml
  14. http://www.aeroflight.co.uk/aircraft/types/type-details/yakovlev-yak-41-freestyle.htm (not used)
  15. https://patents.google.com/patent/DE3711197C2/en?q=Swivel+nozzle&assignee=Rolls+Royce&before=filing:19880101&after=filing:19500101
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2020.09.06 22:34 marinesciencedude Next round of weapon rebalancing

I will be updating this if there are any further replies from Reto.Hades
I'd personally recommend going to https://reddit-stream.com/comments/intf9g/ so you can figure out when I've updated the post (I'll make a comment each time).
From Reto.Hades:
So a few comments beforehand:
  • This is a list in progress and is constantly being changed
  • This list is yet to be discussed internally, we may eventually decide not to change certain things, or change them in a different way
  • Suggestions for players are not binding, but may help us balance the game better
  • The list I am presenting below may contain too many changes for us to be able to fit it into the build, if that is the case we may move some changes into the future
  • The list is grouped into categories so that at least all changes for a specific category can be done together
  • The list remains completely focussed on infantry vs infantry weapons, in the future I do also wish to spend time on tanks/planes as well as anti-tank weapons
  • Anti-tank changes regarding on which ribbon they unlock is a different discussion and not part of this topic
  • Badge changes are not part of this discussion either
  • Some things I need to look into more thorough, mostly on the question if we should change sway or recoil which both have slightly different effects
  • More changes may still be added to the list
So quite recently I have received the statistics I was waiting for and while there were some small surprises, most of it was as I had expected.
Below I will list the changes that I currently have on the board, but I am open to suggestions for betteother changes. Note that the chance is most likely I may adjust certain things, I won't simply take over any suggestion given here.
While I certainly want to dig deeper into the statistics the coming 1 or 2 weeks, all these changes are designed with the statistics in mind. We will never reach a point where all weapons get the exact same scores and we have no desire to actually reach that point. But we can see that certain weapons are more obviously performing better or worse than others.
category 1: Modifications
I can't show them all, but I have made a lot of changes here, and I think this will also be the most controversial topic.
I can't put the whole document here, as that is a bit too much internal information, but if you have specific modifications you would like more information about, just put it down here and I will try to provide them.
Interesting note, the AVS unmodded is about 30% better than the unmodded M2 carbine, when both are modded, the difference is only 10%. These changes will most likely impact the M2 carbine more than the AVS.
Field adjusted sights have been unchanged on all weapons, bolt action rifle damage has also not been changed, to make sure they stay 1 hit kill.
*Note: ammo has not (yet) been changed
  • Category 2: Range changes
SMG ranges long decreased by about 20%
SMG ranges near decreased by about 50%
SMG damage near increased by about 10% (doubting if this should be 20%
STG range near INcreased by 15-20%
STG range far decreased by about 20%
AVS range near decreased by about 10%
M2 carbine damage far increased by 15%
Category 3: Assault rifles
STG ROF increased to 500 (old number)
AVS reload time decrease (also in light of the plans to reduce fast reload badge)
AVS sway OR recoil increase (TBD which one it will be)
M2 carbine visual recoil decrease
M2 carbine something something sway/recoil (goal to increase effectiveness on range, decrease in cqc. Best course of action is difficult, due to modification changes)
Category 4: Machineguns
  • MG42 increase ROF to 900
  • MG42 increase swayperbullet OR increase recoil
  • MG34 decrease recoil/swayperbullet
  • Reduce browning 1919 ROF to 550 OR reduce damage to 39
Unknown: BAR, DP29, DT-28 (all three need a bit of a buff)
Category 5: Explosives:
  • Reduce damage PMK to <100, but also reduce price
  • Reduce amount of grenades to 3 from 4
  • Add 'reload' timer between throwing grenades
Category 6: Misc
Reduce ammo on m1 and M1A1 carbine
A reply from Reto.Hades:
The AVS and STG will not see any changes to the lightened spring.
For the submachineguns it';s about a 33% decrease
Machineguns it's a 20% decrease
Bolt action rifles 50% decrease
Semi-auto rifles 50% decrease (incl. M2 carbine)
The rifles received the biggest buffs from modifications, so that is why those get nerfed the most.
One thing to note is that both sides have been reduced of course, both the positives and the negatives. So with this lower ROF you also have less sway and recoil.
A reply from Reto.Hades:
I will make 2 posts, first a general post behind the reasoning from some of these changes. The second one reacting to other peoples posts.
Just like the previous build, a large goal of this build is normalization, and doing that is very difficult in small steps. One of the important things to note, is that these big changes only need to be done once. I would have preferred to do them years ago, but back then it wasn't an option and now it is. I understand we force players to adjust by doing this and that isn't always fun. But the goal eventually is to make guns more predictable in what they do and what people expect from them.
The big changes last time, was to give weapons a more specific goal. The goal this time, is to decrease the difference between a weapon without modifications and with modifications.
The goal of the badges, is to decrease the advantage that a veteran has over a new player. And also to make sure certain badge set-ups aren't so powerful that we need to nerf a weapon which becomes pretty bad without that specific badge.
Those are, as far as I am concerned the 4 layers of infantry combat.
Role, modifications, badges and individual balance.
The role is now for the most part set-up, though we see that the SMG has still too much competition in cqc. Which is why I want to do another pass on ranges, as well as overal damage of the SMG's in cqc situations. M2 carbine also isn't quite there yet, as it feels more like a longer range SMG than an AR.
The badge changes we most likely only have to do once and then we don't have to touch them anymore and the same goes for the modifications.
We might need to make some more small changes, but overal once we have made these changes, we don't have to do them again.
Assuming that the changes we are making now with the SMGs, the carbine, the modifications and the badges (badges will come a bit later, they are separate from this update)
We have the first three steps done and we don't have to make any adjustments there anymore or just very small ones.
And after this build, I would be able to only focus on small individual changes as well as start working on vehicles and anti-tank weapons more.
AdrianVictus is correct, well not entirely but for the most part, these changes have not been requested. Modifications and badges have been mentioned from time to time, but not by a lot of players. Why change them anyway? While I understand it's inconvenient for players who already have all their guns and see them changed, for new players it won't be a change, it will simply be the situation for them when they start using a certain weapon. And these changes we mostly make for the players who are starting from scratch, to make their experience better. For them it won't be a comparison, but simply the way it is.
The game is pretty well balanced right now, better than I thought actually, when we look at the 5 main categories, SA, BA, SMG, MG and AR. All three factions have at least 1 category in which they score the highest. So in theory only doing small changes would be a good option. However like said, we also want to make the situation between different layers of players better.
Veterans will always have an advantage over new players and we don't want to change that. Badges and modifications will still have a very large impact on weapons. But we do want to make the difference smaller.
A reply from Reto.Hades (the 'second post'):
I'm not really supposed to go into all the stats, so I don't want to go too much into detail.
The PPSH I can mention, it's pretty close to the other top tier SMG's in terms of performance, but it is slightly below it.
It does perform a lot better than the starting SMG's.
The STG-44 is statistically performing better than the M2 carbine, though only by a small percentage. One thing that does need to be said is that the M2 carbine is probably easier to capture points with. But that it's overperforming is simply a myth. The MG42 isn't just 'the only competitive weapon'. It is the best weapon in the entire game.
One thing to note with machineguns though is that they aren't very mobile, so having a higher k/d makes sense as it gets lower kills per hour.
On 9/4/2020 at 5:52 PM, WilliesJeep said: Why nerf one of the few remaining weapons that reward skill? Are semi-autos really over performing? Why make the new player experience even worse by nerfing the starter rifles? 
Because it doesn't change the new player experience. Hardly any new players modify their weapons, by making these changes we actually make it easier for new players. One thing I am considering, is putting the semi-auto rifles a bit higher in damage, so they actually do more than 50 damage making it 2 hit. I would put it on 51-54 so that heavy can block the 2 hit (when unmodded)
So if there is any opinion on that, now would be the time to share.
On 9/4/2020 at 6:49 PM, Iron_1 said: Considering the 50% nerf of SA rifles, this will cause another issue: G43 has stock 220 rpm and can get to 331 with max rpm mods right now. With the change, the maximum possible rpm would become 275. One of the 2 mods would result on 250rpm. Making German SA users forced to pay for a mod when the SVT has that rpm when being stock. The 220rpm is a remnant of the 4x zoom scope advantage the g43 had. But as infantrymen now only can get a 1.9x zoom scope, that advantage is no longer a thing. The mod change will make them a bit less OP, but it can only go through when the g43 gets more base rpm. Ideally it would be the same as the garand (which has damage advantage). Then the g43 would have range advantage, and the SVT would have rpm advantage. I fear that without an rpm buff, the G42 will underperform compared to SVT and M1. 
I can see that the SVT is performing a bit better unmodded than the other two weapons, while when the mods come in it becomes pretty much equal.
The difference is still very low though and depending on the week sometimes the Garand or the G43 are at the top as well.
On 9/4/2020 at 7:22 PM, Krzysiek5657 said: yep, really small tweaks may be good, that's why i agree with this part: but personally i prefer lower ROF for STG AND higher range than proposed: because it is basically trading 10m more of close range (to approx 50- 60m?) , by the time proposed long range is decreased by from 130 to 105 It's mean full damage drop is in 40m, while i think all weapons shall have damage drop off closer to MG42 (nearly flat) Initially RETO wanted to create own shining spot for SMG's, and after few months they are proposing changes which will make STG closer to SMG. 
The SMG range with these changes will be between about 5 meters and 45 meters, from the current 15 to 65 meters.
The STG-44 range will be from about 40 to 100 meters. This brings it closer to the AVS and not really to SMG's
On 9/5/2020 at 6:14 AM, dng said: M2 needs accuracy to skill headshot targets after you reduce its rate of fire. It's conefire is large and is only overcome currently by putting many bullets down on target increasing the chance of headshot. With less rate of fire it will suck for people who can actually aim. Recoil wasn't really an issue with the M2... 
M2 carbine I want to look into more, I will take a look at the conefire today or tomorrow.
15 hours ago, -Ger-Schilli said: Hmm I think the ROF decrease should be less on SMGs, because I fear that MGs will outperform once again in close quarters, because of higher damage and rof. I personally think that BA Rifle could use a small ROF buffs (45 f.ex.) instead of nerf, they're rarely used already ( at least from my experience). I am divided on the SA rifles nerf. I get it that they did a bit too good in close quarters, however as long as we have these headshot problems I don't see any reason for people to use them at all. Because range does not matter, automatics just need to spray to score easy luck kills, while rifles need to be aimbed properly shot. G43 certainly needs a base ROF increase if you're really going to nerf the the rate of fire mods. Perhaps reduce reoil on one of the damage as well (scout two or one of the ammo mods) 
Keep in mind that the ROF decrease on SMG's is of course only for the added bonus from the modifications.
So the Machineguns get a bigger nerf than the SMG's.
Regarding the rifles, as they get named the most.
I will add the following 3 points:
  • Increase ROF for bolt-action rifles with 20%
  • Increase ROF for semi-automatic rifles with 10%
  • Increase the damage for semi-automatic rifles with 10%
I will also slightly adjust the points for the MG42:
  • Decrease standard sway
  • Increase sway per bullet
  • Increase recoil
That way it's better to use on your first bullet, but worse after that.
A reply from Reto.Hades:
Field trigger job:
  • AVS/STG = no change ROF
  • SMG = 20% 
  • SA = 50%
  • BA = 50% 
  • MG = 30% 
So about the same as the lightened spring
A reply from Reto.Hades:
1 addition to the SMG's:
  • Reduce PPSh-41 cone fire
I have added this regarding the M2 carbine:
M2 carbine increase base sway
M2 carbine decrease cone fire
M2 carbine increase aim down sights accuracy
And I changed most of the machinegun category:
Category 4: Machineguns
  • MG42 increase ROF to 900
  • MG42 increase recoil
  • MG34 decrease recoil
  • Reduce browning 1919 ROF to 550
  • Reduce Johnson visual recoil
  • Reduce DT-29 cone fire
  • Reduce DP-28 recoil
  • Reduce DP-28 cone fire
  • Reduce BAR sway per bullet
  • Reduce Mg-13 to 6 equipment points
  • Reduce BAR to 6 equipment points
  • Reduce DP-28 to 6 equipment points
Regarding smg's, don't forget they will do 20% extra damage. So that means that under about 15 meters, the guns will require 1 less bullet to kill the enemy.
Between 15-25 meters the damage is about the same between current and new situation.
Only after 25 meters, you will notice it does less damage in the new situation.
So stronger cqc, weaker medium range.
I'm a little bit in doubt if I should give it a 30% damage buff even in range near. But I do notice that the mp40 with bullet mod will then do 48 damage, which may be a bit too much.
A reply from Reto.Hades:
Changing bolt-action rifle damage is an option, however that also means we need to change all the damage modifications for the bolt-action rifle. Otherwise the 1 HK BA would also be able to kill gold heavy set users with 1 bullet. So that requires quite a bit of work to make sure the damage is the exact same when fully modded.
We could probably do so by only changing the damage of the bullets, but I don't want to start changing bullet values as well for this round. So as of right now I'm not planning on making further adjustments to the bolt-action rifles.
The damage buff for SMG's will be for all 7 smg's, so I don't want to make further changes to the PPD right now.
Looking at the stats, the PPD stats are below the grease gun and mp34, but only by a very small margin.
I will put the semi-auto rifles on 15% ROF buff rather than 10%. I don't actually know if that extra 5% is needed, but it won't suddenly make it OP so we can do that.
Another reply from Reto.Hades
I have taken another look at the ppd-41 and am actually going to change 1 more statistic. Which is the 'damage far'.
For both the ppd and the ppsh, I will boost the range far by 30%. Putting them on at least 10 damage range far.
They are both far below their counterparts, so I think that is a fair change to make at least. Especially now that the range far will be reached sooner.
More importantly, this will make sure the damage drop off also goes a bit slower.
A reply from Reto.Hades
And so does the browning, except it will take 10 seconds.
Christiano is taking the MT as standard, and will balance the other two based on that gun for the rest. What that will look like exactly I don't know yet. I have mentioned that we shouldn't put too much sway on it for the rest, as this is too unpredictable unlike recoil.
We are also considering to scrap the damage far changes for the ppd-40 and the ppsh-41, but give them more ROF instead.
We can't suddenly give them ppd 1000 RPM of course, but we might be able to give it a 100 extra. We might also decide to do both, up RPM and damage far, but that I don't know yet.
For now, we're not planning to buff the tier 1 smg's further. But if we notice the changes buff tier 2/3 smg's and nerf tier 1 smgs or something in that direction, we will probably do so in the further future.
A reply from Reto.Hades
Was expecting a bit more reactions to the MG42, but ah well :(.
FYI: That's 98 'R's in there.
I won't be updating the first page anymore, as it's getting a bit too much work to keep that up to date ;). So sorry if you have to dig around yourself a bit.
Most modifications have been changed now, Christiano noticed that a couple of changes mostly related to range, so for for example the chrome barrel for pistols, we kept the range the same, but we reduced the precision penalty. I think that those mods still won't be the most interesting ones for a lot of players,
MG42 will go to 100 bullets
MG42 will go to 1000 unmodded RPM (about 1150 modded)
Browning 1919 will also go to 100 bullets
There will be some more tweaks to both of them to make sure they don't become (stay) OP.
But I don't have more info on that yet.
PPD-40 will not get a damage boost
PPD-40 will get around 600-700 RPM (double)
PPSh will not get a damage boost
PPSH will get 750-850 RPM (30% increase)
Other SMG's will get a damage buff
that would mean: other smg's 3HK no heavy set, 4 HK heavy set ppd/ppsh 4HK no heavy set, 5HK heavy set.
We might need to tweak it more in future builds, mostly because the drop-off for PPD and PPSH is also bigger.
We are also looking at the drop-off for the AVS and Tokarev a bit more. the damage drop off starts much later, but ends much easier than other guns.
So we're taking a look at changing that a little so they are closer to their counter parts. In what way that will be exactly I don't know yet. Reto.Christiano is looking into that.
A reply from Reto.Hades:
7 hours ago, AdrianVictus said: I have a question by the way @Reto.Hades . If after this update, no one play MG-42 anymore because its unplayable. The stats will go down right? So what will you do? Buff it again or let it like this? I noticed that Reto does yo-yo with gun cuz of stats so... just asking. 
I don't expect it will, but if it does indeed underperform we will push it up again. I tried it out this morning and it felt good, but that is against bots in staged matches, so not really a good testing enviroment.
The current plans are to have balancing rounds every 3-4 months. Right now the changes are still pretty massive. But as I've explained before somewhere as well, I basically see 4 things that influence infantry combat:
  1. Class
  2. Modifications
  3. Badges
  4. Individual weapons
I expect that with these changes class should be done. Modifications should be mostly done, maybe some small tweaks, but certainly not another completely overhaul
Badges I expect will also be done.
So except maybe some minor changes, 1-3 should now be finished.
So from here on out, it should only be much smaller changes.
Of course, if something doesn't work out the way we hope, then we may need to make some more adjustments, but I don't expect any other overhauls for infantry vs infantry weapons.
Tanks and planes will be next on the agenda though, but they don't have mods and the badges will already be changes, so those changes will also just be on an individual level.
A reply from Reto.Hades:
  • M2 carbine kicks to much upwards
  • M2 carbine increase ROF to 600
  • M1 and M1/A1 carbine increase ROF to 450
  • DP-28 reload should be reduced to about 5,1
  • MG-34 reload should be reduced to about 5,5 (currently longer than DT-28, while less bullets)
  • MG-13 reload time should be reduced to 3,6
  • BAR reload time should be reduced to 3,2
  • Johnson reload time should be reduced to 3,6
  • MG42, small reduction swayperbullet, pretty big increase recoil > (sway nullified too much by tight grip, will stay problem even with badge reduction, also simply considered overpowered)
  • 1919, small reduction swayperbullet, small increase recoil
  • Maxim-Tokarev, small reduction swayperbullet, small increase recoil
I have forwarded these changes, I expect this will be the last batch. Not completely sure if they will still be able to be on proto before release. As we are getting closer to release and really need to work on the last bugfixes.
submitted by marinesciencedude to HeroesandGenerals [link] [comments]

2020.09.01 04:07 Deoxyribau5 Dr. Pasindu Suriapperuma's Journey to ERPM

As seen on: https://www.pasindusarchives.com/2020/02/erpmm1.html

The Examination for Registration to Practise Medicine (ERPM) in Sri Lanka is conducted by the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) for citizens of Sri Lanka who obtained their medical qualification from medical schools overseas
ERPM exam consist of two components

For more details, click here
I was able to pass ERPM in my first attempt (ERPM Part A, D in July 2019 and ERPM Part B, C in December 2019) as I managed to find the proper guidance, motivation and support from the people around me. That is why I decided to write this article, to direct you on a brighter path which I believe is right. Everything I have mentioned here, is my personal opinion based on my personal experience.
Get Degree Approval Letter This is the first thing you need to do, to get the eligibility to sit for ERPM. Visit SLMC and follow the procedure that they advice you to do. (This procedure changes frequently) After submitting all documents, they will provide you the degree approval letter in about 1 month.
Do The Research Find out the ERPM classes that you want to attend. Classes are held at….

Allocate hospitals for clinical practices You should do this soon after the exam, as everyone is in a rush to do this. So if you don’t do this early, you want be able to get the desired hospital. For this you have to go to Office of Provincial Director of Health Services at Maligawatta and follow the instructions provided from the office.
Attend classes – ERPM Part B and C Classes will start soon after finishing the written exam before the results are published. I attended the same set of classes. You will feel like you have studied less than ERPM part A, that’s because they assess your clinical skills. communications and cooping with emergencies in this chapter of the exam. Do not study a lot of theory parts as they would not question about it. All classes that I attended, covered all histories with related questions, the art of questioning patients, examination technique, case presentation For emergency viva – Be more practical and always try to imagine yourself working as a HO and then you will be able to answer questions more easily

After you get the letter from the Ministry, go to hospital visits This is the most crucial element in passing the exam After you practice examination techniques at home, perform on patients to achieve perfection. Always concentrate on time (6 mins) when performing examinations Take histories from patients Try to present both long and short cases (Equally important as problem identification, as you can strike the examiner with a good impression just by talking)More effective when going along with a small gang (2 – 4 friends) and them to assess your performance and criticize on the mistakes
Waiting for the letter from SLMC Till you receive this letter, you will have no idea on the exam date Mostly you will receive the letter mentioning your exam station two weeks prior to the exam Therefore you have to be prepared by then, as you will not have time to cover everything, if you are doing all four subjects If the station that you got is far away from where you live, you’ll have to reserve a hotel as well
ERPM Part B and C – Exam Day

My ERPM Journey
This journey began the day I left Bangladesh completing the one year internship on 21st February, leaving my ever loving fiancée (Dr. Janani Rajamanthri) in Bangladesh all alone. She asked me only one thing the day I was going back to my hometown, that was to pass ERPM at one go, to compensate the loneliness that she will endure from our temporary parting. This is the main reason that kept me motivated throughout the exam.
After submitting all documents to SLMC to get the degree approval, the first and most important thing was to decide on what classes I was planning to attend. For this I contacted some of my friends who passed the exam in their first attempt and the ones who failed the exam in their first attempt. I specially asked about the amount of classes and the study time that we have for ourselves.
Final verdict on the classes was most of the students were attending the Sigma institute at Kipulapana which will hold classes the whole week and on most days there will be classes the whole day leaving us neither time to review our notes nor to attend in self study. Most of the guys from my batch was attending those classes, whom I did not wish to see again. There were another set of classes held at Sipna Institute at Milagiriya which will have less amount of classes (Paediatrics, Gyn and Obs, Surgery – 1 class per week, medicine 2 – 3 classes per week). I was really impressed with that schedule and further reassured by my friends Dr. Sanjeewa Weerasinghe and Dr. Shanuka Dilshan, therefore I decided on perceiving these classes.
Then I inquired about Community medicine and Forensic medicine and left me with doubtful thoughts. I myself decided to attend community medicine classes held at Ideal academy at Wallawatta which will have only one class per week and for Forensic medicine Dr. Sanjeewa Weerasinghe convinced me to go through the past papers and prepare by myself without attending for any classes.
I will consider this as the second most important decision that I made for my success in the exam, that was to rent an apartment at Colombo 4, close to the academic institution. I would recommend this to anyone who is residing far away, to rent out an apartment close to the institute, so that you can avoid unnecessary travel time as this is one of the crucial elements of passing the exam even though it doesn’t sound like much of a big deal.
When I started attending classes, I was already too late.
ERPM – Part A and D
Medicine classes were conducted by Dr. Lalindra Dias who is almost always late. He had completed up to Endocrinology when I joined the class. I took the previous notes from my friend Dr. Sanjeewa Weerasinghe who attended all the classes since day 1. He will conduct past paper revision classes covering all the exam questions and this will prepare you to handle any medicine question that would be given to you at the exam. He will also give an answer script which will provide additional information. He took me to a level where I would believe that I would pass Medicine even before appearing the exam.
Paediatric classes was conducted by Dr. Ruwanka de Livera, the youngest of all teachers who will teach you from the scrap covering all the basic to the much more advance stuff, with the intention of teaching all students at all levels of education. His teaching was quite slow paced, but helped me to catch up as I began late. He had finished two systems when I started attending classes. His notes are precise, straight to the point without unnecessary stuff. This saved me a lot of time, because I wasn’t trying to remember unwanted stuff. He did not pay much attention in doing past papers. The only thing he kept on telling was to keep the basics solid and then you can handle any question that they throw at you. He will also asked questions from previous lessons, which will help you to keep in touch with the past topics. We did only 5 past papers before the exam and this kept me a bit worried. But ultimately it turned out what he said was true all along even though I didn’t realize it at that moment.
Surgery classes were conducted by Dr. Rohana Gamage. When I was going to attend his lectures all of the theory classes have been finished and I was going to attend for his revision classes. My friends told me to follow his revision, even that is enough to pass the exam and he had only passed surgery on his first attempt which provided me enough evidence to trust his statement. So I did not try to find the older theory notes, instead I followed only the revision classes. He taught us a concise edition of Surgery, directly exam based covering almost all questions that would appear in the exam. He will straightaway tell what to study and what not to study. 18 questions (Same model) that were discussed in the class were there in the ERPM surgery SBA paper.
Gyn and Obs classes were conducted by Dr. Wasantha Kumara who is always late to finish the class. Sometimes I left the class early because I wanted to have a rest before attending Community medicine classes. He had also completed a lot of topics when I started to attend for his classes. Got the notes from the same person and started studying them. I was really scared of Gyn and Obs because most of my friends had failed in this subject. I studied the notes and attended the revision classes, but a totally different paper was there in the exam. ERPM SBA questions were mostly practical questions which you would learn by working in a ward. He is jovial person, I can still remember the jokes that he makes during his class
Community Medicine were conducted by a group of teachers (Dr. Mahesh Kambukage, Dr. Ashan pathirana, Dr. Chathura Wijesundara, Dr. Himan Galappaththi, Dr. Kumudu Nanayakkara) who will deliver lectures on their specialties. These teachers will try to do the best for the student. The only aim of them is to try and get us passed by at least getting 45 marks. I was terrified the first the I attended to that class. I did not understand a single word they said. Most of the terms they used were abbreviation which I did not understand. There were no one in the class that I knew, all were strangers to me. Immediately when I came to my apartment, I called my friends and asked who had attended that class previously. Luckily there was some people that I knew attended that class, even though they were absent on the day that I went. Then I called Dr. Himesh Kasthuriaarachchi and got all the note. This was the other subject I was scared about. But these teachers made that fear go away. They will arrange revision classes close to the exam. I strongly recommend you to attend for those classes, where they will discuss all the relevant questions from past papers.
Forensic medicine, I just heeded my friends advice and I also followed a book called “Forensic Medicine And Medical Law” written by Dr. Hemamal Jayawardena who happened to be my apartment owner and he provided me with a free copy of his book. His book helped me clarify all the doubts that I came across while going through the papers of Dr. Christy Rajeev‘s. I would like to thank Dr. Dulaj Weerasekara for providing me with the latest papers which were done in his class.
I always remembered to complete the latest note and one previous note to eventually get me back on the right track. It did not take me much time to caught all up, because I wasn’t disturbed by a lot of classes.
I’m not a study freak who studies all day. I played PUBG mobile till the last moment, so if I can do it anyone can. Always remember that you can pass this and hold on to something to keep you motivated.
Our exam was held without any gaps in the middle. Keep the required documents prepared without waiting till the last moment. It is crucial to have adequate amount of sleep, so that you can have a clear judgement when answering questions. This duration may differ from individual to individual, so do what suits you the best.
Take two pencils along with a sharpener, two pens and an eraser. I initially marked all answers using a pencil, so that you don’t have to suffer for your mistakes. Then I went through the paper again marking all with a pen, this will reduce the room for error. You will have enough time to do this except for Community medicine and Forensic medicine. Therefore remember to be swift during those two exams.
The most important thing is to only mark the MCQs stems that you know. If there is any doubt, mark it on the paper (not the answer sheet) and count the ones that you are certain, and see if it’s enough to get you through the exam. It’s better to leave that stem rather than risking for a negative marking. I marked only 64 stems in Gyn and Obs MCQs.
In the evening paper, I always left 30 mins before the exam ends, to get a time advantage for the next days paper.
After completing the exam, I was anxious about Gyn and Obs because I only marked 64 MCQs and I did not know whether the SBAs was correct or not. Out of ERPM Part A and D, I think Gyn and Obs was the most difficult paper in July 2019 followed by Forensic Medicine, may be it’s because I did not attend any classes for it.
ERPM – Part B and C
After ERPM part A and D exam was finished, classes were started for part B and C. I attended the same classes. Classes were held at the same schedule, so I had enough time to attend the wards.
Medicine – He taught us the art of taking histories and sample presentations of short cases. Sometimes I had my doubts whether his teachings were enough or not. After appearing at the exam I realized that I was total fool of doubting myself. He took us for clinic visits at District General Hospital Nuwara Eliya where we heard a lot of murmurs and both short cases that I got for my exam was covered during that visit to Nuwara Eliya. I will recommend you to go there and get the appropriate clinical exposure under proper guidance. Only downside was that he conducted the classes at mid night, so you would have to bear with that. But in emergency viva, I encounter a question which he didn’t teach, but I remembered what he taught for part A and I managed to survive that question. It was about Addisonian Crisis.
Paediatrics – He will provide you with everything that you need to pass the exam. He will provide you with a proper theory note, history taking pattern, all short cases with proper art of presentation. I would recommend you to attend his practical sessions, specially the cardiovascular session, which is extremely beneficial to brush up the inadequate clinical exposure. He will also give the list of all instruments that is needed for the exam and this was very beneficial for me at the last moment. I had extra help from my mom and sister who is a paediatrician and a paediatric registrar respectively. But even without the additional help anyone who follows him will pass without any doubt.
Surgery – Same as part A, a concise version of surgery was taught. All long cases were discussed along with the pattern of taking the history and the clinical questions. He taught us the pattern of examining short cases and the relevant questions which are going to be asked from them. He tried to remove the fear by asking us to take the history from him where he played the role of the patient. I also attended one practical session which was arranged by Dr. Dileepa Banagala, where one of my friends provided me with a registration number to enter the Sigma Institute, but if you have a good hospital exposure no need to attend for this. But for the short case I got a AV fistula at the elbow which was not taught before, luckily I somehow managed it. I’m also grateful for the surgeon at District General Hospital Gampaha who taught us about short cases during our hospital visits I also referred the app “Short Cases In Surgery” developed by RER MedApps which I would recommend to all.
Gyn and Obs – He taught us how to take obs histories and gynae histories and the pattern of answering questions. For some histories, I myself added few extra points to make it look complete. He requested us to come to his hospital to learn how to insert a speculum. But I did not go as it was too far. I also had help from Dr. W. H. A. Semasinghe who taught me the practical method of handling Gyn and Obs cases. In the exam, I screwed up the Gynaecology case, but I managed to pass because I aced the obstetric case.
Keep the required documents and instruments prepared without waiting till the last moment. After appearing for the exam, what I understood was that, clinic visits are truly beneficial. So it is ultra important to go to the hospitals and to see the patients. Try to practice clinical examinations initially with a pillow later perfect it by doing it on a patient. Always keep track of time when doing these examinations. It is equally important practice your presentation skills, because this is an area where you can impress the examiner by showing your confidence and to gain more marks. Take histories and see what points you miss often. Pairing up with a friend or a small gang would be more beneficial as it would help to improve the communication skills and to the find out the errors that you do. Most examiners would not ask you sophisticated post grad stuff, they will try to assess whether you have the knowledge of a house officer that would not harm / kill the patient.
Emergency viva – They will provide you with a scenario in all subjects. You can study and answer for the questions in Paediatrics and Medicine emergency vivas. But for Surgery and Gyn and Obs, they expect you to give practical answers based on the ward set up. They will not assess your theory knowledge here. So try to improve your logical thinking, by imagining that you are a house officer working in the ward. And most importantly do not forget to study about blood transfusion.
To be honest, I hated hospital visits, I just went because my friends are asking my to come there. So a special thanks to Dr. Deeptha Pathiranage, Dr. Sanjeewa Weerasinghe and Dr. Dinath Diyasena for including me in their gang and motivating me to attend those clinic visits. I would like to thank Dr. Deeptha Pathiranage and his fiancée Dr. Dulashi Uluwaduge who provided me the instruments (Stethoscope, X-Ray tube, Building blocks, Torch, Illuminating light) which I did not prepare prior to my exam. I would also like to thank Dr. Kasun De Alwis who taught me blood transfusion without even having his dinner and telling us the important Paediatric cases when we went for hospital visits. I should also mention Dr. Shanuka Dilshan who provided me guidance which lead to a success in facing ERPM exam.
My preparation for Part B and C was terrible, maybe it’s because I hate dealing with patients. You don’t have to study 24/7 to pass part B and C. Improve your communication skills and develop a clinical eye to tackle short cases. They expect you to approach cases in the practical way. I did not study a lot of theory stuff for part B and C, because I was disturbed by COD mobile which I recommend you all to try out.
I’m truly grateful for all the teachers that I have mentioned above, all my friends who was with me during this journey, my fiancée (Dr. Janani Rajamanthri) who kept me motivated and my family (Mom, Dad and Sister) who provided me with knowledge and support to pass this exam in my first attempt.
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2020.08.31 16:23 jring_o Virtual BOINC Workshop 2020/2021! Get involved!

In light of the cancelation of the 2020 BOINC Workshop in Marburg, Germany, we are organizing a virtual celebration of BOINC projects, development, and community. As with all things BOINC, we need your help -- the BOINC community -- to produce the event.
The theme of the workshop is "Agency in a Complex World" (actual tagline TBD). This theme highlights our intent to show how people can use BOINC to contribute to humanity without anyone’s permission.
The event will include introduction information for people unfamiliar with distributed computing and BOINC, presentations and updates from projects, developers, community organizers, leaders, and members, along with tutorials, workshops, and educational material on BOINC development and use.
We are still in the early stages of development for the workshop and we need your help to make the best possible event, reaching the most people. The date of the event is still to be determined, but we expect it to take place sometime this winter.
Please get in touch if you would like to contribute; specific areas of need are detailed via the links below.
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2020.08.29 11:30 AnnieIWillKnow [MATCH THREAD] The 2020 Women's Community Shield - Chelsea FC Women vs Manchester City Women

#The 2020 Women's Community Shield - Chelsea FC Women vs Manchester City Women
Date: 29 February 2020
KO: 12:30 BST (GMT+1)
Competition: Women’s Community Shield
Venue: Wembley Stadium, London
It has been six months since Chelsea FC Women last took to the pitch in competitive action, when we beat Arsenal to win the 2019/20 Continental Tyres Cup. Since that game, a global pandemic and worldwide crisis saw the curtailment of all major leagues, including the Women's Super League. Chelsea were awarded the title on a points-per-game basis, leaping ahead of Man City - who as runners-up have earnt the right to face Chelsea at Wembley, in the 2020/21 season opener.
Welcome to the /chelsealadiesfc match thread for the 2020 Community Shield - here you will find a preview of the final, details on how to follow the game, and **the** place to discuss the game on Reddit.
Professional women's football in England is finally set to return, with the Women's Super League kicking off next weekend. The Community Shield is the traditional curtain raiser of English football - although this is the first time since 2008 that the fixture has been contested in women's football.
The match will be played behind closed doors at Wembley Stadium, and will be followed by the men's edition of the match, on the same day.
The match will be shown live on BBC One on UK television, as well as on the BBC website. [BBC Sport have also previewed the game here](https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53815421).
The unusual times we find ourselves in mean neither side have had much in the way of a pre-season, and much is unknown of the two teams' form, given that they last played competitive football back in February. Tomorrow's game will be an interesting marker of where the two times stand going into the season - Chelsea, Man City and Arsenal have been jostling for supremacy in English women's football over the past few years, and Man City have made some serious moves in the transfer market this summer (notably the signing of USWNT star Rose Lavelle), suggesting that they will be the biggest threat to Chelsea's title defence this year. Lavelle will not be featuring tomorrow though, as she is required to quarantine following her travel over from the US.
Chelsea have strengthened over the summer too, with the signings of Melanie Leupolz, Jessie Fleming and Niamh Charles - and all three of these players have completed a full pre-season with the Blues, and are available for selection tomorrow.
Also available for selection for the first time since last autumn is 2017/18 PFA Player of the Year, Fran Kirby. The forward was out of action for much of last season following a debilitating battle with viral pericarditis, but is now fit again. How she will be utlised alongside our Player of the Year and top scorer for the past two seasons, Beth England, and superstar January signing Sam Kerr, will be one of the most exciting aspects of the season ahead.
###A full preview of the 2020/21 season can be found [here](https://www.reddit.com/chelsealadiesfc/comments/ii3mhg/the_chelsea_fc_women_202021_season_preview/?)
"Recent" is relative, here.
Chelsea's last opponents in the WSL, before the season abandonment, were Man City, as the two sides played out a thrilling 3-3 draw. The point here for Chelsea proved the title decider - if we had lost, we would not have won the title. Earlier on in the season, at Kingsmeadow, Chelsea bested Man City 2-1 in a superb comeback victory. Highlights of our [2-1 win](https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/50704835) and the [3-3 draw](https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51519208) are available online.
The match is being shown live on British and television, on BBC One, as well as online on the BBC Sport website. As always, the [Chelsea FC Women Twitter](https://twitter.com/chelseafcw) will also provide live updates.
The first silverware of the new 2020/21 season is set to be decided on Saturday afternoon at Wembley - Chelsea will want to send a message to rivals Man City and the rest of the WSL, especially given Man City's impressive transfer window, and this game could have a big bearing on how the rest of the season will play out.
#Up the Chels!
Please note: I am at work on the day of the game, so will be unable to provide a huge number of updates!
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2020.08.24 03:49 xarsha_93 Crusader Kinging for Dummies

So, you've crushed the infidels under your boot, you've sieged their castles, you've sacked their towns, you've burnt their false temples and today you rule over a Holy Kingdom ripped from barbarous hands. What now?
I'm going to share my Outre-Mer experiences here and how I turned a tiny, Hail Mary Virgin Mother of God, enemy-surrounded Kingdom of Jerusalem into a Chad Outre-Mer Kingdom. (With CK3 around the corner, this is obviously the best time to share CK2 guides). This guide will function as a general guide to ruling a Crusader Kingdom and more specifically, forming an ideal Outre-Mer empire with Outre-Mer Culture and Catholic religion. It's based on my successes and my failures. Definitely make use of the comments to add further thoughts.
Starting Point
Quite typically, I started as Roger of Hauteville. A really great start for a few reasons. One, position is great, you should be sending your ships to the Crusade target 3-4 months before the start date, this gives you a bit more time to prep than if you're farther away. (And yes, no matter where you are, be first on the scene at the crusade).
Two, Roger has an excellent position to Holy War a handful of Muslims and pick up the piety necessary to determine your ideal Crusade target.
Now, the renard likely won't make it to the Crusade start date (Though he might! He's not that old!). Either way, his son is a big beefy boy who makes a great commander after you've raised him to eat all his spinach. You want to be a bit careful with piety here though, as I got lucky and had him die right after the Crusades were announced, early enough for the target switch. Hunting Focus and a good boy gift are your best bets here.
Crusader Beneficiary?
I say yes. I think it's easier to just focus on your new kingdom than have to deal with the old. That's even with the relative proximity of Sicily to Jerusalem. If you're farther away, I say definitely yes. You're just going to get bogged down.
This is another area where Roger shines. He has a relatively large family tree. I was able to invite a lesser Karling to my court and marry him to a female Hauteville and get a Karling bloodline Hauteville who I then raised to be my future King of Jerusalem.
Crusade Target
I recommend Jerusalem. I like it for role-playing reasons. You'll probably have to switch it from Egypt. I actually am not certain if you can form Outre-Mer culture in Egypt (if that's your cup of tea), but either way, Egypt is not obligatory for forming the Outre-Mer anyway, so Jerusalem is a better bet.
LAND LAND LAND LAND. Take as much land as possible, if the Muslims take Rome, as they did in my game, and you're nervous about outright losing, go there, crush their Italian Front army and then get back to snatching land. Leave retaking Roman properties to the Papacy. Retaking doesn't get you any points, only taking.
Day One
Alright, after winning your new kingdom, your new focus is consolidating power. You have a bunch of other European ruling over your territory. Luckily you've got some cash and piety to burn. Use it.
First, plot to revoke counties. As many as you can. I got my main counties this way, Acre and Hebron in the Duchy of Jerusalem.
Second, revindicate titles from your vassals. A few of them will be kids and women as they're allowed to be crusader beneficiaries. The Pope is likely to grant you permission so take it. Get as many counties as you can hold.
During these early days, I actually got all the holdings I would personally hold for the next 200 years (that's where I am right now in this game). I only hold my primary duchy and Ascalon, Tyr, and Beyrouth as well as additional baronies in a few of those.
Also invest in anything that gets you more retinue. Retinue, as always, is king.
I also recommend switching to Outre-Mer culture at this early point, You should have enough culture to do so after winning that crusade. It will also make any vassals you create in cities or bishoprics share that same culture and you want to start spreading culture around ASAP
Your main focus at this stage is military, later when I talk about further crusades, I'll mention some of the back-burner tactics you can use to advance your cultural and religious aims.
Further Conquering
Now, you have a few ways to grab more land now that you're in the very heart of darkness. The rest of this guide will focus on them and how to deal with the conquests.
  1. Holy Wars
After you get your military right, you're going to want to start Holy Warring. Taking duchies as quickly as possible. I recommend focusing on collecting one kingdom by Holy War so you can take a whole other one by crusade later on. I chipped away at Syria and took Sinai as well before the crusade cool-down expired and I was able to get Yemen.
Now, your new territories will be in ideal shape. You will hold them all yourself. This is perfect because you can decide who they go to.
I recommend just auto-creating barons, bourgmeisters, and bishops, particularly if you're Outre-Mer, because you won't have anyone else of your culture to draw on.
As for counts, apart from sharing your culture and religion obviously, you want two things. No matter what, you want them to have high stewardship, because higher stewardship will increase the chances of flipping the conquered country to your culture. Also, if they are going to be your direct vassal, you want them to be content and not envious or ambitious. However, if you're going to put them under a duke, I recommend focusing on stewardship for indirect vassal counts and then putting them under a content duke.
One other thing I recommend is trying to keep your vassals from getting too powerful so make sure none of your new appointees are also in line to inherit other counties. The easiest way I've found to do this quickly is to only appoint low-born men. You can easily filter for this.
Now, another good trick if you want to improve your family dynasty score is matrilineally marry women from your dynasty to these low-born fellas. You'll have to invite them to your court first usually.
  1. Crusades
Obviously you'll want to win the Crusades and at this point, you do want to keep the conquered lands for yourself. You might have to feed a good bit of coin to the Pope to stay in his good graces, especially if you're also requesting the Crusades yourself. You want to make sure you don't get excommunicated, after all.
After winning, you have a bit of a different situation from a Holy War as many of your new vassals will be the crusade beneficiaries of other participants. Here, you've got a bit of a problem. You can always try to take as many of these titles as you can, but another trick is to try to get their kids raised by folks with your culture. This is actually a bit tricky as usually any kids they already have will stay back in the home country and that ruler won't want to give over any kids to you.
Another thing to watch out for is inheritance. I know that you can't name any inheritors as your own beneficiaries but I noticed some of my territories passed out of my control when the new holder became king or duke of some random European land. Nip this shit in the bud.
If any of your new vassals have adult inheritors, invite them to your court and matrilineally marry them to women of your own culture / dynasty. Then you can wait for time to take its toll or just off the current holder yourself, especially if the inheritor you want is a brother and the current holder's partner is still of child-bearing age.
  1. Invasion
What? But I'm Catholic!
This is where I recommend getting the Alexander Bloodline, which gives you a once in a lifetime Invasion casus belli. Being in the Middle East, you're in the right place for it, you just need an emperor title. I made a custom one once I had Jerusalem, Syria, and Arabia, but the Empire of Arabia should also be doable.
This lovely CB is everything you want. Once per life, you can take a whole kingdom AND any other lands you want. It works great for two things. One, taking infidel land and two, taking random baronies held by other European powers. I had my old homeland of Sicily holding some counties of Egypt they'd taken before the crusade and some other random holdings. So I invaded for what I needed.
Also lets you take any Byzantine land you might need as they might chip away at the Seljuks once you've weakened them some. Hell, even Abyssinia got some chunks of Yemen before I could and as they were Miaphysite, I couldn't very well holy war em.
After an invasion, you take direct control of any holdings you control, regardless of whether they're in the target kingdom and vassalize any other holdings in the target kingdom. Obviously go for controlling as much as possible. I actually just kept a war with the Byzantines going 4 years after 100% warscore to get all of Greece alongside Thrace.
Make sure you can swallow what you chew though. You'll go over your demesne limit after one of these, often by a good chunk, and you might also go over vassal limit so make sure you have the cash to form duchies and hand them out as well.
Other Considerations
Imperial Administration
This is also super useful. Often, newly formed kingdoms won't have primogeniture, so you might have to throw them to Vice-Roy until you can get them to pass to your main heir. Also helps you keep vassal limit under control. I often throw newly conquered lands under a vice-roy until they're producing money and I want closer access to the cash. Remember that each level between you and the holding takes a cut of the profit.
Merchant Republics
I made Cyprus a merchant republic pretty early on for that sweet sweet dough. Then I did the same with Socotra. it's a good idea to keep your MR's far away enough that they don't cannibalize each other.
That Outre-Mer Retinue, baby. So sweet. One last tip I've got is to buy up new retinues after a huge conquest when your limit is super high. Then you give away the lands but keep the swole-ass camel-boi army.
Anyway, that's all I've got. If I think of anything else, I'll add edits. Here's my game map nearly 200 years after my 1066 start. I'm not worried about the Mongols, they've only got about 70k troops and I've got about 80 myself. The Holy Roman Empire is full of assholes though and I'm going to focus on breaking them apart. The only lands I plan on taking are Bulgaria and Epire, though Sicily looks yummy and hey, it'd be a hell of a homecoming.

edit: One other thing you can do to ensure maximum culture spread is appoint Midas Touched tutors to underage counts / counts-to-be.
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2020.08.21 19:02 -MarisaTheCube- [WT!] Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - A Legendary Cyberpunk Classic

MAL, AniList
Type: TV (two seasons, 26 episodes each) and one film (Solid State Society)
Aired: October 1, 2002 - October 1, 2003 (S1), January 1, 2004 – January 8, 2005 (2nd GIG)
Streaming (English dub only): Amazon Instant Video, YouTube TV, AdultSwim.com (this one's free!)
“So, what I thought I’d do was, I’d pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes…”

Introduction and Background

Ghost in the Shell is certainly a well-known name, and the series has had a long and varied history since its 1989 debut with a manga created and published by Masamune Shirow.
Numerous adaptations, beginning with the 1995 film directed by Mamoru Oshii, have offered their own takes on a near-future world where the distinction between man and machine has begun to blur, but it is 2002’s Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex that has remained the series’ most critically acclaimed and arguably most iconic incarnation. A soft reboot that brought the series into the world of television anime for the first time, SAC combined the quiet philosophical undertones of the 1995 film with a faster pace and added more narrative and thematic complexity that tackled themes of self-identity and autonomy in a technology-driven world.
But does the series still hold up nearly two decades after its debut, and is it still recommendable to newcomers today?

Overview and Structure

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is set in 2030, in the fictional city of Niihama, Japan, where advancements in prosthetics and cybernetics have enabled people to augment their bodies with technology and freely transfer their minds between flesh and machine. This has allowed many aspects of life to become digitally interconnected. However, society still struggles with class division, political conflict, the aftermath of several world wars, and especially new forms of cybercrime created by the ongoing evolution of technology. As a result, the Japanese government tasks Public Security Section 9, an independent police force comprised of an elite team of soldiers, hackers, and other individuals, with addressing these sensitive issues.
One of the best aspects of SAC’s world is that it is presented in a very plausible manner, with realistic depictions of futuristic technology that avoid MacGuffin-like qualities. The series is also notable for its accurate representation of social classes, with rich and corrupt corporate heads and politicians, average middle-class workers, and homeless refugees all playing a part in the larger narrative. This approach creates a world not so different from our own in the present that stands on the line between traditional society and the distant future. Parallels can easily be drawn between the series and reality, notably including political aspects such as cover-ups of government corruption and debate over the role of police forces in society. These serve as thoughtfully constructed reminders that it takes more than just scientific advancements to address and solve multifaceted problems.
The narrative in SAC is divided into two major arcs. In the first season, which takes thematic influence from J.D. Salinger’s novel The Catcher in the Rye, Section 9 investigates an elusive figure known as the Laughing Man, responsible for acts of corporate terrorism and radicalization across the city. In the second season, subtitled 2nd GIG, they confront political and social unrest related to a refugee crisis and a domestic terrorist group called the Individual Eleven.
Episodes in the series fall into two categories, with about half being “Stand Alone” episodes that focus on isolated cases that Section 9 tackles across Japan, and the others being “Complex” episodes that tie into the ongoing story arc in each season - hence the title of the series. The second season, 2nd GIG, is split similarly, but uses “Individual” and “Dual” as titles instead.


Even those who have never seen any of Ghost in the Shell may be familiar with its protagonist, Motoko Kusanagi. Known simply as “the Major,” Kusanagi is a full-body cyborg and skilled hacker who serves as the leader of Section 9’s strike team, working both alone and with the force to solve difficult cases and take down criminals. In a departure from her solemn, contemplative nature in the 1995 film, SAC reworked her character, re-establishing her iconic design and giving her a much more strong-willed, no-nonsense personality. Although the Major’s backstory is left ambiguous for much of the series, and she can often seem aloof or distant, it is very clear that she shares mutual respect and trust with the other Section 9 members, who look up to and count on her in times of need. All of these aspects have contributed to her high popularity and positive reception since her debut.
Aside from the Major, there are multiple other important characters who are introduced and developed throughout the series. Examples include:
  • Batou is second-in-command at Section 9 behind the Major. A former soldier, he is well-known for his outgoing personality and hot temper and serves as a voice of reason for the Major, who confides in him throughout the series.
  • Daisuke Aramaki is the wizened Chief of Section 9. Although occasionally derided by his subordinates as “the old ape,” Aramaki frequently demonstrates strong leadership, putting his own position at risk to act as a bridge between the Major, Section 9, and the Japanese government, among others.
  • Togusa, a young policeman recruited into Section 9, is one of the few remaining people with no cyberization, and is seen as a Luddite of sorts for his rejection of prosthetics. His views on the use of technology, as well as his duty to his family, play a large role in his work with Section 9.
  • The Tachikoma are intelligent mobile tanks used in combat by Section 9. While normally piloted by trained personnel, they begin to take on more self-aware qualities as the series progresses, and several episodes revolve around the causes and effects of these developments.
  • Hideo Kuze is a former member of the Individual Eleven terrorist group who becomes the catalyst for the events of 2nd GIG after becoming the leader of a group of refugees who had been granted asylum in Japan and are now under threat of eviction.
  • Yoko Kayabuki is elected as Japan’s first female Prime Minister at the beginning of 2nd GIG. Despite initially being positioned as a political figurehead, she takes extensive measures to work with Section 9 and prove her worth as a capable leader.

Visuals, Music, and Sound

SAC was produced and animated by Production I.G., a proliferous studio which was previously responsible for the 1995 film. In a departure from the film’s rainy, Hong Kong-inspired visuals, SAC uses a variety of color palettes to depict a larger, more diverse city.
The series is also notable for its use of CGI to render vehicles, aircraft, and machinery, which was a relatively uncommon choice at the time. This image illustrates the process by which 3D models were first rendered in wireframe, filled in with untextured materials, and finally colored over using a shader that mimics the hand-drawn art used in the rest of the series. This results in a more uniform image that doesn’t appear as dated today as certain earlier attempts at using CGI in anime.
SAC’s music was composed by Yoko Kanno, who is also known for her work on series such as Cowboy Bebop and Wolf’s Rain. While some of Kanno’s score reflects the solemn, mysterious aesthetics of Kenji Kawai’s compositions for the 1995 film, much of it is entirely new, incorporating a diverse array of genres such as grunge, jazz, electronic, and more. In a 2006 interview, Kanno explained that she wanted to incorporate themes of “being human” and illustrating a “tangible” world into her music. Furthermore, Kanno provided input to the staff on how her music should be used, including the suggestion of using the theme “run rabbit junk” in a scene in the first episode of the series where Kusanagi infiltrates a restaurant. This track would become the theme for many of Section 9’s operations in later episodes.
The series’ two opening themes, "inner universe" for the first season, and “Rise” for 2nd GIG, were performed by the late Origa, and feature vocals in Latin, Russian, and English. The visuals in the first opening are almost entirely computer-generated, a rare move in 2002.
Finally, in the voice acting department, the iconic Japanese audio features long-time voice actors Atsuko Tanaka and Akio Ootsuka as the Major and Batou (respectively), and the English dub features an acclaimed performance by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as the Major. Both sub and dub are excellent for this show, so viewers can feel free to watch in their preferred language.

Conclusion: Should I Watch It?

If you liked the setting and themes in Psycho-Pass, or the cat-and-mouse chases in Death Note, you’ll be right at home with SAC. Furthermore, if you’ve grown tired of teenage protagonists, high school settings, excessively moe character designs, and other modern anime tropes, the series will be a refreshing and engaging change of pace. However, those who are turned off by complex narratives, political discourse, or long sections of dialogue may not particularly enjoy it.
Nonetheless, in a world where technology continues to evolve every day, and concerns about cybercrime are gaining more and more traction, Stand Alone Complex’s narrative and thematic topics are more relevant than ever. Its combination of philosophy, action, well-developed settings and characters, and excellent music have solidified its status as the pinnacle of the Ghost in the Shell franchise, as well as an iconic example of the cyberpunk genre, and it comes highly recommended to viewers looking for one of the most thoughtful and intelligent anime that the medium has to offer.
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2020.08.14 20:03 Camaa Weekly Wrap 14/08

Market News
Bitcoin traded within the $11,000 - $12,000 range this week, solidifying post-breakout. The overall crypto market has performed favourably, with Ethereum leading a rise in altcoins on the back of the DeFi craze. On Tuesday, MicroStrategy, which is a NASDAQ traded software company, disclosed in an SEC filing that it now owns 21,454 Bitcoins. This is significant given that their largest stockholders are BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, and Vanguard, the largest provider of mutual funds in the world. Together they own 27%, another unmistakable signal of institutional interest within the asset class.
Gold’s rally took a breather this week, dipping back below $2,000/oz as safe-haven demand was hit by growing expectations of a rapid global economic recovery. Sentiment was buoyed by better-than-expected inflation readings in the US and China, and Thursday’s solid US unemployment data (with initial jobless claims under 1 million for the first time in 20 weeks). A continued rebound in longer-term US inflation expectations (and, relatedly, a weaker dollar) provided some support and laid the groundwork for the rally to resume. The bullish, central bank-driven argument for precious metals remains intact.
The bullish run in stocks continued with the market’s risk-on sentiment, with the S&P retesting all-time highs set before March’s sell-off. The index is up 0.70% this week and over 4% year-to-date.
Industry News
Market Indicators
Other News
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2020.08.14 20:02 Camaa Weekly Wrap 14/08

Market News
Bitcoin traded within the $11,000 - $12,000 range this week, solidifying post-breakout. The overall crypto market has performed favourably, with Ethereum leading a rise in altcoins on the back of the DeFi craze. On Tuesday, MicroStrategy, which is a NASDAQ traded software company, disclosed in an SEC filing that it now owns 21,454 Bitcoins. This is significant given that their largest stockholders are BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, and Vanguard, the largest provider of mutual funds in the world. Together they own 27%, another unmistakable signal of institutional interest within the asset class.
Gold’s rally took a breather this week, dipping back below $2,000/oz as safe-haven demand was hit by growing expectations of a rapid global economic recovery. Sentiment was buoyed by better-than-expected inflation readings in the US and China, and Thursday’s solid US unemployment data (with initial jobless claims under 1 million for the first time in 20 weeks). A continued rebound in longer-term US inflation expectations (and, relatedly, a weaker dollar) provided some support and laid the groundwork for the rally to resume. The bullish, central bank-driven argument for precious metals remains intact.
The bullish run in stocks continued with the market’s risk-on sentiment, with the S&P retesting all-time highs set before March’s sell-off. The index is up 0.70% this week and over 4% year-to-date.
Industry News
Market Indicators
Other News
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2020.08.14 05:25 blasius_solution A complete gyno surgery experience - planning, booking an appointment, the surgery itself, post-surgery life, and all costs.

Ok so I'm putting this together as a result of me going through the entire gynecomastia surgery process and wishing for like a one step guide that would talk me through everything that this endeavor entails. There's definitely helpful posts here and there on this sub amongst all the 'dO I hAvE gYNo???' posts though so I used some of those to corroborate what I'm saying here, but otherwise this is a complete overview of the surgery experience and what you can expect before, during, and after a gynecomastia surgery procedure. I will put my own comments and experiences in italics.
1. Is a surgery right for me? This is a question you need to answer pretty much on your own, but browsing this sub should give you some pretty strong motivation that surgery is a very successful option for people who have been dealing with gynecomastia since puberty or longer. It's really tough to spend your whole life picking out the right clothes to wear, being afraid to take your shirt off in public or even in private in front of a partner, which sucks, and the allure of being able to spend an hour in a surgical room to rectify that problem or at least make it a lot better seems too good to be true. Well actually, it's completely true. This option exists, it costs money, it works, and it's designed to cater to people just like you or me who know puffy nipples or big boobs won't go away with any combination of medication or exercise. Is surgery the right option for you? It's up to you to make that call but I and probably most other members of this sub would highly, highly encourage you to make the financial commitment and get this procedure done in order to unlock many many years of happy living afterward. Many people new to this sub might not even know that the surgical option exists, in which case if you're reading this, hi! welcome to the club!!
I decided gynecomastia surgery would be a good choice for me at 22 after just getting sick of finding the right shirts to wear that wouldn't expose my puffy nipples day after day. Also I am mortified of going shirtless in public and was even scared to take my shirt off in front of my SO. Of course she never minded any of it, but dealing with the internal struggle can itself be very taxing over time. In addition, I recently got a new job which came with a nice size signing bonus and a month in between gigs, so I decided now would be a perfect time to knock this surgery out and just be able to stay home while recovering. It ended up being a really great plan.
2. You've decided you want surgery - what next? Ok awesome! You've done your research and homework and decided that gynecomastia surgery is going to be a viable option for you. The next step is to do your research on plastic surgeons in your area to see which ones offer gynecomastia surgery as a service. This is really as simple as typing in 'gynecomastia surgery New York' or whatever into Google and going through the search results. Obviously you want to look for someone who is board certified, has a history of doing these surgical procedures, and has a well established online presence and fast response times. Another good tip is to search for your city in this subreddit and see if anything pops up. You may get the name of someone in your area in a post or comment and you can send them a message to get thoughts directly. Once you've got a list of surgeons, you should go and get initial consultations and quotes from each of them. Many surgeons do this for free so there's absolutely no cost to you shopping around except for your time. From here just pick your favorite one and select a date for a surgery, which probably will be about a month in the future.
I personally typed 'San Diego' into the subreddit search and Dr. Charlie Chen came up a couple of times. I googled his name and liked what I saw, and so decided to book a consultation with him. I ended up with a really good impression of him and his staff (he just talked like he was my friend and was really quick to respond to and nullify all of my fears and questions) so I went and booked my surgery a couple of hours later over the phone along with a $250 down payment. No ragrets!
2a. Costs I'll get straight to it - gynecomastia surgery isn't cheap. Getting the procedure done from a board certified plastic surgeon in the USA will run you between $4000 and $7000 all in depending on your location and the surgeon. If you can't afford to pay this in one go, there's a really good option available to you called Care Credit which lets you tackle the bill in monthly installments with 0% interest. The cost will generally be split into an initial booking fee, bloodwork, the surgery fee itself, medications, caretaker wages (discussed later), and a post surgical garment or two. OBVIOUSLY you will save a shitload of money getting it done internationally (Mexico, Korea, Europe, etc.), but I won't discuss the merits or downfalls of doing that for U.S. based people, so exercise your own discretion there.
My total costs ended up being a $250 surgery booking fee, $200 bloodwork done before the surgery (which included a COVID test, raising the price), $50 in medications, $6,000 surgery fee, and $50 for a garment which I just had tacked on to my total bill. I fortunately lived very close to the surgery center (like walking distance) so I walked there and had a friend from work drive me back, saving me some more money. I opened up a new credit card and paid all the bills in one go using my signing bonus, but as a benefit I got some sweet sweet Chase ultimate points, which is nice :). It will make much more sense for most people to go through Care Credit though.
3. The surgery The day of the surgery itself will be about a month after you sign the paperwork and put down the deposit. before surgery it's a good idea to cut out as much weight as you can so your surgeon has a more clear 'canvas' to work with. This is relatively easy to do by just limiting your daily calories and adding in some walking to your daily routine - no need to hit the gym any harder than you normally do or anything. You will not be allowed to drive home after the surgery, nor will the doctor recommend getting an UbeLyft to drop you home since you will be high off anesthesia still and will probably need help opening a door so you will need to hire a temporary caretaker if you don't have a friend or family member available. They will at the very least need to drop you home after the surgery and make sure you get home safe and everything, but it is highly recommended that you hire someone to stay in your home for an entire night to help you with any other smaller household tasks like getting food, using the bathroom, reaching for stuff, etc. JUST IN CASE. You will be sore, high, and very fatigued, and so this makes many common tasks much more difficult. You can use an app called Carelinx to set all this up (most caregivers charge around $15 an hour) but make sure you do it a week or several days in advance. Otherwise, the surgery itself is minimally invasive, lasts 1-1.5 hours, and overall just isn't a huge procedure. It will probably consist of a liposuction where they physically excise fat from a slit in your armpit and/or areola, as well as gland removal which I'm not quite sure what it is because I don't think I got it done, but someone can probably explain it in the comments. Also your doctor may put drains on you which also I don't know much about either so hoping someone can fill that in for me.
The part I was actually the most scared of during this whole process was actually being sedated since I had never 'gone under' before and had no idea what it would feel like. Dr. Chen was great about alleviating my concerns, and so was the anesthetist on site who actually administered the drugs. If you're curious, it starts with an IV on the top of your wrist which pumps in initial drugs, but the actual 'knockout' itself comes in gaseous form which is supplemented with the IV drugs that keep you down in paralysis. For me, it felt like being totally conscious beforehand, him putting the ventilator mask on, a couple of seconds of lucidity, and then me just instantly falling asleep. I must have been dreaming or something because I did feel some time pass and afterward kept hearing my name called over and over while unconscious and eventually woke up a couple seconds later. Right after that I was sore and it was hard to breathe (because they jam a breathing tube down your throat so it becomes sore) but I felt mostly conscious and lucid. I must have still been tripping because I asked the same questions like 3 times and never remembered the answers lol. Dr. Chen told me that there was a 10% chance he would have to make cuts in my areolas to get stubborn fat from there, and that ended up being true - I now have scars on my armpits and on my areolas. Not a huge deal for me though since my chest hair blends them in pretty ok.
4. Post surgery and recovery The recovery process after the surgery is probably the hardest part of the whole thing just because it takes time for your results to really solidify and also you will be sore and just generally less able to do everything for about a month afterward. The first couple of days are the worst since you will be very sore around your chest, will be fatigued from the anesthesia drugs (and weirdly, you may get pretty bad insomnia as well which sucks). Constipation, and swelling around your chest and gut as fluids are drained from your body through your pee is also very common. It is extremely important that you continue taking all the medications your doctor prescribed during this time and also staying hydrated as much as you can. The first couple of days are the worst, the first week is bad but tolerable, and the proceeding weeks are uncomfortable but quite manageable. You will need to keep your gynecomastia compression vest on 24/7 this whole time except to shower and if you take the occasional break. It does get uncomfortable and itchy at times but it's a necessary evil in order to help the skin reform. Also SWELLING. There's going to be a lot of it and it's going to suck, because it will look like your boobs are back and you're right where you started before the surgery. However just remember that it (along with some hard scar tissue that may form) is only temporary and you need to give it TIME to truly flatten out. This will take weeks or months and there simply is no way to rush the process. The good news is though that the surgery itself will result in a lot of immediate, permanent improvement to the shape of your chest, so right away you can put on a tight shirt and feel a lot better about yourself :) The standard advice is to take 2 days off of work, and a week from going to the office if you're able to work from home. You might need more or less depending on your progress in bouncing back, but it's nice to have an idea of how much time off you need to budget. You can start doing light and lower body exercise about 2 weeks after surgery but stay away from heavy lifting of any kind for a month. After then you can restart any regimen you had after talking with your doctor.
I ended up recovering super quickly actually, to the point where Dr. Chen was surprised. I took 1 day off work for the surgery and was feeling good enough to 'clock in' virtually the next day. Actually part of my strategy for getting the surgery done now was that everyone is WFH anyway so I could minimize the amount of PTO I might need to take. I live alone and did not hire a caretaker for the next day, which even though I ended up getting away with since I got better pretty quickly, it was still quite difficult and in retrospect I absolutely should have hired someone for at least the night and the next morning after. I was pretty flat immediately after surgery, then I started swelling up about 2 days in and plateaued. Then scar tissue set in a couple of days after that and I started swelling even more. As I write this I'm currently on top of this second plateau, so I'm very hopeful the swelling goes down over time as the scar tissue breaks down and even more fluid drains. I got prescribed antibiotics and 30 pills of opiate painkillers, of which I only took 2 because it honestly wasn't too bad and my mom kept scaring me about the dangers of getting addicted. Which I totally understand because opiates make you feel warm and fuzzy and are the absolute shit.
5. PICTURES 1. Before 2. 2 days post surgery 3. 2 weeks post surgery There's quite a bit of swelling and hard scar tissue especially on the sides, but I continue to remain impressively flat from a side and front profile. Puffy nipples are gone!
Well I hope you learned something out of that guide! My goal was to demystify and lay out all the variables associated with getting this surgery so that someone new to finding about their condition can understand everything about what they might need to do to get over this. If you have any questions please leave a comment so that my responses are public and more people can benefit. This is my alt so I check it less frequently than my main (obviously) but I do visit at least once a week so I will be updating and checking in on this post well into the future and as such can keep responding to questions and comments.
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2020.08.12 20:50 JohnPannozzi There aren't that many online communities centered on Stranger Things, and the show deserves praise for more than nostalgia and Barb

Like so many other people, I adore Stranger Things. But I'd rather discuss the show with other people who like it than regularly rewatch episodes (maybe since I'd want to all of it in one sitting, which is impossible).
But, I there doesn't seem to be too many online communities dedicated to Stranger Things.
There's this board on FanForum (http://www.fanforum.com/f483/), there's the ST subreddit (also another subreddit IIRC called the Hawkins AV Club), a Stranger Things community on Amino, and some Facebook groups.
But only the ST subreddit seems to really have interesting discussions.
Like, I only started watching the show a year ago (a month after the third and most recent season launched), so I get that most of the things people have to have about it have likely already been said.
And this dovetails into another (possibly) unpopular opinion of mine. I think ST is a great show for more reasons than I generally see it given credit for. So many people seem to be obsessed with the 1980s nostalgia. But I think that only works because it captures not only the style but also the substance of various 80s films like E.T., Cronenberg's The Fly or the Breakfast Club. What IMHO makes ST and most of those films great is that they were both fun/visually impressive but more importantly had characters who felt sincere and human and who you cared about.
And I don't dislike Barb, but part of me feels the #JusticeForBarb meme was maybe a little overrated in hindsight. This is due to my own bias, admittedly. I'm lazy with watching shows, and often wanting to go in blind so. So, most of what little ST-related discussion I witnessed back then was Barb-focused. I didn't know who Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) was until she was cast in a Godzilla movie, and I assumed at one point that she played Barb (Shannon Purser did, BTW).
And since I watched first watched all three (to date) seasons for the first time back-to-back, Barb honestly didn't leave the biggest impression on me. I'm far more invested in Eleven's tragic backstory and character arc of finding friendship and essentially reacquiring her innocence stolen at birth (my niece was born a few months before this, so again I'm very biased). I also really relate to Dustin. And virtually of the show's characters are interesting in their own ways. Almost like the live-action equivalent of the Simpsons' giant recurring ensemble.
But I do want to say that I did like how Barb's disappearance/death motivated the other characters. Especially Steve's character growth in Season 1 (God, he has the interesting development out of all of the characters), and Jonathan & Nancy's quest for justice in Season 2.
So, yeah, Barb is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to great characters in ST. And I wish there there more places to discuss Stranger Things in a friendly and thoughtful manner.
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